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Take Notes, Men—Andrew Garfield Proves That Loving Astrology Is Hot

Listen up, astrology lovers—Andrew Garfield is proving that enjoying astrology isn’t just fun, but actually kind of hot.

Of course, if you enjoy conversing about zodiac signs and everything in the astrological realm, you probably already feel this way. You’ve undoubtedly also experienced being part of a conversation where you playfully mention how your friend is “such a Leo,” only to be interrupted by a person chiming in about just how “pointless” astrology is (can we simply let people enjoy things??). 

However, at the Golden Globes on January 10th, Andrew Garfield couldn’t help but bring up astrology in his interview/conversation with Chicken Shop Date host Amelia Dimoldenberg—and the internet was swooning over the interaction.

The conversation began innocently enough, with Garfield letting Dimoldenberg know he only ever wants to see her at these types of events. After a little more dialogue, Amelia mentions she wanted to invite him to her upcoming birthday party. Andrew inquired what her zodiac sign was, and she responded with Aquarius, “the same as your moon sign,” receiving a little eyebrow raise from the actor. Garfield didn’t stop the astro talk there—

Andrew: If you have a Sun sign that’s the same as the Moon sign of someone else…

Amelia: It’s not good?

Andrew: No, it’s good.

Amelia: Oh, it’s good! Why is that an issue?

Andrew: Well, because I just don’t think we should explore this.

Amelia: Okay, well I won’t even ask you to. You’re the one who’s obsessed with me!

Andrew: I know, that’s what I’m saying. I’m scared of what it can turn into, and I’m not ready for that kinda thing.

Amelia: Oh, okay. Well I am.

Yes, it is pretty adorable (and honestly, if an attractive person flirted with me using astrology compatibility knowledge, I’d be blushing, too).

The exchange ended on a sweet note with the two signing a “best friends forever” certificate. *awww*

You can watch the full exchange here:

Of course, the internet couldn’t help but fan girl over more than just the two stars convo but about how accurate Garfield’s knowledge of astrology checked out. In astrology compatibility, he’s right—having one person’s Sun and another person’s Moon in the same sign is an excellent indicator of connection and potential for a relationship. 

This isn’t the Tick Tick Boom! actor’s first time mentioning astrology publicly. In a March 2022 interview with TikTok creators Emily Uribe and Juju Green, he (albeit reluctantly) admitted his least favorite zodiac sign is Virgo, and in a January 2022 W Magazine video, he revealed his Big Three: Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Pisces Rising. In fact, his convo with Amelia at the Golden Globes wasn’t even the only time he brought up astrology that night—he also made a comment to Variety’s Marc Malkin, wishing him a “Happy 27th Birthday. It’s the beginning of your Saturn Return—it’s gonna be a hard time.” (Saturn Returns notoriously take place between a person’s 27th and 30th birthdays, and is marked with difficulty and a lot of growing pains). 

So why is the internet so invested in his love of astrology? Despite astrology’s consistent popularity over the course of time, some people still feel inclined to voice their disdain regarding the subject. Garfield’s unashamedly candid discussions about astrology in his interviews show that interest can be for anyone

The Spiderman actor is far from the only celebrity who has spoken publicly about their love of astrology. Megan Fox has been extremely open about her astrology knowledge, even going as far as to talk about her and MGK’s astrological “twin flame” connection. Angelina Jolie consulted astrologers to help her choose which movie roles to choose. Beyonce, a well-known Virgo, even has multiple songs involving the zodiac— “Signs” and, more recently, “Virgo Groove.” Famous male figures, including Albert Einstein, Ronald Reagan, and Theodore Roosevelt, were also known for consulting astrology and using birth charts.

Despite this, it’s not uncommon for men to view astrology as something “girly” or less than masculine. In a 2018 article published on VICE by Hannah Ewens titled “Why Straight Men Hate Astrology So Much,” several men discussed their reasoning for disliking astrology and those who enjoyed it, including its lack of scientific backing, specific types of people using it to justify terrible personality flaws, and the belief that those who gave merit to astrology were “mindless bimbos.” While some criticisms hold weight (zodiac signs should never be used as an excuse for being a terrible person!!), other opinions reveal that even tolerating a person who enjoyed astrology is an imposition to them, never mind actually checking out astrology themselves. 

Indeed, the largest demographic of people who seem to make unnecessary comments/insults about astrology tend to come from men—particularly those who identify as straight and cisgender. Women/non-binary and queer people are far more likely to not only know about astrology but actively enjoy it and use it as a form of connection and bonding (though this doesn’t hold true for everyone with those identities). So when some men, like Garfield, thoroughly enjoy astrology and discuss it openly, it’s no wonder people have an enthusiastic response. Even if you aren’t interested in it, encountering a person who is likable, attractive, and has no specific reason to be so outspoken about his interest in the stars outside of pure enjoyment can at least cause people to pause and not make automatic assumptions about what loving astrology says about that person. 

Truly, an openness to astrology can be beneficial, even if a person isn’t sold on it. Astrology is a great way to foster conversations about each other’s personalities and lives in a less pressured manner. Even if you don’t believe you relate to a Taurus, at the bare minimum, it can open a discussion into why you don’t resonate with the sign, and can be a great icebreaker to talk more about how you do see yourself. Additionally, relationships don’t require two people to have all of the same interests—but taking the time to learn and understand something meaningful and interesting to your partner can still go a long way in showing how much you value them. 

Hopefully, Andrew Garfield can be a solid example of how men can enjoy astrology, too—and perhaps even take some notes on how to win over their crush with some accurate zodiac knowledge.