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Tarotscope For Today: Thursday, July 11, 2024

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Your Card: The Emperor, reversed

You might be feeling a little anxious today, Aries. It’s perfectly understandable, as there are certain things that feel uncertain in your life right now. Don’t let it overwhelm you. The reversal of The Emperor is a reminder to have faith and trust the process. Sometimes it’s best to go with the flow and see what the Universe has in store for us, but it’s also important to take risks where we can. Only you know where you need to let go of control and where you could be taking more charge. As an Aries, it’s likely that you need to stop trying to manipulate the situation and just surrender to the unknown. 


Your Card: Four of Wands

Today is a day for celebration, Taurus! You need to congratulate yourself on a job well done, whether you’ve reached an important milestone, are close to accomplishing a goal, or have been making progress lately. Take a moment to step back and look at all you’ve accomplished. Even the smallest of wins are worth recognizing and celebrating. Hit a friend up tonight—go to happy hour, make a dinner reservation, or create plans for a later date. You deserve to kick back and savor how far you’ve come. 


Your Card: Queen of Pentacles, reversed

You’ve been feeling disconnected from yourself, Gemini. There’s a sense of instability you’re struggling with that has you feeling ungrounded and frankly, extremely unlike yourself. You’re sad and your confidence has taken a hit. It’s been hard not to compare yourself to others and where they currently find themselves on their path. Stop! Direct all that energy into your own being. Spend all that time focusing on your goals, instead. In order to rid yourself of these feelings of confusion and insecurity, you just need a little self-care. Nurture your well-being. Soon things are going to make sense again. You’ll know what next steps to take after you recharge. 


Your Card: Knight of Cups

Let go of your fear, Cancer. Stop thinking about what-ifs and worst case scenarios. Don’t be afraid of heartache, rejection, or disappointment. Take a risk! Go after what and who you want. Yes, it’s always a possibility that things won’t work out the way you’d hope, but do you really want to live with wondering and regret? Don’t let your past dictate your present, and open yourself up again. Be radically honest. Express your heart fully and freely. Confess your feelings. Send that risky text. Make your desires or intentions known. Being vulnerable after knowing heartbreak is an act of resilience. 


Your Card: Two of Cups

The Two of Cups signifies partnership and a strong connection. Whether it’s a lover, friend or business partner, this card indicates mutual trust and respect. It encourages you to ask yourself if you could be doing more to nurture harmonious relationships in your life, and whether you’re receiving reciprocity from others. Are there any toxic dynamics in your life that you need to stop overlooking, romantic or platonic? Are there any ties that you know in your heart of hearts that you need to cut? Is there more you could be doing to cooperate and compromise with others? Could you be showing your love more? 


Your Card: Eight of Wands

Be patient, Virgo! You’re likely to receive extremely good news that you’ve been waiting for today. If it doesn’t come, just know that it’s on its way. You’ve been making incredible progress when it comes to certain goals. Your hard work is going to pay off soon. Keep pushing forward. If you’ve been thinking about taking more risks, now is a perfect time to be bolder. The Universe is conspiring in your favor. The Eight of Wands is a sign to start making those major moves you’ve been contemplating. Trust your instincts and have faith in your abilities, and just go for it!


Your Card: Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands advises you to take it easy this Thursday. You’ve been working yourself into exhaustion. There is nothing in you left to give. It’s important to remember that rest is productive, too. Take the day off, or set aside tonight to focus on self-care—and self-care only. You can’t keep going the way you’re going. Soon, the burn-out will start to not only affect your quality of work, but your well-being. Relax. Pour a glass of wine. Put on a comfort movie. Catch up on binging your favorite shows. Just take a break from life’s demands. From here on out, make balance a habit.


Your Card: Strength

Whatever this Thursday or this weekend throws at you, don’t for a second forget exactly who you are—a Phoenix risen from the ashes. You’ve survived so much in your life, Scorpio, and you’ve always come back bigger and stronger than ever. Remember that there’s nothing you can’t navigate or see your way out of. Hold on to your inner strength and fortitude when this obstacle or distress comes your way. As tempted as you may be to react, it’s best to count to ten and respond strategically. Remain calm. Remain focused. Remain certain that things will work out in your favor. 


Your Card: Five of Wands, reversed

It’s time to face reality, Sag. There’s a truth, conflict, or situation in your life that you’ve been avoiding for quite some time now. The reversal of the Five of Wands urges you to quit running, or else it’s going to snowball into something much bigger. Confront what you need to head-on. It might seem daunting now, but afterwards you’re going to feel as if such a great weight has been lifted off your shouldesr. Be direct and honest. Fully express your thoughts and feelings. Ask all the questions you need to ask. Hold others accountable for their part, but be sure to be willing to take accountability for your role, as well. 


Your Card: Six of Cups, reversed

The reversal of the Six of Cups urges you to let go of your unhealthy attachments to the past and to release the what-could-have-beens. Nostalgia is one hell of a drug, Capricorn. The only reason you’re feeling sentimental about certain memories and almosts is because you’re looking at these things through rose-colored shades. Take them off and shake it off. Holding on to what isn’t meant for you only closes you off to new experiences and opportunities. So, before you go calling your ex or missing something that wasn’t conducive to your growth, remember why certain things didn’t work out to begin with. Make an effort to snap out of it as you wistfully take a stroll down memory lane today. 


Your Card: King of Swords

You need to try as best you can to get out of your head today and remain objective in your present situation. Stop overanalyzing and overthinking—you won’t find answers this way. Don’t listen to fear, anxieties, emotions, or past experiences. Stick to the facts, Aquarius. Be direct and ask the questions you need to ask in order to find clarity. Get it over with today. This has been weighing on you for a while. The King of Swords can also be a nudge to take action. Where could you be taking more risks right now? Remember that you can’t wait for life to happen to you, you have to get out there and create it. 


Your Card: The Lovers, reversed

There’s an imbalance in your life that has you feeling out of alignment. You need to examine what it is and readjust. What has you feeling so disconnected from yourself? Have you been neglecting your personal life in favor of your professional life? Is there a relationship in your life that has forced you to neglect your own wants and needs? Have you been putting your friendships on the backburner? Take note of what in your life you’ve been sacrificing and of how you can recalibrate to spend more time on what you find meaningful and fulfilling.