The Hardest Part Of Almost Relationships Is The False Hope
Donik Vladimir

The Hardest Part Of Almost Relationships Is The False Hope

The false hope is what keeps you coming back for more. It’s the reason why you haven’t moved on from them yet. Even though they haven’t made a move, even though a serious relationship hasn’t been established, you’re holding out hope that things will change. That this person will wake up one morning and decide they want to be with you. That all of the effort you’ve put into your arrangement with them will pay off. That you’ll end up with the happily ever you’ve been dreaming about for so long.  

The false hope is the reason why you haven’t started dating anyone else. You haven’t wanted to risk moving on, just in case your almost decides they want you, too. Even though nothing has changed between you, you don’t want to ruin the opportunity for things to change. You’ve been letting this person hold onto your heart, but that means no one else has had the chance to win you over. Technically, you’re single, but you might as well say you’re taken because you aren’t interested in anyone else. You’ve closed yourself off to the rest of the world.  

The hardest part of almost relationships is the false hope. If you knew they didn’t feel the same way, then you would move on – but they flirt with you so much. If you knew your personalities clashed, then you would move on – but you can talk for hours. If you knew you didn’t have a chance, then you would move on – but they keep giving you more and more reasons to stay. They’re stringing you along, and you keep letting them, because you feel like they’ll be yours if you hold out for long enough.

After all, you make sense together. You would be a perfect match. If your almost can’t see that, it’s only a matter of time until it becomes clear. That’s why you keep sticking around, even though they don’t always treat you right. Your false hope has convinced you to lower your standards. It has fooled you into thinking that, one day, they’re going to treat you better. One day, they’re going to see what they’ve been missing. One day, they’re going to spoil you rotten. But what about today

If they aren’t giving you the respect you deserve right now, you don’t need them. If they’re making you feel lost and insecure and uncertain, why do you want them so badly? Wouldn’t you rather date someone who makes you feel beautiful and strong and intelligent? Wouldn’t you rather feel supported every second of every day instead of every few weeks when they finally text you back? 

The hardest part of every almost relationship is the false hope. You never know when you should walk away or when you should give them a little more time. You never know when you’re right about their feelings for you or when you’re only fooling yourself. You never know when you should decide you deserve better and end the flirting for good.