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Horoscope For Today: Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Today is a bit tense for the zodiac signs today!

As we continue our journey through Aries season (and a Mercury in Retrograde), today adds some extra feelings to the mix. The Moon in the sign of Leo, which already adds a flair for the fiery and dramatic to our feelings, forms an opposition to Pluto in Aquarius, the planet of death, rebirth, and transformation. This may leave us feeling on edge and fighting to assert our power or authority (or struggle with authority in general), as well as getting into arguments with those closest to us if we feel attacked or criticized. 

However, this transit only lasts for a few hours in the early morning, so it’s best to try and keep a level head and not say or do things we will regret later on—you can still make the most of the day if you can either keep your cool or work on immediately repairing any rifts that take place.

Check your signs below (Sun and Rising) to see what today has in store for you!


As you grapple with the Moon in your 5th House opposing Pluto in your 11th House, things may feel tense earlier in the day, Aries. There are times when leaning into our self-expression and creativity feels deeply important. Yet, this opposition to Pluto may repress your feelings and desires in this area—or bring up plenty of turmoil as you try to express them. You may feel guilt about doing what makes you happy instead of what benefits the groups and connections you’re involved in. Don’t take the bait and argue about it—wait until later in the day when things have cooled off to make your case.


With the Moon in your 4th House opposing Pluto in your 10th House, some shifts at work could feel disruptive to your home life today, Taurus. Whether it’s a shake-up to your usual domestic routine or pressure to devote more to your job today, you may feel some resentment that threatens to build if you can’t find ways to manage it. Naturally, you want to be home and relax, but arguing or exploding at your superiors or colleagues won’t fix the situation—let your feelings cool before making any decisions about what to address for the future. 


As the Moon in your 3rd House House opposes Pluto in your 9th House House, you may long to lean into what’s familiar, Gemini. However, Pluto has other plans (as it often does!), and you could feel your usual curious nature experiencing tension and unexpected shifts. You may feel as if you are highly knowledgeable about certain subjects, only to find that there is much more beyond your limited scope, and the reality check may come from people who push back in confrontational ways. Give yourself time and space to process and cool off before addressing the subject again. If you try to engage immediately, you won’t get anywhere.


With the Moon in your 2nd House opposing Pluto in your 8th House, finances and your self-esteem may feel like delicate topics this morning, Cancer. Some issues with money you’ve borrowed could unexpectedly show up today, making you feel out of sorts and panicked about how to handle the situation. This could also show up as tension or heated arguments between you and those you’re deeply close to about money or deeper secrets that may make an appearance. You may feel insecure about your ability to provide for yourself or about standing firm in your values. As tempting as it is to lash out, given the nature of these subjects, nothing will be settled if you let your emotions get the best of you without thinking things through. 


With the Moon in your 1st House opposing Pluto in your 7th House, you could feel some tension in your close relationships early in the day, Leo. You may feel the need to lean into what you want and need, but it could conflict with others’ needs or opinions. When those we feel closest to aren’t aligned with what we want, things can feel personal—you may feel defensive and quick to shut out anything contrary to the answers you’re looking for. Pluto isn’t one to ease into things, so your loved ones may feel confused or uncertain regarding what you want—give yourself some time to collect your thoughts before pushing the subject further. 


As the Moon in your 12th House opposes Pluto in your 6th House, some disruptions in your daily routine may threaten your mental health today, Virgo. You may have the best-laid plans, but plenty of unpredictable things can occur—the important thing is not spinning off your axis when these things happen. This may be easier said than done, especially if the changes are chaotic or frustrating and there are no easy solutions. However, rather than taking it out on everyone around you, try to regroup and focus on the things you can control. You’ll be better for it.


With the Moon in your 11th House opposing Pluto in your 5th House, you could feel pressure to conform when you want to make bigger changes, Libra. You aren’t one to reject your community or groups that you’ve worked hard to create, but today, you may feel stifled as you desire to make drastic changes to how you express yourself. This tension could leave you feeling resentful of those you surround yourself with—but you can’t blame people for not accepting you if you don’t give them the chance. Suppressing who you are won’t benefit you!


With the Moon in your 10th House opposing Pluto in your 4th House, some significant shifts in your home life may make you feel disoriented at work, resulting in emotional outbursts if you aren’t careful. Major changes can put us on edge, especially if they are unexpected. Your best bet is to let your feelings level out and ask yourself what’s really bothering you as opposed to the targets you wish to take your feelings out on—when things feel more settled, you might have a better idea of how to handle what’s happening at home. 


With the Moon in your 9th House opposing Pluto in your 3rd House, you may be feeling the desire to escape today, Sagittarius. You could long to embrace new adventures or ideas, but feel constrained where you are—especially if you can’t see those possibilities happening anytime soon. However, you may find that where you are currently still has plenty for you to learn, and though you long to be elsewhere, you may find out the hard way that you’re where you should be. Acknowledging the feelings is good, but don’t lash out at others who may be having the experiences you crave. Your time will come. 


With the Moon in your 8th House opposing Pluto in your 2nd House, you could experience some fluctuation in your finances—making you feel more vulnerable than usual, Capricorn. You could also be dealing with some personal shifts in your values or how you view yourself, which could make you feel more raw emotionally when interacting with people close to you. It’s important to be mindful of this when talking to others, as you may not have the greatest grip on your emotional state and may even try to pick fights because of it. However, your best bet is to let the feelings pass before saying or doing anything you may regret. 


With the Moon in your 7th House opposing Pluto in your 1st House, some personal decisions regarding who you are may put pressure on your relationships, Aquarius. You’ve been undergoing some transformation regarding yourself for quite some time (and it’s not stopping anytime soon), but today could stir up some complicated emotions for those you’re closest to—or some emotions about them on your end. Any sense of criticism may make you want to push back or shut them out, but keep in mind that these feelings will pass if you give them time. You can hash things out and talk more about what you need when everyone has a clear head.


With the Moon in your 6th House opposing Pluto in your 12th House, Pisces, you could struggle to be productive today. Your mental health or some heavier issues you’ve buried may stir things up for you unexpectedly, making it harder to focus on what you need to do. You could be extra sensitive if anyone points out that you’re not as focused or keeping up with tasks as usual, but getting angry or starting a fight won’t solve anything. Give yourself a chance to breathe, calm down, and work on making the most of your day.