Stop Insisting These 12 Things Are Red Flags (Because They Can Be Harmless)

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Stop Assuming These 12 Harmless Things Are Red Flags

“Not getting along with parents. Some parents are abusive, neglectful, or toxic to be around; and if an adult chooses not to be around that, good for them. Of course, if a person is actively awful to their parents, that’s another story.” — insertcaffeine

“Having no/few friends. I am not saying it’s never a red flag. But there’s a lot of cases where the person just doesn’t know how to put themselves out there and because of this they end up lonely and isolated.” — EphemeralRemedy

“Living with your parents in your 20s. Lots of people are in college, saving up, or just can’t afford it because housing and rent are unreasonably expensive. You could have a decent job and be responsible and great in a lot of ways and living with your parents somehow negates all that?” — extrabees

“Not having a social media presence. I’ve had multiple people tell me that my choice not to use social media was a huge red flag, but in reality I got rid of my accounts because they were making me miserable. I got rid of my Facebook/Instagram/twitter accounts two years ago, and have been noticeably happier ever since.” — taylor52087

“Not dating for several years, I’ve been told by girls that if a guy has been single for over five years, that’s a problem. So you’d prefer he’d be in 25 relationships in the last five years and wonder why all those relationships didn’t work out?” — bigblueberryboobies

“Not responding to texts immediately. No Brenda I’m not ghosting you, I am literally at work.” — deathjoe4

“I once met a girl who thought it was a red flag that I always placed my phone screen down on a table. She thought it meant I was hiding something. I had to try and explain that it’s too big to keep in my pocket and it’s screen down to be polite and show her that she has my undivided attention.” — Natural-Ad678

“Not making eye contact doesn’t always mean someone is lying.” — Electronic-Emu-773

“Not posting pictures with friends on your dating profile. Some people assume you’re anti-social and not pleasant to be around, but I choose not to because I feel weird to post pictures of other people than myself.” — GreenLurch

“Girls with stuffed animals. It’s just comfort and habit. Not that deep.” — lavenderbleudilly

“Being independent, or even a loner. Sometimes we’re just shy and have poor social skills. We’re not ‘creeps’ or ‘weird.’ I just do my own thing and leave people alone for the most part unless they want me in their life.” — BurghFinsFan

“Being quiet. Everyone thinks I’m a nerd or something. I have no fucking clue. I kind of shut up about it because I don’t care and I’m not there to try and prove anyone anything or tell them they are wrong. It’s actually a good filter for me actually. But every one that works with me, or has to be around me for a long enough time, over time, realizes I’m a pretty cool dude and like to do fun shit. Someone even told me, ‘Ya know, I thought you were a huge dork but you’re actually pretty cool.’ So, what red flag is that? Being kinda quiet/shy.” — mathaiser