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Horoscope For Today: Monday, November 20, 2023

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No one loves Mondays, and this one starts out with the intensity of a sun-Mars cazimi at 27° of Scorpio. As the red planet disappears under the beams of the sun, the mysterious Scorpionic energy will be impossible to deny—a supercharged desire to get to the bottom of things, uncover secrets, and speak truth to power will pervade the collective today. Expect to hear some shocking revelations and scandals involving power, sex, death, and everything taboo.

The moon will remain in Aquarius for most of the day. However, the energy shifts dramatically late tonight around 9:30, when the moon ingresses into Pisces and comes into conjunction with Saturn. This is the perfect opportunity to have a glass of wine alone, write some poetry, or go out to see some live music. With the great time-keeper that is Saturn in the mix, whatever starts tonight has the potential to last.

Aries Horoscope: 11/20/23

The cazimi in Scorpio will light up your eighth house of death, sex, and debts. That said, today is definitely going to shake you out of your comfort zone. While the moon transits through Aquarius during the day, you can anticipate shocking information to come to light about your larger network and community. Bite your tongue and try not to be reactive; once the moon ingresses into Pisces and forms a conjunction with Saturn late tonight, the energy will immediately feel heavier. Your anger will disappear just as quickly, to be replaced with sentimentality, sadness, or regret. Give yourself grace and head to bed early tonight. Expect some very vivid dreams.

Taurus Horoscope: 11/20/23

The Scorpio cazimi in your seventh house of marriage and partnerships could very easily instigate some conflict in your closest relationships, such as a sudden and intense argument first thing in the morning. Don’t expect anything to be resolved immediately, as the detached Aquarius moon will keep you distant—emotionally or physically—for most of the day. In the evening, the worst will likely be over, and you will be able to have a productive yet emotional conversation with your partner. With the conjunction to Saturn, what you say tonight matters—and may have a ripple effect that impacts your partner’s friends or your larger network.

Gemini Horoscope: 11/20/23

You’ll be starting the morning with a Scorpio cazimi in your sixth house, so you can expect work to be chaotic, to say the least. With the moon in detached and aloof Aquarius, any attempts to use emotional reasoning to solve a conflict are fruitless at this point. Allow the warzone to play out and do your best not to engage. Your own reputation could potentially take a hit if your tongue is too loose. Late in the evening, when the moon ingresses into Pisces, you will likely feel the emotional weight of everything that has occurred. Don’t dwell on it too heavily; retreat to your bedroom, shut off your phone, and read a good book to keep your mind distracted—and to avoid the temptation to fight everyone else’s battles.

Cancer Horoscope: 11/20/23

This is a great day for pleasure and creativity, with a Scorpio cazimi in your fifth house. You’re likely to wake up feeling more agitated or assertive than usual. Channel this energy constructively by taking charge on a project at work—or by instigating some fun times with your partner. With the moon in distant Aquarius for most of the day, your emotionally intuitive approach is unlikely to click for most people around you; instead, you might get the cold shoulder at work. Late at night, you’ll feel much more in your element as the moon ingresses into Pisces and forms a beautiful trine to your ascendant, allowing you to fully embrace your sensitive and creative side. The dreamy, lovey-dovey energy is ideal for a date night or winding down alone with a drink before bed.

Leo Horoscope: 11/20/23

Your family might bring the drama this morning, with a Scorpio cazimi in your fourth house. With the moon opposing your ascendant in unemotional Aquarius, you’ll be tempted to react—but you’ll just as soon find that whatever you do doesn’t land. Try a different approach: just walk away. The rest of the day will be imbued with a similarly conflicting energy, forcing you to choose between your own ego and the greater good. By the time the moon ingresses into Pisces late at night, you’ll be feeling just about done for the day. The conjunction to Saturn will increase the sensation of heaviness and exhaustion. If you need to skip your twelve-step skincare routine tonight, we won’t blame you.

Virgo Horoscope: 11/20/23

A sun-Mars cazimi in your third house never sounds particularly promising, especially if you’re commuting to work. But don’t worry, your car might not necessarily break down on the freeway. It might be as simple as a minor traffic jam that makes you late. With the moon hanging out in Aquarius, your coworkers are likely to be understanding. They’ve got bigger things to worry about. If your car makes it through the day with no issues, some sibling drama might come your way instead: try to avoid reacting too strongly and try to be diplomatic. If you feel like you’re being forced to pick a side, you’ll be relieved by the time the evening rolls around and the moon joins Saturn in Pisces and opposes your ascendant. Call your best friend to vent or have a drink with your partner tonight. Those closest to you will provide a much-needed support system tonight.

Libra Horoscope: 11/20/23

Big financial shocks are never exactly fun, but you could be pleasantly surprised by how things turn out this time around. With a Scorpio cazimi in your second house, you will inevitably have to face some money-related issue, be that an unexpected bill or a sudden windfall. With the Aquarius moon trining your ascendant, whatever happens might have some surprising hidden blessing. This might trigger some adrenaline that keeps you going through the rest of the day. And it might not wear off easily. In fact, once the moon and Saturn link up in Pisces tonight, you’re likely to find yourself with a second wind, determined to clean or get a head start on a work project. If you’ve got the energy, just go with it. You can sleep when you’re dead. Just maybe skip the nitro cold brew today.

Scorpio Horoscope: 11/20/23

Waking up to an explosive cazimi in your first house might sound daunting, and it is true that you might experience some minor cuts or bruises today. If you have no choice but to rush around at work today, you can rest easily knowing that at least you’re not at home, where the Aquarius moon will be exerting its influence on your relatives. Avoid getting caught in the middle of this domestic battlefield by staying active and channeling the cazimi’s strong energy in a positive way, such as hitting the gym after work or taking a hot shower. By the time the moon joins Saturn in Pisces late tonight, you’ll be feeling much calmer and at ease. Indulge in the simple pleasures, allowing yourself some time to rest and recover from the day’s chaos.

Sagittarius Horoscope: 11/20/23

If you wake up traumatized by a nightmare, you can thank the Scorpio cazimi in your twelfth house of dreams and the subconscious. Pay attention to what the symbolism might be trying to tell you and journal about it, because it might be worth remembering once the moon moves out of Aquarius. Any attempt at communication with your siblings or strangers around town today will feel strained, and you might experience minor car troubles. Fortunately, the Jupiterian energy that is so familiar to you will be back in great supply once the moon joins up with Saturn in Pisces late tonight. You’ll feel comfortable at home and, if you found your sleep disturbed last night, you might wish to turn in early tonight.

Capricorn Horoscope: 11/20/23

Your larger network of coworkers or friends might flood your group chat with drama first thing in the morning, as the Scorpio cazimi sets fire to your eleventh house of community. However, with the moon in Aquarius, you’ll be less inclined to get involved. Your mind will be solely on money this morning, and your work day is likely to be productive. Late at night, the moon will join your ruling planet Saturn in Pisces, making you more sentimental than you’d ever voluntarily admit to. Journal about it, read a good book, or send a text to your partner to let them know you love them. The communication will be free-flowing and positive around this time, and what you say will have long-lasting effects on your relationships.

Aquarius Horoscope: 11/20/23

If you’re expecting a promotion or hoping for a new job, this might be the morning you wake up to a promising email in your inbox. The Scorpio cazimi in your tenth house is going to make you the star of the show today, and the moon situated directly on your ascendant will bring you even further recognition. You’ll be viewed more favorably by the general public as the moon softens your eccentricities and brings out your best features. You’re likely to receive positive news about your income by late evening, at which point the moon will ingress into Pisces and join Saturn, the planet of maturity, growth, and longevity. You just might wake up tomorrow morning with a new job offer you can’t refuse.

Pisces Horoscope: 11/20/23

The intense cazimi in Scorpio in your ninth house of religion and spirituality will provide a spark of much-needed energy in the morning, even if you wake up feeling disoriented from some weird dreams courtesy of the eccentric Aquarius moon. Late tonight, as the moon hovers close to Saturn, the Piscean energy will be amplified even further, pulling you into nostalgic and weepy territory. This is an excellent opportunity to kickstart a new creative project, listen to your favorite playlist, and dream big dreams. Under the watery and mysterious influence of the Scorpio-Pisces trine, you will feel like the whole world is infused with divine meaning.