19 People Discuss The Best Horror Movies With No Jump Scares

Some viewers are obsessed with jump scares. Others think they’re cheap gimmicks. If you fall into the latter camp (or are simply scared of getting scared), here are some of the best horror movies without any jump scares:

It Follows (2015)

“You basically can’t find any horror movies that don’t make you jump a little at least a couple of times, but It Follows comes really close. What really makes me love that movie is that it makes you pay attention to the background as well. In most movies, including horror movies, the focus is front and center. While watching It Follows, you’re constantly in suspense, even if the movie really is very slow. You’re constantly scanning the background for any movement, listening for any misplaced sounds, and constantly scanning background characters to see if they appear to be acting off in any way. Amazing movie.” – Syper

Buried (2011)

“Buried, with Ryan Reynolds. Admittedly I haven’t seen it since the premiere but the entire movie is set inside a coffin so there’s not much chance for a jump scare. But afterward, I felt anxious and claustrophobic as hell even in a huge theater at Sundance. The upside was, Ryan was there and talked us all through it afterward. Super intense movie.” – Apollo4163519

Funny Games (2008)

“I’ve only seen the remake but as far as I know it’s basically exactly the same as the original with different actors. No jump scares, it’s just… Completely fucked up. Highly recommend.” – Jmcbizzy

Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

Night of The Living Dead is an absolute classic of the genre for a reason. The zombies are slow, there are no big jump scares even when events are progressing rapidly. You’re not supposed to look away, it’s very much a dread and disgust centered horror, rather than some cheesy startle-fest.” – entropicdrift

Halloween (1978)

“It doesn’t build its atmosphere on stupid jump scares, but creates suspense with its brilliant score instead. A must-watch classic, 10/10.” – bandras97

Candyman (1992)

“It scared the daylights out of me as a kid, and still does now. I don’t think there are any real jump scares, but it’s just a well-made, scary-ass movie.” – The_Nebulist

Hereditary (2018)

“Maybe one or two jump scares but that whole movie is terrifying in an ‘I am laying in bed and I can here muttering outside the window’ kind of way. The whole last part just had me chilled.” – DigitalRoman486

The VVitch (2020)

“This movie is one of the best horror flicks ever. It’s one of the few horror flicks I can confidently call art. In the same tier of horror as Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist for me.” – GrandSquanchRum

SAW (2004)

“Graphic and bloody, but no jump scares. ZERO. I hate jump scares so much.” – Merry_Little_Liberal

Misery (1990)

“The one film that eerily mimicked my imagination when reading the book. Everything, from the set to the actors, was exactly how I’d envisioned it.” – HoldOnImTalkinBrotha

Annihilation (2018)

“What really got to me were the scenes in the lighthouse. I’ve never heard such a strange out-of-this-world score before, it left me feeling so uncomfortable.” – MyPhantomile

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

“The old one built the suspense rather than relying on a cheap startle. Loved it.” – Geng68

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

“That film was phenomenal for its time. Because of the marketing, it was more or less pawned off as legitimate found footage from people who went missing, I think their website spoke about the cast being missing and they showed interviews of the family. Watching it thinking, “This is legit” scares the ever-living fuck out of you! I saw it back when it was still, “This is real.” I feel lucky I got to experience it like that.” – PissMeBeatMeTryItOut

Suspiria (2018)

“The remake is just that kind of unsettling movie where everything seems so strange, so dense, and so dark that it makes for a good horror movie.” – dotolol

The 4th Kind (2009)

“I don’t think there were any jump scares that I can remember. The first movie in a long time where I was like, ‘I’m sleeping with the lights on tonight.'” – Sixwingswide

Lake Mungo (2010)

Lake Mungo is wonderful. Two or three times during the film something happens that changes your perception of everything you’ve seen so far. Watch through the end credits and pay attention.” – ZardozSpeaks

The Lighthouse (2019)

“Willem Dafoe plays the surliest, drunkest old lighthouse worker/sailor I’ve ever seen.” – C12-H17_N2-O4_P

Se7en (1995)

“People can argue if there are jump scares, but I personally don’t see any in the movie. But damn it’s scary.” – Bronze_Otter

Perfect Blue (1999)

“I’m ambivalent towards anime and have short-term memory, but this one still sticks with me one year after seeing it.” – mikasoze