9 Reasons Why You Don’t Relate to Your Astrological Sun Sign

When it comes to astrology, some people absolutely relate to their zodiac placements. It isn’t uncommon for someone to imply that their actions are because “I’m such a Leo.” However, for others, astrology seems like something that doesn’t identify with them at all.

Whether you’re into astrology or not, most people know what their sun sign is (it’s most often determined by the day you were born). While some hardcore relate to their zodiac sign, others tend to not identify with it quite as strongly. Believe it or not, this is absolutely normal!

However, the unfortunate result is that people dismiss astrology as a whole simply because they do not resonate with their Sun sign. In reality, there are actually multiple reasons as to why you may not feel your Sun sign suits you the same way it does for your friends.

1. You are not just your Sun Sign

You may have heard this before if you know someone well-versed in astrology, and it’s absolutely true. While the Sun is an important part of your specific astrology, it is only one part of an entire chart. Everyone born has a unique birth chart that calculates where the Sun, Moon, and planets were at the exact moment you were born. These planets have the potential to fall in different signs and different houses, and each planet represents a distinct part of who we are. So essentially, your Sun sign only makes up a small part of a larger picture—and if the rest of your chart falls in different signs, it can be easy to see why you may not relate to your Sun sign specifically.

2. Your Mercury falls in a different sign from your Sun

As mentioned before, each person has an entire chart. However, when it comes to the version of ourselves that we showcase to the world, certain signs affect aspects of ourselves we are more familiar with. Mercury is the planet that dictates how you communicate, think, etc. Given how quickly Mercury moves around the Sun, it’s not uncommon for your Mercury to fall in a different zodiac sign from your Sun. This can leave you feeling out of place and as though your Sun really doesn’t fit you.

3. You may not actually have the correct Sun sign

There is a reason why astrologers insist you have an accurate birth time when creating a chart—especially if you were born on the first or last day of a zodiac’s season (i.e., born on July 22nd, the last day of Cancer season, or January 19th, the last day of Capricorn season, etc.). These days see a transition from one sign into the next, and what time you were born can place you into the next sign over. This can be even more likely if you were born late in the evening or early in the morning. 

4. You’ve only read the stereotypes of your Sun sign

Okay, let’s be honest—stereotypes tend to form because in some small way, they are a little bit true. Unfortunately, as misinformation about astrology continues to spread, the stereotypes become the only thing people are familiar with. If you only know the stereotypes about a sign, you likely won’t feel connected to it (most of the descriptions for zodiac signs can be really mean!). Take a look at some well-respected astrologers and websites that give the full scope of what each sign can be—at its best and its worst—before writing it off.

5. Your Sun is aspecting other planets

Again, if you’re new to astrology, you may not be fully immersed in aspects just yet. Essentially, aspects are certain angles that form between planets, and they have the potential to affect them. Angles are like conversations between planets, in a way—and planets that aspect your Sun could have a major impact on the way you express that Sign

6. You’ve met other people who have your sign, and you don’t relate to them at all

Listen, we’ve all done it—we’ve learned someone was a particular zodiac sign and decided to write them off immediately. Based on our past experience or simply what we’ve heard about a sign can affect how we feel about it. The reality is, in the same way you have a unique chart, so does this other person—the way they express their sun sign will very likely look different from you, even if you’re born on the same day! 

Taking a look at your chart will give you much better insight.

7. You relate more to a different part of your chart. 

Another reality in astrology—we may relate more to a different part of our chart than our Sun sign, and that’s okay! In fact, it makes sense depending on the kind of person you are. Some may relate much more intensely to their moon sign or rising. Some may find out a different planet is their chart ruler. While the Sun sign is the most well-known, it’s not necessarily the most important, and no rule says you have to relate to it the most. 

8. Your Rising is in a different sign

Your rising sign is the version of yourself that you display to the rest of the world. It’s likely the version of yourself that others are most familiar with—and one you may strongly recognize as how you move through the world. If this sign is in a vastly different sign from your Sun, you may feel you relate more to your rising than your Sun sign.

9. You just don’t relate, and that’s okay

If after examining your Sun through all these different ways you still don’t relate, then that’s more than okay. The truth is, astrology isn’t about trying to force yourself to fit inside a concept—it’s, at least in part, about understanding yourself and learning your strengths and weaknesses so you can grow. If you still really feel alienated from your Sun sign, ask yourself why—even that answer can still give you some insight that you may not have been expecting.