How Often You Suffer Heartbreak, Based On Your Birth Order

It’s that heavy feeling you get when the person you love so deeply reveals that you won’t be the fixture of their life that you were hoping for. The pain in your chest, the unrelenting tears. Heartbreak is the worst, and some of us seem to go through it more often than others. Here’s how often your get your heart broken, all based on the order you were born.

Only Child

You don’t get heartbroken as often as people might think. Instead, you’re usually the one breaking all the hearts. Even when someone does break up with you, you aren’t as devastated over it as you’d expect. Being the sole focus of your parents’ attention as a kid has really bolstered your confidence in a way that keeps you a little impervious to that kind of emotional pain. You know you can handle anything.

Youngest Child

You find yourself going through little heartbreaks all the time. A situationship ends and you’re heartbroken. Your crush starts dating someone, and you die a little inside. Even if you’re the one breaking up with your partner, you take it almost as hard as they do. The good thing about you is that you bounce back quickly. You don’t wallow in your pain like one of your siblings might.

Middle Child

Heartbreaks don’t come often for you. It’s because you keep yourself guarded and you’re more of a long-term relationship person. Your relationships have the sort of quiet intensity that comes from an upbringing of having to fend for yourself. You don’t let people in often, but when you do, it’s forever. Thus, you might only have one or two big heartbreaks before you find your forever person.

Oldest Child

Like your youngest siblings, you tend to go through heartbreak often. The difference is that, while it tends to roll of their shoulders easily, that isn’t the case for you. You fall quick and hard, and when someone breaks up with you, you’re devastated for months. Because you had to grow up so fast, you put a lot of merit in your adult relationships. When they go sideways, you feel it in your entire being. But since you still are a romantic at heart, that doesn’t keep you from trying again and again.


You’d go through more heartbreak if you didn’t run from intimacy so often. You just want to have “fun.” You’re the one initiating casual relationships so you can protect your heart from even the prospect of getting broken. While that fear is keeping you from finding a big, life-changing romance, at least it’s preventing you from wallowing in heartbreak. That’s the trade-off you’ve chosen for yourself.