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Forget Golden Retriever Energy! 6 Concrete Signs Your Man Has ‘Black Cat Energy’

Golden retriever energy describes someone with a sunny disposition who’s social and full of love. They aren’t afraid to show that they love you, and they’re always there when you need a mood boost. But what if you’re the one with golden retriever energy? Dating someone with the same personality type would get old quickly. That’s why you should look for someone with Black Cat Energy. When opposites attract, brooding black cat energy is the perfect complement to sunny golden retriever energy. But what is black cat energy? And why is it good? Here’s how to know if your man has just the right black cat energy to match you perfectly.

1. He’s an introvert who’s more comfortable when it’s just you and him.

Golden retrievers like to surround themselves with people, while black cats are more insular. It’s not that he’s anti-social. He won’t try to shy away from you. He’d just prefer to be home, cuddled up next to you, than out on the town, soaking in everyone else’s energy.

2. He’d rather listen to you than be the star of the conversation.

You could talk for hours and he’d be right there, listening to every word. Golden retrievers are the star of the show while the black cats are the supportive audience. While you’re bubbling over talking about your day or your interests, he’s there with a hand on your leg, listening to every word.

3. He only shows you little slivers of his emotions, rather than an overflowing well.

You can see a golden retriever’s emotions on their face. (And they aren’t afraid to talk about them, too.) But a black cat is different. Men with black cat energy are stoic, they keep their emotions just under the surface. However, he’ll eventually let you in. It just takes time and a certain level of comfort before he lets it out.

4. He’s easily annoyed…but not for long.

Like a real cat, a man with black cat energy doesn’t have the patience a golden retriever might. If something isn’t going right, he’ll show his irritation. Just remember that true black cat energy doesn’t involve claws. Ultimately, he’ll be soft and cuddly–not constantly fighting.

5. His calmness balances your excited nature.

It’s all about balance, right? While you’re over-excited, he’s cool, calm, and collected. His serene and contemplative nature will soothe you when you need it most.

6. He broods like the best of them. (Move over, Edward Cullen!)

The biggest factor toward black cat energy? It’s the stellar brooding. Where golden retrievers are all boundless energy and perpetual grins, black cats are dark and mysterious. There’s something so sexy about a man who fixes a brooding stare your way, quietly drawing you toward him with just his gaze alone. You can’t get that with a man who has golden retriever energy.