Anastasia Shuraeva

A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Sign Should Expect This October


Your card: Nine of Wands

Things might not necessarily be easy for you this month, Aries, but the theme for October is less about the hardships you face and more about the way you handle them. You are strong and resilient, and though this month might test you, you’ll continue standing tall. Have faith that you have what it takes to keep going, even when it feels like there’s little hope left—things have a way of turning around in the face of persistence. So ignore the voice in your head that says you can’t do this. Ignore any friends or colleagues that voice their doubt. This isn’t the time to give in to negative self-talk or petty gossip. Seek out the people who believe in you and support you, because they’ll be the ones to give you strength when you feel like you have nothing left. You’re a fighter, Aries—you’re as powerful as fire and as stubborn as a ram. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do this, because deep down, you absolutely know you can.


You card: King of Cups

This October, the theme of your life will revolve around emotional balance and maturity. You have spent the past few months (or perhaps even longer) working to better yourself and you’re finally seeing the effects of it: You are calm, happy, and less likely to let hard times and drama get to you. Be proud of yourself! However, just because you’re less likely to break under the weight of your emotions doesn’t mean that this isn’t an emotional time for you. Your cup is overflowing, and you have plenty to share with those around you. Any love you may have in your life—whether that’s for your friends, family, your partner, or even your career—will feel stronger than ever. Could it be that your soulmate is nearby? You’ll only find out when you let the love into your life and let yourself be fully immersed in it. Keep your heart open and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards.


Your card: Wheel of Fortune

Life is like a ferris wheel—it’s full of ups and downs, almost to the point of predictability. But there’s a good chance you’re on an upswing this October, so if you’re going through a difficult (or even a particularly boring) time, expect for things to get better. Just know that you’re in control of the energy this month—what goes around comes around, so if you put out positive energy into the world, that’s exactly what you’ll receive in return. On the flip side, that also means that putting out negative energy in the world will only come back to bite you. To make the most of this October, keep your heart open to others and remember to practice gratitude; if you can do that, you can trust that the universe will take care of you. Things are changing, but with the right attitude, you have nothing to worry about.


Your card: Seven of Swords

October may be a particularly tricky time for you, Cancer. There’s some sort of deception going on this month—and if it’s not coming from your end, it means you might be the one in danger of falling for a ruse. If you’re the one who’s hiding something, first ask yourself why. What is the point of lying? Is it to help someone or to help yourself? And is it really, truly helping? Next, ask yourself if it’s really worth it. More often than not, our lies and secrets come back to haunt us, so it’s better to empty the skeletons out of your closet now before they all start to pile up and burst right out the door. But if you have nothing to hide, be cautious of those around you—someone might just be holding out on you. Pay attention to your intuition this month, because if something in your gut feels wrong, it’s probably because something is wrong. Trust in yourself and you’ll be okay.


Your card: Six of Swords

The theme for this month for you will be moving on—which will ultimately be good for your soul, even if it leaves you feeling a little drained. Whatever you’re leaving behind may have caused you a lot of stress in life, or maybe the act of moving on itself has caused you a lot of second-guessing and hardship. Either way, know that the storm is behind you and you’re moving on to calmer waters. If this is an ending, it’s a good one, and the next chapter of your life looks promising. Just make sure you take the time to rest and recover from whatever you’re going through—emotional exhaustion requires just as much TLC as physical exhaustion, so be kind to yourself during this journey and allow yourself to fully recuperate to prepare for whatever comes next.


Your card: The Empress

Good news, Virgo! You’ve got one of my absolute favorite cards. I hold it close to my heart for a reason: The Empress promises abundance, creativity, nurturing, and growth—all wonderful things to have in your life, and all things you’ll experience this October. Things are going well for you, and in many ways, that goodness in your life is multiplying. Maybe you’ll make a lot of headway with a promising creative endeavor; maybe your business will experience significant growth; and if you’ve been wanting to expand your family, maybe this is the sign that it’s finally time. Be sure to focus your attention on the things that matter to you, because whatever you water will grow—and if you’re strategic about it, you could really use this metaphorical green thumb to your advantage. Be sure to nurture yourself too, because this is the perfect time to find peace and harmony within yourself, too.


You card: Three of Swords

The Three of Swords can be a scary card to pull, because it often leads to heartbreak. Maybe you’re having a tough time with your partner; maybe you won’t get the promotion you’ve spent every day praying for; maybe you’ll get into an argument with a friend that leads to hurt feelings and a sudden insecurity in your social life. There’s no saying exactly what it will be—it’s best not to jump to conclusions—but one thing is clear: You’re hurting. That’s something no one really wants to hear, but it’s also a fact of life. Just know this: Sometimes our hearts need to break so that they can heal the way they’re meant to. There is so much wisdom, growth, and opportunity in heartbreak, even if we don’t always want to see it. Allow yourself to process the pain in the way that you need to, but please know that it won’t last forever. After all, when a bone breaks, it grows back stronger—believe the same can be said about you.


Your card: Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is all about emotion, love, and intuition—all things you’re no stranger to, Scorpio. She is our aquatic ruler, and as a water sign, you’ll find strength in this card. This month, you will feel loved, creative, empowered, and—dare I say—happy. But sometimes happiness can feel unexpectedly scary, especially if you’re someone who’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop; instead of questioning it or defaulting to self-sabotaging behavior, allow yourself to bask in it. You’re allowed to love and be loved. You’re allowed to be proud of the work you’re doing. You’re allowed to be happy, period. If you have a good feeling about something or someone, trust your intuition and follow it. The universe has so many wonderful gifts in store for you this October, and I hope you’ll allow yourself to receive them.


Your card: Six of Cups

This month is about to be a blast from the past for you, but in the sweetest way possible. Maybe you’ll be returning to a place from your childhood; maybe you’ll reconnect with old friends; maybe the Halloween spirit will remind you of a time that was so much simpler. Whatever it may be, allow yourself to embrace the nostalgia and connect with who you used to be when you occupied this space in your life. Your inner child needs love, acknowledgment, and compassion—give it to them, and in return, you will grant yourself permission to let go of the bad and bask in the wonder of feeling playful, creative, and free. Go out of your way to do the things you loved to do as a kid: carve pumpkins, go apple picking, make a Halloween costume from scratch. Enjoy it! You may be older now, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a stroll down memory lane and remembering what it means to be young again.


Your card: The Emperor

What a fitting card for you, Capricorn. The Emperor is strong, ambitious, and strategic—just like you. That is to say, this month, you’re really in control of your life. You’ve found a stable place to rest among the rocky terrain and you’re making the most of your time there. And best of all, things are likely to only get better from here. My advice for you is to take stock of what you have now and come up with a plan to use it to get to where you want to be—there’s no saying what the future holds, but you’re in a good place to start taking the next steps. Have faith in your abilities—there’s no room for self-doubt or impostor syndrome, because your confidence alone will take you far. Be the leader you know you can be.


Your card: Two of Pentacles

October will be a balancing act for you. Maybe you’re struggling to keep up with everything at work, and because of that, you’re neglecting your family; maybe your social life is better than ever, but your grades are suffering. Whether it’s too much of a good thing or a bad thing, it’s still too much, and the scales of your life are all out of wack. Instead of trying to do everything, maybe it’s best to focus on just doing enough—sometimes you can’t give it your all in every area of your life, and that’s okay. It doesn’t make you a bad employee or parent or friend or student—or whatever it may be—it just means you’re human. Try to schedule out your time this month and don’t give too much of yourself to any single thing, because once your cup is completely empty, it’s difficult to refill it. And please, please, please: find some time to rest.


Your card: The Fool

This month, you might find yourself at the edge of a cliff, wondering if you should jump—metaphorically, of course. The Fool is all about new beginnings and taking a leap of faith, even if you aren’t sure where you’re going to land. But isn’t the free fall just so exquisite? Some of the best things in life come when you allow yourself to step out of the box you’ve trapped yourself in and really let go. Just beware: Sometimes this card will pop up when you’re being too naive in your decisions or when you’re acting too spontaneously without considering the ramifications. If something seems too good to be true, it just might be. Know that it’s okay to take a risk—after all, life would be stale and colorless without them—but be sure to understand the consequences that might come with it. And then, once you feel fully prepared, jump—and be sure to drink it all in, because it’s this anticipation and excitement that makes it all worth it.