Daniel Xavier

Horoscope For Today: Sunday, March 17, 2024

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In the very early hours of the morning the moon completes its transit of excitable and restless Gemini, but by 5:41 AM EST, it moves into the softer territory of Cancer, allowing our emotional and nurturing sides to take over. This provides us with a chance to rest, to heal, and to luxuriate in the domestic comforts that an idyllic Sunday provides.

The water-heavy energy is only further emphasized by a significant cazimi taking place today: the sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces at 27°. This is a degree associated with Gemini. (More on that later.) Be very cautious right now, remembering the dark side of Neptune: the illusions, delusions, and lies that are often hidden from us, whether through deliberate self-deception or manipulation from bad actors.

With the sun illuminating such territory, we can expect, naturally, some hard truths to be revealed. Sunlight, as they say, is the best disinfectant. And with the Gemini influence, we can anticipate all sorts of communication breakdowns.

Misinformation and uncertainty cloak everything we do in a layer of fog, making it unusually difficult to discern the truth about any given situation. Be highly wary of what you read or hear today—both in the news and in your own personal relationships.

It’s been a confusing time ever since Neptune entered Pisces way back in 2011, but as it reaches the end of its transit and approaches the critical degree, it is especially crucial to fact-check… well, just about everything.

What can you expect today, on a purely individual level? Your mileage may vary depending on your personal placements, but your rising sign forecast below should give you a general idea.


If you’re feeling unusually distant today, desiring alone time more than your usual gossip session over mimosas at brunch, don’t be surprised. The moon in your fourth house provides big “stay at home” energy, while the sun-Neptune cazimi in your twelfth house gives you permission to be reflective. Put on your favorite sad playlist and journal your thoughts. It’s okay to give your brain a day off. Avoid emotional reactivity today; if you read or hear something that triggers you, look deeper and you may find you’ve profoundly misunderstood something.


The moon in your third house encourages your communication skills, especially with those closest to you—and your words hold tremendous power to appeal to people’s emotions. It’s a good day to share poetry or art that compels others to think of situations from your perspective and to create a space for open, empathy-driven dialogue. However, the sun-Neptune cazimi in your eleventh may cause friction. In your wider circle, your good intentions could easily be misinterpreted. Try to keep your friends close today, and above all, be discerning about who can be trusted with your thoughts.


If you’ve been doing everything in your power to avoid thinking about your finances, today you might hit a breaking point and feel emotionally overwhelmed. Sit down and make a strategic plan while the moon transits your second house. Where are you failing to live up to your financial goals? What can you change to ensure you have a more abundant future? With the sun-Neptune cazimi in your tenth house, your standing at work is likely to come up under review. If you’ve been slacking in one area or another, you might learn about it in the form of a performance review or an email that you misinterpret as vitriol—when in truth it is entirely well-intentioned constructive criticism. Don’t let your feelings rule your perception of the world today.


The moon in your first house today makes you feel more at ease in your own skin, and others can recognize your empathy and compassion. You might find others more drawn to you today, recognizing something inherently nurturing and kind about your soul. If you choose to keep the doors of communication open today, be wary of misunderstandings arising amongst your friends and family. The sun-Neptune cazimi in your ninth house might reveal some serious ideological or religious differences in your circle. Rather than going for the throat, allow everyone time to share their perspectives. This will inevitably deepen your connection with every person in your life. And if something turns out to be a dealbreaker, release them with aloofness and shake the dust off rather than creating a dramatic scene.


The moon in your twelfth house could potentially keep you trapped in a cycle of self-critical introspection, journaling until you finally purge the negative emotions you’ve been repressing. It is best to use days like this to sit with your unpleasant emotions, rather than keeping them under wraps until you find a suitable punching bag. The sun-Neptune cazimi in your eighth house drives you further into the dark places, where you may find yourself ruminating and dreaming about the worst possible outcomes of a situation. Indulge in some self-care and go to bed early tonight if you feel overstimulated by your emotions. A guided meditation can help redirect your racing thoughts.


The moon in your eleventh house may place you in the role of agony aunt, with every acquaintance under the sun suddenly flooding your DMs with requests for advice. If you feel like playing the role of mom friend today, be very cautious and set suitable boundaries: the sun-Neptune cazimi in your seventh house may attract stage-five clingers. Some of you may learn that a friend is secretly hoping you could be more. On the other hand, if you’re in a committed relationship, you are very likely to learn some unpleasant truths about your partner. These revelations are not going to feel earth-shattering; you probably had an intuitive sense all along. But still, it’s up to you to decide what to do with them.


Today the moon in your tenth house puts you in the spotlight, where you may not wish to spend your lazy Sunday. Even if you’re not physically in the office, you can expect a full inbox and a sudden influx of new followers on Instagram, if that’s your thing. If there’s something in your work environment that’s been steadily frustrating you over time, it might come to a head today: the sun-Neptune cazimi will reveal exactly what is going on behind the scenes. If your company has some internal corruption, you’ll learn about it. If a certain coworker has been giving you bad vibes, you’ll probably be vindicated. And if you’ve been the bad actor in this situation, you’ll have to own up to your mistakes.


While the moon is transiting your ninth house, your thoughts will be preoccupied with philosophy and ideology, a thousand miles away from the mundane daily activities your peers seem to be preoccupied with. Allow yourself the space to indulge this desire for thoughtful spiritual exploration. Neglecting this genuinely enjoyable and fun experience is detrimental to you and your soul, and the sun-Neptune cazimi in your fifth house will lead to some type of creative breakthrough as you meditate on your thoughts. On that note, some of you will end short-term affairs that are not serving you, but it’s likely you already saw this coming.


The moon in your eighth house gives you the energy you need to start thinking about upcoming tax season, but you might also be reflecting on your own mortality; these are unavoidable matters that you must occasionally face with directness and clinical detachment in order to thrive. It is important to make peace with the things in this world that are out of your control. Meanwhile, your family or home environment is under cosmic review with the sun-Neptune cazimi stationed in your fourth house. If a relative has been struggling with mental health or addiction issues, today might be the day they take accountability.


The moon in your seventh house places your emotional focus on your partner today, whether they’re the romantic or business sort. You run the risk of over-extending yourself, so place some reasonable boundaries. You may be attached by the red string of fate, but you are still separate entities. The sun-Neptune cazimi in your third house makes communication with them—as well as everyone else—unusually difficult, so hold off on the difficult or deep conversations. It’s a good day for parallel play; even if you’re doing different things in the same room, your presence will comfort your loved one. And you’ll avoid emotionally disruptive dialogue.


The moon in your sixth house makes this an ideal day to get all of your household chores done, since you’ve got workaholic energy on a Sunday. Get your energy out by going to the gym or doing all the loads of laundry you’ve been putting off. You might also hear from your boss, or receive an unexpected email in your inbox from an Indeed job you forgot you applied to months ago. The sun-Neptune cazimi in your second house is illuminating the area of your life that has been a bit of a question mark recently: how are you going to earn more money, or manage your income better? A new and better job might come along, but read every contract very thoroughly before signing it.


With the moon in your fifth house, your creative and romantic side is out in full force, so it’s a good day for a date night if you’re already happily partnered. If you’re still swiping Hinge for your dream person, you should be aware that you’re likely to misrepresent yourself today. You may wonder how you can possibly do that unintentionally, but the power of the sun-Neptune cazimi in your first house will cast an illusory air about you and draw in all kinds of energy vampires. They are likely to project their preconceived notions onto you and create a fantasy about you in their own head. Avoid these types of people by keeping alert, practicing discernment, and not revealing too many secrets about yourself too early on.