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Horoscope For Today: Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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We are still coming down from the high of the recent full moon in Virgo, which brought to light secrets and shook up our sense of stability. If you still feel a little disoriented today, this could be why.

However, as today progresses, we move on from this lunar event and into new and unfamiliar territory.

We begin the day with the moon in peace-seeking Libra, reflective of our collective emotional state; we are quite concerned with harmony and relationships, hoping to mend fences and form truces.

While this desire is noble, it might not come to fruition, with two opposing forces forming a conjunction in the sign of Aries: the North Node and Chiron, both associated with karma and healing. The conjunction occurs at 17°, a degree associated with Leo. Thus, breakthroughs are likely to be loud, public, and a little ego-driven.

This marks a significant turning point in geopolitics and suggests a catalyst for some type of large-scale change in public leadership, so keep an eye out for escalating news about war, royalty, celebrities, lawyers, and politicians.

A potential silver lining comes at approximately 8:00 PM EST, when the moon makes an exact opposition to this very significant conjunction. It could go one of two ways: emotions could run especially high around this time, the vanity of Libra causing irrationality; or hearts could be softened due to the warmer and gentler energy of Libra. The sign of justice operates at different octaves, sometimes creating detached superficiality and other times building beauty amidst terrible brokenness.

If there’s a bit of illusory white noise in the background today, and you’re not sure if you can really trust what you’re reading or thinking, you can thank the Piscean influence quietly guiding us along through this new season.

There’s another very significant celestial event building, but it won’t be exact until tomorrow: a triple conjunction between the sun, Mercury, and Saturn, all in the highly mystical and spiritual sign of Pisces. With an outer planet like Saturn involved, it’s more than likely that you’re already feeling the intensity already. Be cautious and discerning with everything you consume; our brains are itching to find rationality in the chaos right now, and at times, conspiracies and cults look tempting under the Piscean waters.

With so much going on in the cosmos today, how will you fare? Each of us will experience these astrological events differently, depending on the house placements in our natal charts—determined by our rising signs. Read your forecast below.


The moon in your seventh house brings attention to your closest relationships today, and potentially draws your partner closer to you; all the while, your deepest wounds surrounding personal identity and sense of self are being triggered by the North Node and Chiron conjunction in your first house. Those of you with late-degree Aries placements will feel this pain more acutely, and in some cases, suffer from headaches and facial injuries around this time. You may feel detached from your partner, craving your alone time to process your trauma without outside interference. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries. Try to avoid picking fights with your loved ones because you’re feeling overwhelmed. Instead, let them know you need your space.


With the moon in your sixth house today, you may wish to approach work from a more analytical and rational perspective, but the opposition to the North Node and Chiron in your twelfth house will place spiritual boundaries and keep you in a vaguely dissociative state. You may find it difficult to complete tasks you normally finish with ease, but don’t blame yourself for this. If you have not processed trauma from your past, you may feel tempted to self-medicate. Your sleep will likely be disturbed and your dreams might be weirder than usual—keep a journal by your bed and scribble down any insights from your subconscious. If there is any aspect of your mental health that you have been neglecting, you will begin to heal from it now.


The moon is finishing up its transit of your fifth house, creating the strong desire to spend time around children and people who possess a similar creative spirit. Your artistic vision is likely to be blocked by the opposition in your eleventh house. The North Node and Chiron conjunction is revealing, in a very bold and assertive way, which people in your social sphere are trustworthy—and who needs to exit stage left. Only the most valuable assets to your tribe will be left by the end of this painful period, but you will be wiser and more attuned to your own hopes, dreams, and visions for the future.


What is cultivated at home inevitably shows up in your public life, and you are learning to balance this with the moon in your fourth house opposing the North Node-Chiron conjunction in your tenth. While you may crave domesticity today and long to stay in your own safe space, your career and reputation is undergoing a major cosmic shake-up, forcing you to take stock of your own mistakes. Some of you might face scandals under this transit, and they are likely to be made public. Others will walk away from jobs that are mentally draining and keeping you trapped. If you have been feeling stagnant, you can rest easily knowing that once the initial shock wears off, a new and better chapter will begin. You just need to step forth into the freedom that you’re being offered. These chances don’t come very often.


The moon is currently completing its transit of your third house, giving you a strong sense of diplomatic communication, but your ideology is out of step with everyone around you. The conjunction between the karmic North Node and Chiron will force you to examine the beliefs you’ve been holding to be true for many years, perhaps your entire lifetime. Some of you will step down from positions in religious leadership and academia due to systemic or politically motivated change that you can’t support in good conscience. Others will recognize that they are being called into a new era of spiritual study. If you feel alienated in your community right now, it’s because you’re not meant to be there.


The moon in your second house triggers emotional reactions to your finances and strong defensiveness towards your personal values. You might feel uncharacteristically possessive over your money and possessions right now, but the North Node and Chiron in your eighth reminds you that one can only find true happiness when they are willing to share their resources. If you’re being forced to part with your hard-earned cash in order to make a big but necessary purchase, you may receive help in the form of a tax return, inheritance, or surprise gift from an older relative. Accept it with gratitude and remember to pay it forward in the future. Karmic generational wounds are being reopened around this time, so seek the wisdom of your parents and grandparents. Are you discerning the path that corresponds to the most to what your childhood self wanted, or have you dimmed your light?


The moon in your first house gives you a softer and more approachable energy than usual—and you’re always capable of charming people, so that’s saying something. However, you’re likely to be distracted by your partner’s issues today, thanks to the North Node and Chiron in your seventh house. We enter relationships in order to carry the weight of others’ burdens, so don’t be shocked if you feel their pain just as sharply as if it were your own. Some of you may be drawn closer to your partner through tragedy; others will have to help them through a re-traumatizing incident. Those of you who get engaged or married today are entering into a fated union that will be both painful and profoundly healing for both of you.


Though the moon in your twelfth house keeps your mind on metaphysical matters, you will be forced to snap back to reality by the North Node-Chiron conjunction in your sixth house. Some of you will experience this as physical pain and ailments, especially in your digestive system and stomach, so be wary of over-indulgence. Take care of your body today and incorporate some healthy exercises into your routine. Some of you will experience the loss of a pet—or the introduction of a brand new one into the family after a period of grieving. Pain brings purging and then, inevitably, healing; whatever the case may be, your struggles are temporary and there is a brighter world awaiting you.


With the moon in your eleventh house, you wish to focus all your attention on social groups and community today, but your own creative impulses, short-term affairs, and children (if you have them) require your attention. That’s because of the Chiron and North Node forming a conjunction in your fifth house. This is an ideal time to kickstart a new artistic project that courageously and unapologetically speaks to your audience. Rather than painting landscapes, go Jackson Pollock on the canvas. Write an angry letter to your ex and then burn it. Express yourself with ferocity and reveal your truth, whatever that might be. If you have been contemplating going back to an on-again, off-again lover, you might be forced to make a decision today: are you willing to continue the cycle, or is it time to cut ties for good and go your own way?


You want to be seen and heard today, with the moon in your tenth house. However, the cosmos would prefer you to stay home and deal with familial matters. The North Node and Chiron are conjunct in your fourth house, meaning that you are likely to be dealing with family issues today—or literal damage to your property. No one likes to hear that (especially if you’re a homeowner), but it might be unavoidable. Do some repairs around the house if necessary and consider calling in a professional for some preventative care. If your problems involve an actual relative, they might be angry about some perceived slight—or you might be caught in the crossfire of a sibling spat. Be patient, give them grace, and remind them that life is too short to spend at war with your own.


Your spiritual side is out in full force today, with the moon transiting your ninth house, but you’ll get a reality check thanks to the North Node-Chiron conjunction in your third, which draws your focus from the macro to the micro. Your local community, including siblings and neighbors, are likely to be hostile today. It might seem as though you’re surrounded by negative people as soon as you step outside your front door, from the guy cussing you out in traffic to the moody barista at your favorite coffee shop. Siblings might be flooding the group chat with gossip that feels too mean-spirited for your liking. On a more material level, you might experience problems with your car. It’s an inevitability in life like death and taxes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying. Allow your friends and colleagues to step up and assist you if they offer. This is not the time to act stubborn and put up a wall of resistance.


Your partner might come into some serious money, with the moon in your eighth house, but you won’t have time to celebrate with your own financial concerns at the forefront of your mind. The North Node and Chiron form a conjunction in your second house, drawing your focus to very literal and possibly urgent matters relating to your fiscal responsibility. Are you finally at a crisis point? Have you gotten yourself too deep into debt? Are you finally committed to start saving for a huge purchase, like a house or luxury car? This is the time to sit down with your partner—and, preferably, a financial advisor—to discuss your options for the future. It will sting to let go of some of your favorite treats, but a few sacrifices in the short term are nothing when you consider the long-term result of being an adult with your money. The people closest to you are there to help you, so lean on them and don’t be afraid to probe them for advice on how to save, spend, and invest. There are no stupid questions.