Samson Katt

Horoscope For Today: Monday, February 12, 2024

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After an intense new moon in Aquarius, the skies have settled into a calmer and more peaceful energy. At midnight this morning, the moon was well into the later degrees of Pisces, giving you the opportunity to get a restful and uninterrupted sleep after the chaos of a very powerful lunar cycle.

When the moon is in Pisces, we often feel the need to get more shut-eye than usual—and some of you may have over-indulged in alcohol over the weekend. We can’t fault you, since it was a very well-hyped Superbowl Sunday, drawing high ratings from Swifties and football fans alike.

The overall vibe of the day is comfortable and calming, but be cautious around 2:11 AM EST. Unfortunately, with so much Piscean energy at play, we run the risk of falling prey to illusions and delusions—and the moon will form an exact conjunction with Neptune at 26° in the very early morning hours.

This degree is associated with Taurus, and thus beauty, wealth, and luxury. Beware of scammers on Etsy claiming to sell 14K jewelry for a marked-down price that is too good to be true; you’ll probably end up being sent sterling silver. There is a time and a place to treat yourself. This isn’t it. Fortunately, most of us in North America will still be fast asleep during this conjunction, but those in other time zones would do well to use their discernment.

At 8:26 AM, the moon makes it ingress into Aries, awakening us from our Neptunian haze and bringing us firmly into the material realm. Aries is ruled by Mars, so for most of the day, you’ll be feeling more active, energetic, and motivated.

Speaking of Mars, the red planet sits at the critical degree of 29° Capricorn all day, meaning we’re likely to revisit global themes that you’ll recognize from the lengthy, unfolding story of the Pluto return of the United States. These include governmental overreach, the fight for tradition and structure, and the maintenance of order. With Mars at play, we can anticipate amplified discussion of war and the military.

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By mid-morning, when the moon ingresses from your shadowy and subconscious twelfth house to your active and lively first house, you’ll be feeling yourself. If you need to get a lot done today, you can if you set your mind to it—but just be careful not to drive yourself into a state of turmoil or paranoia by taking on more than you can physically or mentally handle. Give yourself grace and practice cultivating good time management habits. Our days on this earth are finite and you cannot possibly do everything. Meanwhile, Mars at the critical degree sits on the throne of your chart: the tenth house, associated with your career and reputation. Be careful with your words. You could say something unexpectedly brutal if you don’t hold your tongue, impacting not just your own public standing but the feelings of others around you.


The moon will make its entrance into your twelfth house halfway through the morning, making you want to escape and hide in your private world. If you can keep to yourself at work today and take control of an individual project rather than something collaborative, this would be ideal. Otherwise, power through it and remind yourself that everyone is fighting their own inner battles. If someone comes out with some harsh words towards you today, it’s likely projection on their part. Ideological clashes at work are possible today with Mars at its critical degree in your ninth house; if you’re a student, this might be the day you have to write a midterm or exam that determines the outcome of your academic future.


The moon moves from your tenth to eleventh house midway through the morning, moving the focus from you alone to your social circle as a whole. Barring other factors in your natal chart, it’s likely that your friends will show up in a positive—albeit brutally honest—manner, defending you to the death and fighting for a cause you all agree on. Everyone around you is motivated by justice today and there is an overwhelming theme of righteous rage. Even if you aren’t willing to die on a particular hill, your friends are perfectly willing to go down for you. Meanwhile, Mars at the critical degree in your eighth house brings taboo matters to light, including sexuality, debt, and the occult. If you’ve been hiding some secret part of your life from your friend group, or vice versa, it might become public now.


After a few days of dedicated study or spiritual practice, you are ready to take what you have learned into the public sphere with the moon entering your tenth house halfway through the morning. Step forward with renewed confidence and speak truth to power. You have gained considerable wisdom and you are prepared to share it with the world. Mars at its critical degree in your seventh house brings an urgent turning point in your relationship, meaning that a sudden breakup could happen—or an equally unexpected engagement. Whatever the case may be, it will move fast—and feel impulsive. If you aren’t ready to make a decision quite yet, you are within your rights to tell your partner you need some time. It’s okay to take things slow.


With the moon moving from your eighth house to ninth in the mid-morning, you will leave behind your moody and sad playlists and instead choose to rejoice at the spiritual truths you learned during your brief dark night of the soul. This is a great time to focus your attention outward, making plans to travel to a foreign country, dive into a new field of study, or implement a new philosophy into your life. Mars is at the critical degree in your sixth house, indicating that there might be some kind of hostility in your workplace today. Even as you try to integrate new strategies into your daily life, there will be opposition from your colleagues. A majority of you will feel as though it is the breaking point at your job; you might find you can no longer remain complicit in a work environment that clashes with your deeply held convictions.


The moon in your eighth house unearths deep, dark matters of the heart, but could always deliver a surprise lump sum of free cash, too. If you’ve spent the past few days discussing relationship matters with your partner, this could be the time you decide to merge resources, whether through marriage, cohabitation, or simply helping each other pay off some outstanding debts. With Mars at the critical degree in your fifth house, some of you will discover you are pregnant today, while others will decide they can no longer put off a creative project they have been dying to launch. There is no time like the present to kickstart something new. Unfortunately, you have to spend money to make money, so don’t be afraid to have the difficult budgeting conversations with your partner—romantic or business—before taking this leap of faith.


After a few days dominated by work, the moon will finally ingress out of your sixth house and into your seventh halfway through the morning. You’ll receive support and comfort from your closest relationships, whether they are romantic, platonic, or business-related. With all the major boxes checked off your to-do list, you’ll want to indulge in a romantic pre-Valentine’s Day dinner date or hang out with your friends. You’ve certainly been working hard and have a lot to show for it. However, be aware that family matters might distract you: with Mars at the critical degree in your fourth house, you could receive word that you need to head home for a family emergency, or your current home could require repairs that you didn’t budget for. Don’t panic. You have a lot of people to rely on right now.


The moon slips into your sixth house mid-morning, giving you the energy necessary to accomplish everything you need to do—whether it’s at work or around the house. You’ll be so busy you might forget the world is still existing around you. There’s nothing wrong with getting into the flow state, but remind yourself to take regular breaks and come up for air every so often—even if it’s just to refill your coffee cup. With Mars at its critical degree in your third house, you can expect communication to be fiery and potentially hostile today, so avoid responding to emails until you’ve done a few deep breathing exercises. You won’t appreciate being pulled out of your workaholic state, but the third house also relates to short-distance travel; you could face some annoying car troubles if you need to make a commute somewhere. Not every day can be perfect.


After a weekend of feeling like a total homebody, you’ll start the week off feeling newly invigorated and excited for romance and creativity. The moon will move into your fifth house this morning, presenting you with the opportunity to focus on new projects. If you’re trying to conceive, this is a good time to start trying—or if you’re definitely not ready for that yet, get your baby fever out by spending time with your nieces and nephews. With Mars ready to fire its last shots at the critical degree in your second house, you might get unexpected sticker shock. Did you read the fine print on a recent contract you signed? Is your landlord increasing your rent next month? Stay alert to any changes to your financial situation and handle them with care.


The moon is about to get very comfortable in your domestic and cozy fourth house, illuminating matters related to your family and place of origin. You might feel overly sentimental towards your parents or grandparents. Don’t dismiss this as foolish or silly. Give them a call. They’ll appreciate hearing from you. Those of you with Capricorn ascendants in the very late degrees will feel the strongest impact of Mars at the critical degree, but all of you will inevitably notice a certain restless energy today. You’re going ot feel like you need to burn off some serious steam. Harness your frustration in a healthy, constructive way instead of lashing out at the nearest Starbucks barista; go for a long run, hit the gym, or punch a pillow.


Your communication skills are about to be on point. When the moon ingresses from your second house into your third midway through the morning, you’ll be chattier and more sociable than usual, bringing light to issues that others might feel nervous about bringing up. You have to be the bold one here, stepping out into new terrain. You might be surprised how many of your peers and colleagues agree with you about something you feared would be controversial. You will feel compelled to speak out against any injustice you see, especially if it’s related to bureaucracy or authoritarian abuse of power; with Mars at the critical degree in your twelfth house, your mental health will actually suffer if you stay silent. Do what’s right for yourself and for the collective, and fight for what you know to be true.


Your thoughts are on money today, with the moon ingressing into your second house halfway through the morning. It draws your attention to your personal values and the way you spend your hard-earned cash. Are you ready to start living in alignment with your convictions and putting your money where your mouth is? Today is the day you feel a sudden drive to start voting with your dollar, whether that is through committing to a month of buying nothing new, only supporting small local businesses, or sacrificing the convenience of Amazon Prime. Mars at the critical degree in your eleventh house motivates you to start a social movement, and you will potentially create major influence—or friction—in your personal sphere. Don’t worry if people don’t understand just yet. They will see your intent in time.