Roberto Nickson

Signs Your Guy Has Golden Retriever Energy (And You Should Keep Him)

We often talk about the guys we don’t want. The bare minimum man, the guy who just keeps breadcrumbing you–they’re the dregs and we’re better off without them. Then there are the guys who we feel lucky to have in our lives. The ones who treat us well and make us feel loved. Have you heard of golden retriever energy? Guys who give off golden retriever vibes have the warm, floppy energy and positive attitude of a loyal dog breed–and I mean this in a good way. Does your guy have this vibe? If so, you’ve found something special.

He’s overjoyed every time he sees you and he isn’t afraid to show it.

You don’t have to wonder how he feels. He isn’t coy or cold. When he sees you, a great big smile plays on his face. Not only is he willing to show you that he likes you, he’s not afraid of having everyone in the room know it, too. He’ll show you off to everyone because you’re his favorite person.

His physical affection knows no bounds.

Your guy gives the best hugs, and he gives them liberally. Every time he sees you, he envelops you in his arms. Guys with golden retriever energy definitely have “physical touch” high up on their list of must-have love languages.

His default mood is positive.

You suspect there isn’t a pessimistic bone in his body. Sure, things can get him down–he’s human after all–but he’s also quick to bounce back. You know that if you ever need someone to lift your mood when you’re feeling down, he’s the perfect person to go to.

He’s outgoing and friendly to everyone he meets.

You don’t have to worry what might happen when you introduce him to your friends or family. He’ll accept them with open arms just like he does everyone else. When he enters a room, the whole place lights up. As soon as everyone meets him, they’ll love him just as much as you do. You’ll just have to accept the fact that you’re dating the life of the party.

He’ll happily do little things for you.

It’s the “fetch” mentality. You’re always on his mind and he’ll show that by doing little things for you. And if you ask him for something, he’ll do it happily. Best of all, you never have to ask twice. With a guy who has golden retriever energy, you’ll feel a lot more like you’re both pulling the weight in the relationship.

He’s happy when you’re happy.

Although his natural resting state is positivity and happiness, now that you’re together he’s tied his own mood to yours. If you’re sad, he’s sad. If you’re happy, he’s happy. This means he’ll do anything to make sure you’re as happy as can be. And honestly, would you want anything less? Now treat this golden retriever with respect and love because it’s what he deserves.