Vince Perraud

A Reality Check For Every Zodiac On January 22


Hearts don’t ever actually break, Aries. You don’t have to bring them to a repair shop like you do a shattered phone screen. You’re emotionally built like a big toe. In more scenarios than you even realize, you will be able to heal without any major intervention. Time will be your best friend and your bandaid.


We all say things we don’t mean, on an almost daily basis, Taurus. You are hung up on the particulars of someone else’s recent vent session, while seemingly developing amnesia regarding your own. Cut them some slack to over exhibiting blatant hypocrisy.


You have more power in your current situation than you realize, Gemini. Whatever has you feeling trapped, cornered, or without recourse needs you more than you need it. Reclaim you agency and speak your truth. What seems impossible today is actually an entirely valid option in front of you.


The best wine is not the most expensive, but the one you enjoy most. Stop worrying about the cost or the clout when it comes to the decisions that lie ahead of you today. Just go with your gut. You know the choice that excites you the most. 


Happy hour is not going to fix this problem, Leo. And if you keep acting like it will, you will only delay dealing with the real issue further and there will be consequences. You’re like the person who is taking vitamins when they need antibiotics. You have an easy fix, but are choosing to make things worse.


You need to learn to take the phrase, “good enough” literally, Virgo. It’s not meant to placate or backhandedly insult, soothe your wounded ego or invalidate everything you’ve ever worked for in three simple syllables. It’s like saying “when” while a waiter performs their table side cheese-grating services. In some areas of life, perfection simply isn’t relevant. What will do, will do.


There will always be some good reason to not do whatever it is you feel like doing, Libra. Throw money and calories, like caution, to the wind today. Regret always has a way of winning the argument against them, with time, so cut out the middleman and just enjoy what life is offering you.


Just imagine what would happen if you put as much effort and energy into taking care of yourself as you do with every other area of your life. It’s not sustainable to always be the lowest task on your list that keeps getting bumped. Make the dentists appointment. Buy new underwear. No, it can’t wait a week.


The target is always moving, Sagittarius. You’ll never be chasing the same thing for long, and that’s because you shouldn’t. There’s a whole world to keep up with, and if you focus so much on your childhood dreams that you forget to adapt to the present day, you’re sure to miss out on a wealth of possibility.


If you turn the speakers in the car up loud enough, you’ll forget that anyone can see you singing and dancing along. If you are sufficiently absorbed in your own pursuits, an outsider’s critique loses any value. Sometimes living in a bubble of your own creation can be wildly enjoyable. 


Get out of your head and into the world. You’ve been so eager to avoid living under a rock, that you’ve ended up hiding under one instead. The tragic realities of world news have you so conscious of everything you can’t control, that you’ve become completely blinded to the things you can. Like your own community.


DIY extends to a lot more than grout and paint, Pisces. Whatever it is you’ve been looking for in the world, perhaps you are meant to create it. But don’t be deceived into thinking that everything you be as easy as instant ramen. Trial and error, drafts and rewrites, pitches and rehearsals are what will get you a finished product.