Girlfriends Ranked From Clingy To Independent Based On Their Zodiac Sign — photo of gf and boyfriend
Brandon Woelfel

Girlfriends Ranked From Clingy To Independent Based On Their Zodiac Sign

1. Cancer

Once a Cancer falls for you, expect to be bombarded with good morning texts, goodnight texts, and everything in between. And when you two are in the same room, expect them to have their head on your shoulder, a hand on your lap, or their lips against your cheek. They thrive on affection, so once you officially become their boyfriend, they will never let a day go by without letting you know how much you mean to them.

2. Aquarius

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for three years or three months. An Aquarius is going to write you poetry, leave cute little notes around the house, and dedicate love songs to you. They are going to cook you your favorite meals and buy such sentimental birthday gifts that you’ll break into tears. They’ll know exactly how to pull on your heartstrings — and they’ll do it every single day.

3. Libra

Libras hate being alone. They don’t want to eat dinner on their own. They want to take their boyfriend with them. And they don’t want to watch Game Of Thrones by themselves. They want to wait to watch it together. They would rather do their favorite activities with you than without you. That’s why they’ll text you so much when you aren’t around and have trouble sleeping when you aren’t there.

4. Pisces

This sign gets attached easily — and once that happens, they like to mark their territory. That’s why they won’t mind holding hands in public or kissing in front of strangers. And they are definitely going to brag about you to all of their friends and family members and coworkers. Expect to be dragged to a lot of parties, because they’ll always want you there by their side. They’ll want everyone to know that you two are an item, because they’re so proud to call you their boyfriend.

5. Taurus

A Taurus will try their best not to look clingy at first. They’ll force themselves to wait for you to send the first text. And they’ll drop hints about how much they miss you instead of writing out paragraphs about how they can’t wait to see your beautiful face again. They’ll hold themselves back at first — but as soon as you’ve been together for a while and they feel comfortable expressing their love, you’ll never get them to shut up about how great you are.

6. Leo

Leos think that they’re independent in relationships, because they make their own money and they like their personal space. However, they won’t want to stay with someone who fails to shower them with compliments. They like to feel attractive, and if you don’t tell them how much you love them and how cute they look in their new dress, then they are going to get sick of you sooner rather than later. They need daily flattery as a reminder that you still care.

7. Gemini

Gemini will go back and forth. Some days, they’ll want to be left alone to deal with their problems on their own. And other days, they’ll want you to hold them close and remind them that everything is going to be okay. At first, it’s going to be impossible to tell which side of them you’re going to get — the independent side or the clingy side — but eventually, you’ll learn the way their mind works. You’ll be able to guess which mood they’re in that day and act accordingly.

8. Virgo

This is a tricky one, because a Virgo just wants to make their partner happy. That means they’ll drown them with affection if they want it, and they’ll give them alone time if they want it. They’ll change their behavior based on whatever their person needs at the time. They’re not being fake. They’re just trying to be understanding. They’re trying to make the relationship work.

9. Capricorn

When you first meet a Capricorn, you’ll assume that they are fiercely independent and need their space in a relationship. But the second they decide to date you, the second they decide that you’re worth their time and effort, everything will change. They will treat you like royalty. They will drop everything for you. They will send the mushiest texts and the most thoughtful presents. They will make you feel loved every damn day.

10. Aries

Sometimes, Aries are a little too independent. They don’t want to be tied down to one place or to one person. They want the freedom to do what they want when they want and don’t always feel like sending a text to let their boyfriend know what’s going on. But once they find their true forever person, they’ll actually agree to spend some nights on the couch relaxing instead of running from place to place. They’ll actually enjoy the consistency.

11. Scorpio

Scorpios can hold a grudge, which means if you piss them off, they can go hours without talking to you. They won’t have a problem running off with their friends during a fight and ignoring the problem completely. They aren’t the best communicators, which means you’ll have to initiate the harder conversations. You’ll have to remind them it’s okay to have feelings and it’s okay to talk about them.

12. Sagittarius

This sign isn’t the relationship type at all, so if a Sagittarius decides to date you, you must mean a lot to them. They just have trouble showing it. They’re used to being on their own and doing what’s best for them. They aren’t used to being part of a team — so they’ll need some time to adjust. They’ll need some time to learn how to be vulnerable, how to open their heart and rearrange their schedule for two.