Luis Dalvan

Here’s How The Moon Can Affect Your Menstrual Cycle

In astrology, the moon holds all maternal values representing the mother. Our deepest unconscious desires and personal needs are within the moon’s energy. This divine feminine energy is the illuminating light within the darkness. The moon’s gravitational pull allures the waves to the shore and creates seasons that flow in perfect harmony and balance. Without it, our world would experience extreme conditions where nourishment would be scarce. Like the mother, the moon provides unconditional nurture and sustenance. As the moon cycles, our menstruation coincides. This connection to the mother planet and our womb gives us an understanding of ourselves. We appreciate the power of divinity through earth’s nature and synchronicities. This is direct alignment and connection with God and our higher consciousness. 

New Moon — Rejuvenation

The new moon phase aligns with the menstrual period of our cycles. It would be best if you created time for rest and rejuvenation during the new moon phase. In Ayurveda, the menstrual period is a cleanse and a gift to our bodies to rejuvenate and balance. During this time of rest, it is like a process of healing. We can look at the new moon in the same way when performing rituals and moon circles. The new moon is a time for transformation and renewal, like a snake shedding her skin. It corresponds with wintertime. It is the time after the leaves have fallen and the cold air renews all life around us. The snow has fallen and melted everything away. It’s time to pause and begin again. Menstruating on a new moon is a sign that your body could use a lot of rest, but not in the wrong way. You align with the moon’s phases, and you deserve some time to pause and reflect. If ovulating during a new moon, this can represent that your body is thriving off of relaxation. This is an excellent time to practice yoga and meditate. 

First Quarter — Manifestation

The first quarter moon phase corresponds to the follicular phase. This phase is from the beginning of your menstrual cycle until the moment of ovulation. This is time for manifestation and to plant seeds to watch them grow. This phase corresponds with spring, where the bees pollinate the flowers, produce seeds, and create. During this time of your menstrual cycle, you are full of creation and energy. This is the time to generate ideas and manifest them into reality. Like a flower blossoming, this is where you prepare to watch everything bloom. Menstruating during a First Quarter Moon could represent reflecting on the now. As well as letting go of an old reality and releasing attachment to embrace the next one soon. While ovulating during a First Quarter Moon, your power of manifestation is absolute. This is a good time for prayer and chanting mantras to turn your thoughts into a reality.

Full Moon — Creation

During a Full Moon, this is when things come together to form a new reality. This is when your energy is at its highest peak and represents your ovulation period. During your ovulation period, things are at the greatest of power. This is the time for creation. This corresponds with summer. During the summertime, the sun represents masculinity. It energizes the earth and all that it encompasses. The balance of these energies influences the creation. This is your time of most significant power. Full moons are the most common times to perform rituals and moon circles. This is the time of spiritual strength and where manifestation and magic are the best to perform. If menstruating during a Full Moon, this can signify that something new is coming your way. This is a good time for self-reflection and self-awareness. If you are ovulating during a Full Moon, your manifestation powers are at their highest peak. The universe is sending something your way. It is a good time to believe in yourself and prepare to receive whatever it is. 

Last Quarter — Fruition

The Last Quarter Moon aligns with the luteal phase of our cycle. The luteal stage is between ovulation and the beginning of your menstrual cycle. Our bodies are preparing for pregnancy during this period. Fall prepares for winter. This is your time to live out your manifestations. This is the time to live out your life to the fullest and live out your new reality. Everything is becoming as it should be, and your creation will soon be born. We will go into the cycle of birth, then continue back into the New Moon phase, where we rest again. If you are menstruating during this phase, this will be an excellent time to let go. Take in whatever blessings are surrounding you. It’s time to relax and flourish. If ovulating during this time, the universe brings even more manifestation to life. This is the ultimate time for dreaming. 

Waning Phase — Light From The Dark

The waning phase of the moon is a phase of the moon where visibility disappears. This represents internal depths and going inward for self-reflection or shadow work. If menstruating during a waning phase, this is a perfect time to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Deep breathing and crystal cleansing with moon water may be good for you during this time. If ovulating during this time, you will find immense power within. This promotes creativity. This is a good time for painting or poetry.  

Waxing phase — Darkness To Light

The waxing phase of the moon occurs between the new moon phasing into a full moon. This is an excellent time to bring your emotions to the surface as a form of embodiment. You are stepping into your power, which is a good time for light work. If you are menstruating, it could be a sign that you need to let go and let loose. Releasing any heaviness in your mind or heart will allow you to flourish. If you are ovulating during this time, this is an excellent time to feel heavy. Your emotional stability is at its highest peak, and you can turn this into greatness.

Tracking your cycle with the moon phases is guidance from the mother planet. With her nurturing abilities, we can better understand our cycle. You are forming a more profound connection within ourselves. There is no greater power than the mind, body, and soul connection. Within this power, you are an unstoppable force. Your inner relationship and awareness will allow you to flow. Like the push and pull of the ocean’s waters, you are moving and evolving into an unstoppable force.