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A Tarot Reader Predicts What Every Zodiac Should Expect Before Halloween


Your card: King of Cups

This week, things might be a little tough. You’re going to be exercising your emotional control and putting on a brave face. It might be hard to keep balance between being strong for those around you, and allowing yourself enough grace to show a little vulnerability.


Your card: 9 of Swords

Your fears and insecurities have you dipping further and further into negativity and pessimism this week. I know it can be hard to have a positive outlook when things get tough. Surround yourself with people you care about and hopefully you’ll end up with a happy Halloween.


Your card: 5 of Wands

You’ve got a bit of competition this week. Maybe it’s with a coworker, or perhaps you’re just going to pub trivia and are hoping for a win. You might have a tough time figuring out if this is healthy competition or something more toxic.


Your card: Queen of Swords

Someone’s going to test your boundaries this week. You often have a hard time enforcing them, buckling when someone complains. Use the strength you have welling up inside you to be the badass the cards say you are. You’ve got this.


Your card: 6 of Cups

You’ll be stuck in the past this week, giving in to your nostalgia. While it’s all good to think about the things you’ve gone through, it becomes a problem when you let it hold you back. Take the good things from the past and leave the regrets behind.


Your card: The Tower

Uh oh. Something’s going down, and it isn’t good. You’ll have to face the fact that something you thought you knew isn’t what you thought it was. That may sound confusing, but you’ll know what I mean in the next week. Your foundations are about to get rocked.


Your card: 4 of Wands

You’ll be surrounded by family (in whatever way that positively manifests for you) and great friends. If you were on the fence about hosting a Halloween party this weekend, here’s your answer: Hell yes.


Your card: Knight of Cups

Are those hearts in your eyes, Scorpio? You’re feeling idealistic and a little romantic this week. The world is your oyster, and you’re living your life like a beautiful woman in a black-and-white French film. At least that’s the way it feels, anyway.


Your card: 6 of Swords

It’s a time of transition for you. Change isn’t always bad though–even if it feels like it at the time. You’re going to come out the other side whole and lovely, as always. Just trust the process.


Your card: The Sun

Honestly, you’re walking on sunshine this week. This is the perfect time to make some plans. People are gravitating to your your warmth and positivity, which makes you the perfect person to invite to Halloween shenanigans (or to be the one doing the inviting).


Your card: 5 of Cups

Okay, it’s not exactly a great week for you. Something’s happening that’ll make you feel disappointed or full of grief and mourning. The best way to weather this week is knowing that these feelings are temporary–and maybe take this moment as a lesson.


Your card: The Moon

There’s something hidden just below the surface that you either haven’t noticed or are actively avoiding. Do a little digging to figure out what’s wrong. Or you could just go through the week blissfully ignorant–which sounds like a good idea but is self-sabotage in practice.