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Real Happiness Is Just Around The Corner For These 3 Zodiacs


You will find real happiness when you finally learn to make peace with your past Libra. There are parts of your personal history you still wrestle with internally, still wish had gone a different way, still affect the way you see yourself in the present. Just because it’s not the perfectly balanced composition of happy memories doesn’t mean it’s worth any less than anyone else’s. You learned things along the way that have brought you where you are today. Remove the mantle of personal judgement and see yourself through a gentler lens. You did the best you could at the time with the resources, knowledge, and experience that were available to you at the time. Half of the things you want to change now are only because you made it through that experience in the first place. There is a perfectly happy future you who is proud of where they come from, and confident that lived experience is responsible for the good things that surround them. They are grateful to that past for their present abundance. 


Real happiness is just around the corner for you, Capricorn, because you’ve already written up the plan for it. You have plotted it out step by step, thought through every detail, done all the prep work yourself, and now you’re sitting next to your emotional mise en place, just waiting to cut the ribbon and get things started. You’re afraid everything won’t go to plan, that the anticipation of this potential happiness might be better than the real thing, but you’ve truly left nothing to chance. This is literally a foolproof plan, you’re just having trouble accepting that this new reality is truly available to you, and even more importantly that you deserve it. If you can dream it, you can be it. You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. Stand by these decisions. Stand by the voice inside your head that’s been pushing you to carry out this plan. You know this is too important to abandon after all the time and effort you’ve invested.


You’ve about to catch a break Pisces. It may feel like you’ve been dealing with disaster after personal disaster lately, but the roulette wheel can only land on black so many times in a row. The wind will change. People who are giving you a hard time will come and go. Trends will shift, and any minute the world will suddenly notice the raw talent that’s been sitting under their noses within you. You’ve learnt to be patient over these last few years, but you’ve never stopped being hungry. When the moment comes for you to step into your own, you’ll be ready for it, and there will be no mistaking that the moment has come. It’s hard to see just where the apex of the hill is when you’re making that longwinded trek, but once you reach it, the downhill journey is going to feel like the picnic you deserve after all of your exertion. Become that rolling stone caught up in its own momentum. Feel the wind rush through your hair while you do it. This is the life you’ve been waiting for.