Alesia Kozik

Horoscope For Today: Saturday, May 18, 2024

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The planet of love shakes things up today. Lover Venus meets eccentric Uranus in Taurus. Unconventional approaches to relationships not only work, but are also necessary. Unexpected changes shock us awake about our most intimate connections. Interpersonal dynamics in the workplace may feel different than usual. The key is to remain grounded through the twists and turns. Use the fresh energy to implement new ideas. Rather than resisting necessary transitions, be open minded. Your desires can flow to you with more ease if you’re not narrow minded about how and when you’ll receive it.


Unexpected shifts impact your interpersonal relationships today. Interpersonal Venus meets rocky Uranus to shake things up. Your practicality and finance sector is impacted. Therefore, these disruptions likely occur in your work life. The social scene with coworkers or clients may be shifting or feel off. Rather than forcing things to be routine, embrace the transitions. Be innovative in your approaches. What usually works, won’t, so try to connect to others through quirky, new ways. Ground yourself, as this is only temporary.


Lover Venus hits the speed bump that is disruptive Uranus today, in your sign. You’re the most impacted of the zodiacs, of course. Therefore, be open minded to life shifts. Taurus, you have a hard time with change. You like your habits, routines, and structures. It brings you peace of mind. While you don’t need to let go of what’s making you stronger, it’s time to be more flexible. In order to make your relationships work, you need to be more curious. Already deciding how you want things to be or go does you and others a disservice. Look into alternative routes to your desire. The tried and true way won’t work this Saturday.


It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you. Lover Venus is rocked by shocking Uranus. It may feel like the rug is ripped out from underneath your feet. However, you’re simply revealing what has been swept under there for far too long. Your subconscious sector is illuminated. As you see what you’ve been suppressing or avoiding clearly, you understand what needs to be done. Don’t go backwards now. Move forwards with your revelations and spiritually progress. Your relationships will only improve as you drop the self-sabotaging patterns.


Take any detours as an opportunity to rethink your future today, Cancer. Your goals and aims are in need of refinement. You may find that your typical approach to forward thinking is leaving you stumped. It’s time to shake things up. However, with your lucky eleventh house being activated by the Venus-Uranus conjunction, changes are for the best. Your social life may reveal some important information, as well as your professional path. The people you surround yourself with take part in if you reach the finish line of idealism or not.


The Venus-Uranus conjunction shakes your professional life awake. Disagreements with authority figures may arise. This may include parents, bosses, government, and beyond. Be patient, as these tensions will likely resolve themselves with time. However, do take your need for independence seriously. Shocking revelations ask you to change your route. Your definition of success needs to be reclaimed. Are you working towards your dreams still? Or do you need to get back to the vision board?


The planet of innovation, Uranus, meets relationship-oriented Venus today. This will bring shifts to your outlook on life. Beliefs are evaluated. What you thought was true may not be the only way to see things. Flexibility is required in your thinking. If you subscribe to a stubborn outlook, you’ll miss chances to connect with others. Don’t allow intellectual power struggles to develop. Don’t fight to be heard or understood. Speak with conviction, not domination. And most importantly, put your loved ones before any petty debates.


Lover Venus meets disruptive Uranus, asking you to get real within. Your deep, innermost emotions are revealed. All cards are put on the table. Today, it’s important to look at any power dynamics in your life. Are you giving your empowerment away? The Universe steps in and makes you halt any self-neglect. Within relationships, compromise will be necessary for both parties. Should someone have strong emotional demands, without meeting halfway with another, hurt ensues. Seek healing and trust rather than being in control or on top.


The disruptive nature of Uranus meets lover Venus. Your relationship sector is activated. Be patient, as tensions feel higher than necessary. Shifts and changes in relationship dynamics reveal where you need to grow together with others. Reinforcing the traditional rules of love will do a disservice to all. Be unique in your approach to your connections, treating them as the individuals you both are. A one-size-fits-all, comparing idea of intimacy stifles growth. Try a more innovative outlook.


Lover Venus has a few choice of words as she meets disruptive Uranus. It’s time to embrace shifts. Your responsibility sector is hit. You may notice tensions arising in the workplace, as it’s harder to find collaboration. Change is needed, but the environment may be resistant. Remain flexible. Digging your heels in, resisting necessary shifts to your daily routines will make things more challenging. Productivity may be hindered so you can redefine your goals. What has been working? What isn’t? Be honest and realistic to actually achieve what you want.


The planet of love, Venus, is shaken awake by Uranus. Revelations hit in your romance sector. Your love life is in need of some tender loving care. If you resist change, you resist your growth. Be open minded, as partners, crushes and interests may have an alternative way to showing love than what you’re used to. Compromise and compassion will go a long way. If one or both parties get lost in power dynamics or stubbornness, a chance for intimacy is missed.


Uranus awakens romantic Venus, asking you to check in with your relationships. Specifically, your home life sector is hit. Family tensions may arise, showcasing where you need to address underlying issues. It’s important to break cycles and traditions that do not reflect your authentic expression. While you may feel responsible for upholding the peace, be honest about your needs. Allow shifts and changes to bring you closer to your loved ones. Use the disruptive nature of life to bond and build safe spaces for one another to emotionally process.


The disruptive nature of Uranus shocks our Venusian relationships today. In particular, your communication sector is hit. Therefore, taking the time to process is critical. You may be surprised by unexpected information from others. Rather than reacting in the moment, take a second to pause. Then, conversate from a clear mind. Take in this new insight, allowing it to change dynamics. Digging your heels in the sand, resisting compromise or change, is the only way that things could veer into genuine, long-term conflict.