Los Muertos Crew

Tarotscope For Today: Saturday, April 13, 2024


Your Card: The Fool

It’s not naive to expect a best-case scenario. Today asks you to lead with your heart. Aries, you’re known for your courage and leadership. Therefore, The Fool comes to you naturally. You’re the newborn of the zodiac, much like the blank slate energy of this card. As you take the leap of faith, know the Universe will catch your fall. You may be inexperienced, but life will give you the experience you need to learn.


Your Card: Eight of Pentacles

Today, tune out the outside world. Keep your eyes on the prize. As you channel your ambitious energy into perfecting your craft, positive shifts occur. Your work life will be especially rewarding, giving you the respect you deserve. Accomplishments find you. Even in your personal life though, you’ll begin to harvest the fruits of your labor. Hard work is necessary. However, the payoff is already starting to arrive.


Your Card: Two of Swords

Duality finds you this Saturday. The indecision paralysis is real. You’re finding yourself trying to balance two perspectives at once. However, the outcome is that you’re frozen in inactivity, unable to see things through. Your imbalance is felt. Remember, choices are never-ending. If you don’t like the decision you make, you can always make a new one, leading to different outcomes. Make a move. The waiting game of anxiety is unnecessary.


Your Card: Seven of Swords

There’s an elephant in the room. Everyone is turning the other cheek, trying to avoid it. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Today, not so much. If something feels off, take a closer look. There may be white or outright lies being told. Someone may be talking up an offer to get you on board. A date may be withholding information that is important for your consent to the relationship. Take the initiative to seek clarity. You do not need to accept being blindsided.


Your Card: The Magician

Today, your mind is sharp. Your wits are high. You feel capable, as resources and tools lay at your feet. Everything you need to succeed is within your reach. Manifesting comes easily with such focused intent and a determined mindset. This is your sign to create something out of nothing. Materialize your wildest dreams through sheer willpower. Have the audacity and courage to go after what your soul desires. You’ve got this.


Your Card: Page of Swords

To achieve your goals, a sharp mind is necessary. While you may feel the initial nerves of being inexperienced, today asks you to learn new skills. Your Saturday allows you to see with clarity and rejuvenated interest. If your curiosity is peaked, don’t ignore this calling. Lean in. Read, research, observe, and implement your teachings. Education, whether book-smarts or life-smarts, is your key to success.


Your Card: The Hanged Man

Sometimes, all you can do is wait. You are in a holding period Libra, unsure of the outcome of this passive time. Don’t worry. As you hang in suspense, you can see things from a different perspective. While you can fake it til you make it in a lot of ways, insight cannot be bought. The only way out is through. To have the wisdom and experience you need to thrive, power through this contemplative, uncertain time. Answers will find you soon enough, should you exercise patience.


Your Card: Two of Wands

You have the world in your hands. As you peer out into the distance, remain rooted in the present and contemplative of your past. How have you succeeded thus far? What do you need to accomplish your dreams going forward? This Saturday calls you to plan. You can have it all if you strategize properly. Use your resources, experience, skills, and energy wisely. While this newfound confidence will make you eager to act, the best is yet to come. Do the work behind the scenes first. Prepare.


Your Card: Queen of Wands

Permit yourself to be who you are. The Queen of Wands is a fiery personality, courageous and bold. Sound familiar, Sagittarius? Your zodiac sign is one of passion, strength, and strong will. This Saturday lends you ample opportunities for confidence, creativity, and leadership. This is your time to shine. When in doubt, choose the option that allows you to exercise authenticity today. 


Your Card: Death

Do not fear change. Fear what happens when you stay stagnant for too long. Those who dig their heels in the sand, preventing growth, become pessimistic and hopeless. To feel like yourself again, you need to let go. A spiritual Spring cleaning is in order. Whether you are outgrowing a person, place, or circumstance, have the grace to cut loose the dead ends. When you cling to the familiar, you don’t find true peace. Only surrendering to the ebbs and flows brings inner harmony.


Your Card: Knight of Pentacles

You’re not quite where you want to be, but you’re getting all the closer. You’re not at the finish line, but you’re certainly well past the start. Your efforts are paying off. Professional, or practical matters are improving. However, you may find yourself confused today. You lack some of the lived experience to know how to handle certain pragmatic situations. Be honest about your limitations. Reach out for support. To dispel imposter syndrome, you’ll need to be humble and honest about what responsibilities are appropriate for your status in life.


Your Card: Nine of Cups

Your wishes are granted today. If you’ve been waiting for good news, you’re likely to hear it today. The odds are in your favor. With this lucky energy, it’s time to stretch your limits. Expand, grow beyond, and explore! If your focus is on love, relationships are looking up. Within the realm of career, this signals amazing professional growth. Whatever you’ve been praying, hoping, and wishing for blossoms on this Saturday. Enjoy!