Jeff Isy

The Best Baby Names For Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, And Pisces)

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces children are born under the same element: water. The emotional, intuitive babies born to this element deserve a name that represents their most vital qualities. Here is a list of names based on each sign’s defining characteristic. You will also find legacy names for each sign if you wish to honor water signs of the past. If you seek something more general, names that perfectly symbolize all water signs are at the bottom of the page. 



Cancers are highly sensitive beings. This is because they are ruled by the moon. The Moon controls the tides, and with it, our emotions are deeply impacted. Here are some names suited for such an intuitive sign.

Aadiv (Hindu: “Sensitive/mindful to feelings of others”)

Airlia (Greek: “Ethereal/delicate”)

Amaris (Spanish: “Child of the moon/given by god”)

Deidra (Gaelick: “Delicate at heart”)

Esmeray (Turkish: “Dark moon”)

Gudia (Hindu “Delicate, beautiful, and sensitive”)

Hannon (Irish: “Sensitive/warm feelings”)

Jericho (Hebrew: “Moon”)

Luna (Latin: “Moon”)

Mobeen (Arabic: “Sensitive”) 

Sasi (Thai: “Moon”)

Selene (The moon goddess in Greek mythology)

Zira (African: “Moonlight”) 


Cancer’s sensitive nature makes them great artists and activists. Here are the names to remind your Cancer all that they are capable of.

Frida (Frida Kahlo was a painter known for her self-portraits influenced by Mexican artifacts and nature)

Ida (Ida B. Wells was an American investigative journalist and civil rights leader)

Malala (Malala Yousafzai is the world’s youngest Nobel Prize laureate—she is recognized for advocating for education for females)

Nelson (Nelson Mandela was the president of South Africa that lead the nation towards ending the apartheid) 

Wole (Wole Soyinka is a Nigerian playwright and poet) 



Scorpios are full of mystery. This makes them open-minded and unafraid, a mixture that leads to extreme loyalty. The names listed here are great choices to appeal to a Scorpio’s dark and whimsical mystique. 

Aelfrun (German: “The secret of mystical powers ”)

Cyfrin (Welsh: “Mystic”)

Dagrun (Norwegian: “Secret lore”) 

Draca (English: “Interesting person, has a secret desire”)

Gizem (Turkish: “Mystery”)

Hulda (Scandinavian: “Hidden, obscure, secret”)

Judah (Hebrew: “One who can keep a secret”)

Kahuna (Hawaiian: “The big secret”)

Kalypso (Greek: “She who conceals”)

Kasper (Scandinavian: “Treasured secret”)

Liraz (Hebrew: “My secret”) 

Najwa (Arabic: “Whisper/secret”) 

Runa (Scandinavian: “Secret lore”)

Samena (Polynesian: “Secret”)

Velia (Italian: “Veiled or concealed”)


Scorpios are full of mystery and innovation. Here are some of the most iconic Scorpios in history to name your little Scorpion after. 

Benjamin (Benjamin Banneker was a mathematician and almanac author. He built what is believed to be the first clock made in the USA) 

Leon (Leon Trotsky, a Soviet politician, developed his own ideology based on Marxism—the theory is known as Trotskyism)

Selma (Selma Lagerlöf, a Swedish author, was the first female to win the Nobel Prize in literature)

Sojourner (Sojourner Truth was an American abolitionist who escaped slavery to become an iconic women’s rights activist)



Pisces are the elders of the zodiac. They are extremely wise, but mostly, they really love to love. Being true romantics, Pisces are packed with passion. These old souls deserve a name to match their deep emotions

Abhaipreet (Hindu: “Fearless love”)

Amara (Latin: “To love”)

Aimee (French: “To love”)

Bes (The Egyptian goddess of love and music)

Carwen (Welsh: “Blessed love”)

Ko (Japanese: “Love”)

Kuni (The Buddhist god of love) 

Miesha (Slavic: “gift of ultimate love”)

Milda (The Lithuanian goddess of freedom and love)

Prem (Hebrew: “Love”) 

Sjöfn (The Norse goddess of love)

Theo (Greek: “Gift of love”)

Valentine (Latin: The saint of love/“Strong”)

Živa (The Salvic goddess of fertility and love)


Here are a few legendary Pisces throughout history that would make anyone proud. 

Elizabeth (Elizabeth Taylor, an iconic film star who is known for being married 7 times—twice to the same person)

Mao (Jiang Qing, or “Madame Mao,” was a Chinese actress who was a major political figure during the Cultural Revolution)

Michelangelo (Michelangelo was a Renaissance sculptor who was hugely influential over modern Western art) 

Nina (Nina Simone was an American folk, blues, and R&B singer and civil rights activist) 

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pieces


Aquatic names inspired by water are perfect for a child born under the Cancer, Scorpio, and Pieces constellations. 

Amaya (Spanish: “Night rain”)

Callan (Scandinavia: “Running water”)

Chantara (Thai: “moon water”)

Jordan (Hebrew: “Flow down”) 

Kai (Hawaiian: “Sea”) 

Lupe (Spanish: “River of the wolf”)

Lynn (Welsh: “Lake”)

Marina (Latin: “Maiden of the sea”) 

Nahla (African: “The first drink of water”)

Nami (Japanese: “Wave”) 

Nixie (German: “Water sprite”) 

Rio (Spanish: “River”)

Taki (Japanese: “Falling water”)

Tallulah (Celtic: “Leaping water”) 

Yara (Persian: “Water lady”)

Zarya (Nigerian: “Water priestess”)