Here’s Your ‘Hunger Games’ Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Cressida. You have your own strong, leadership-style presence, but that doesn’t mean your soulmate will need saving. Instead, your perfect partner will have goals themselves, like the total Capitol-born badass, Cressida.


Cinna. Cinna’s a sweetie who’s always looking out for the people he cares about–just like your soulmate. You do best with people who like you for who you are and only look to enhance your natural awesomeness, like everyone’s favorite stylist.


Effie Trinket. You have a big personality and you need someone who has a similar personality so they can keep up with you. Your perfect partner is like Effie Trinket: austenatious, sweet, and ready to fight if the situation calls for it.


Katniss Everdeen. You want someone who can take care of you one moment and be a listening ear the next. Katniss is quiet, stoic, and protects everyone she can–just the right partner for the sensitive and emotional Cancer.


Caesar Flickerman. You need someone who will lift you up, and that’s Ceasar Flickerman. Although he’s a famous talk show host, his sole goal is to make his guests look good, and you’d love that kind of affection.


Finnick Odair. You gravitate toward someone with “Hot with a Heart” energy, and that’s Finnick Odair in a nutshell. He’s a secret romantic at heart and would do anything for the one he loves–all while fighting for what’s right and looking hot while doing it.


Peeta Mellark. You like companionship, safety, and undying love. Your perfect partner will do anything to keep you safe, like Peeta Mellark, all while baking you bread and bringing you breakfast in bed. It’s the little things.


Johanna Mason. Your soulmate is bombastic, taking up the spotlight so you can watch and smile from the sidelines. Although some signs would be put off by it, you love Johanna Mason’s bold personality, bare elevator scene and all.


Seneca Crane. You have a thing for bad boys. As long as they look good and aren’t afraid to be sassy with you, you can overlook some otherwise bad behavior. Sure, Seneca is the game master for the first movie’s Hunger Games, but have you seen the creative facial hair? He’s a keeper.


Haymitch Abernathy. He cares about people, even if he isn’t always good at showing it. And sure, he has a drinking problem, but you love a challenge. Of all the signs, you’re the one who actually might succeed in changing someone. If it’s too easy, they’re not your soulmate.


Primrose Everdeen. You often get caught up in your own world, so you need a soulmate you love so much that you would risk it all for them. That’s Prim, of course. Though she becomes a skilled medic, the start of her story is as a catalyst for someone else to save her. That hero could be you!


Gale Hawthorne. You want to be saved. You also fall for people who won’t just blindly devote themselves to you. Your perfect partner is like Gale: A determined and hot hero who will do their own thing but still hopefully end up with you in the end.