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How Each Zodiac Sign Can Start To Believe In Love Again

Aries: by remembering there is always another open door

When your heart is broken, it can feel like the absolute end of everything. Love can feel unrealistic or impossible because the ache is so massive—but you more than anyone know that new opportunities in life happen all the time. Your take-charge cardinal energy is a big part of what pushes you through obstacles. Believing in love again always has to start with believing in its possibility, and for you, that means reminding yourself that there is always a new chance waiting around the corner.

Taurus: by not feeling like you have to rush into things

When you first fell in love, and the entire time you were in it, you took things slowly and deliberately. You didn’t fall all at once, and when you fell out of love, it took its time, too. You know that love still exists in the world because it happens for others—but it can feel like love isn’t something meant for you because of how quickly the rest of the world wants to move. Believing in love for yourself means knowing you don’t have to rush into anything—you can take your time, and when it’s right, it will happen.

Gemini: by realizing there is so much possibility in love 

More than most signs, you live in a world of possibilities. Yet often, in love, we get tunnel vision, and we fixate on that one person and decide that is the only option for us. When love ends, it’s easy to believe any possibility of loving again dies with it. Yet for you, believing in love requires you to look around and remember that the world is full of people you’ve never met, chances you’ve yet to take, and new ways of experiencing love that you haven’t discovered. The possibility of it all is worth believing in, and it’s the very thing that will help you do just that.  

Cancer: by remembering not everyone is like your ex

The scariest part about believing in love again isn’t that you’re afraid it won’t happen but that you’ll get hurt the same way again. No one ever expects to be hurt by the person they love most, which can affect how we see love and how we approach it in the future. Believing in love again for you is about believing that other people out there will love you differently and love you better than your ex ever did. Love takes on so many shapes, and knowing someone out there will fully love you is important.

Leo: by knowing that someone not loving you doesn’t diminish your worth

You may have had your heart broken, but you also know your value and your worth. Love not only exists, but there is love out there that will be able to admire and cherish you entirely without holding you back. Believing in love again is remembering that a person choosing not to want you doesn’t take away anything from the person you are—it’s their loss, not yours. 

Virgo: by shifting perspective 

Trying to make sense of heartbreak and love often isn’t the best use of our time, but as a sign who likes to problem solve (or, at the bare minimum, have a good understanding of a situation), that’s easier said than done. It can be tempting to view love as a waste of time or something not worth the effort. Yet understanding that just because something didn’t work out in the past with one type of person doesn’t mean all love is set to go the same way. Changing perspectives and realizing that there are plenty of ways love can operate and happen can be a great reminder for Virgos that while they can’t control everything, there are still plenty of ways to navigate your relationships. 

Libra: by knowing love can happen at any time

As one of the more commonly-known social butterflies of the zodiac, you may often wonder if love is actually all you’ve believed it to be, especially when it hasn’t worked out for you yet. Yet, if there is one thing you know, it’s that there is always more to a person or experience than meets the eye. You also understand that things can change in an instant—and that goes for experiencing love. The more you connect with others and seek to discover a bigger picture, the more you realize that love can happen at any time—it’s not as rare as we like to believe. 

Scorpio: by giving yourself time to heal

When you’re in pain, it feels impossible to believe that love exists—or can exist for you again. You’re blinded by the emotional wreckage, and it makes sense. This is why the only way you can start believing in love again is by focusing on allowing yourself the time and space to heal from what hurt you. This means shifting your focus away from getting back out there and placing it on taking care of yourself, but once you’ve moved farther along the healing process, you’ll start to realize that love is something you’ll want to be part of again.

Sagittarius: by applying the lessons you’ve learned to the future

Sagittarius signs often are stereotyped as bouncing from one love interest to the next, but that isn’t always accurate. Sagittarius signs become very invested in the people they love, and breakups are just as painful for them as anyone. In fact, it can almost feel overwhelming to think about investing in someone in that way ever again. Yet the key for you is to look toward the future and realize that you can take the lessons you learned from your past and apply them moving forward. Future love can benefit from what you’ve already experienced, and you’ll be better for it next time you find yourself falling in love. 

Capricorn: by knowing that love takes time

When you close the door to a relationship, your pessimistic side can take over. You may find that you view love as something that gets in your way or as something that just isn’t in the cards for you. Yet, if there is one important thing you should remember, it is that love takes time. Your Saturn-ruled nature is experienced in the concepts of delays and restrictions, and you know that sometimes the things we want simply don’t happen when we want them to. Remembering that genuine, dedicated love takes time to see and build upon is a great way to start believing in love for yourself once again.

Aquarius: by looking around at your close relationships

If you ever find yourself thinking that love doesn’t exist or isn’t for you, I would implore you to look around at your loved ones, Aquarius. Your friendships are close and full of life and love, and while that may be different than romantic versions, you also know that the best way for a relationship to thrive is to build upon a friendship. You may not always see it this way, but you are surrounded by love in your life.

Pisces: by embracing the hopeless romantic side of yourself

Let’s be honest—Pisces signs are often known for getting whisked away in an idea or a dream of romance. This isn’t because you’re unrealistic, but because you aren’t afraid to believe in things. Of course, you know how devastating heartbreak can be, and that can lead you to only see the worst possibilities. If you are struggling to open your heart again, then remember that this part of you that isn’t afraid to be a hopeless romantic exists for a reason—and perhaps getting you to believe in love again is one of them.