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9 Signs You’re Officially Over Your Situationship

  1. When your phone buzzes, you no longer hope it’s a message from them. In fact, your situationship doesn’t even come to mind when you get a notification because they’re so far removed from your life at this point. HOWEVER…
  2. If you did hear from them, you 100 percent wouldn’t reply. Even though it would be hard, you’d know better and wouldn’t want to get wrapped up in the false hope again. You wouldn’t risk reopening old wounds, a telltale sign they’ve truly closed and you’ve actually healed.
  3. You’ve unfollowed your situationship on socials. And you don’t go to check up on them either. Like, ever. Not even at 2 AM when you can’t sleep.
  4. You no longer resent them. In fact, you don’t feel much of anything towards them at all. They’re just someone you sort of dated for a little while. You’re indifferent.
  5. You’re able to admit you fell for them without falling apart about it. Because a situationship is an undefined, casual relationship, catching very real, intense feelings for them can feel foolish. But because you’re totally over your situationship, you’re able to both acknowledge and accept the fact that you did care about them (and maybe even loved them). You know that what you experienced was valid and you don’t need anyone else to understand that but you.
  6. You’ve forgiven them for not being able to commit to you in the way you wanted and needed. You’ve let go of any lingering anger or pain because you realize it was hurting you and wasn’t changing the outcome anyway. And once that rage and ache dissipates, so does the connection (and so do the feelings and attachment).
  7. When someone asks what happened between you and your situationship, you give a succinct and emotionally mature answer before changing the subject. For example, “We wanted different things.” You are no longer interested in delving into the drama of wishing your situationship would make things official. It’s done and over with and you have more interesting, relevant thing to talk about.
  8. You’ve stopped asking, “What if?” Instead, you lean into what is. You accept that your situationship will never become a defined relationship. You appreciate them for what they were, when they were. You’ve moved on.
  9. You have faith in love again. The biggest sign you’ve let your situationship go is that you’re excited about the idea of falling back in love. You’re not bitter. You’re open. You’re ready. You’re over them.