The Best Spells And Rituals To Perform During Aquarius Season

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Aquarius is associated with the eleventh house of community, friendship and wishes, which signifies our social network, collaboration, and capacity for fulfilling our dreams. In traditional astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility and structure, which gives the water bearer its objectivity and ultra-analytical mindset, as well as their sense of duty towards humanitarian causes. Saturn seeks stability, order and boundaries, influencing Aquarius to maintain a level of detachment and granting them the ability to see the bigger picture. This fixed air sign can, on one hand, be super rigid when it comes to certain aspects, like their thought process and bonds, but for the most part they’ve got a disruptive energy about them that constantly seeks to innovate and shake up the status quo. The Aquarian revolutionary and groundbreaking spirit is thanks to their modern ruling planet, the weird Uranus, the governor of revolution, insight, progress, freedom, originality and revelations. Uranus makes you question tradition, convention, and authority. It inspires you to embrace what sets you apart from the crowd. 

Forward-thinking Aquarius season is here to bring about a colossal change in your perspective and grant you insight. It comes to remind you that it’s in your power to radically shift your life. It’s here to force you to be honest with yourself about what in your life needs to change to bring you closer to a more authentic version of yourself. What parts of you do you keep hidden from others out of shame or fear of judgment? Who is the real you being kept caged? Aquarius season has arrived to make you see what habits and beliefs you need to leave behind for progress. What past obstacles are you now thankful for pushing through? What current challenges do you need to push through now? How will you be better for it? Are there any practices you can incorporate into your life to bring you real advancement? Aquarius season is here to bring about change and a great reawakening, whether you’re ready for or not. Resisting will only make it more painful. 

Aquarius season is a time of self-celebration—of learning how to accept and lift up all the things about you that make you different. What makes you authentically you? How can you celebrate yourself more? What are some things about you that you’re proud of now that you once wished you could change? What parts of you do you feel like are in need of more love or acceptance? How can you give yourself permission to be more authentically you? How can you create a deeper belonging within yourself? In what aspects would you be happier going against convention? Why aren’t you doing it now? How can you pave your own unique path towards happiness and success?

What Aquarius Teaches Us

Stand firm in your authentic truth

Your path doesn’t need to make sense to anyone who isn’t you

Break away from the norm and never settle

Be okay with being misunderstood

You don’t need to be accepted by everyone 

Sometimes there’s more freedom in detaching from outcomes

Never try to win anyone’s approval 

Believe in your visions, even when they’re doubted by others

Walk confidently towards your dreams

Break free from limiting beliefs 

The universe is filled with endless opportunities 

Embrace your quirks and weirdness

Your weirdness is your magic

Your dreams are worth breaking tradition for 

Anything is possible 

Things to Do During Aquarius Season 

Go stargazing 

Be creative—without worrying about the end result

Purify the air (with incense, candles, or by opening windows)

Make sure all your software and devices are up to date

Find a cause you’re passionate about and help 

Brainstorm how you want to expand your activism 

Experiment and innovate 

Breathwork practice

Read a philosophy book 

Share your ideas and put yourself out there

Put new ideas into action

Step outside your comfort zone 

Connect with others


Meditate on how your own unique light can improve and contribute to the collective

Fall in love with your life 

Be unapologetically yourself

Let your freak flag fly

Confidence and Self-Love Tea Potion

1. Set water in a glass lidded jar to charge outside under the starlight the night before drinking your tea. Near a window will work just fine. And remember, even if you can’t see the stars, they can see you!

2. Transfer water into a tea kettle (or pot) and bring to a boil. 

3. Steep the following into the water: 2 tbsp of dried rose (for self-love and confidence), 2 tbsp hibiscus (for beauty and love), 2 tbsp lavender (for peace, comfort, purification, and to heal anxiety), 1 cinnamon stick (for protection, healing, and spiritual connection), ⅓ vanilla pod or 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (for inner-peace, happiness, personal empowerment, and good fortune). If you’re using a vanilla pod, cut in thirds, slice on third open, and scrape out the vanilla “caviar.”

4. Sip while writing self-love affirmations or a love letter to yourself, preferably in front of or near a mirror. Save the rest to reheat and enjoy later. 

Cinnamon Self-Love Elixir

 1. Write self-love affirmations or a symbol that represents self-love to you on the bottom of a glass jar. You can make a sticky note or piece of paper and tape it if you don’t want to write directly on your jar. This can be any words of affirmation of your choosing and any symbol or sigil of your choice or creation. 

2. Fill your lidded jar with water and leave it outside to charge with the energy of the sun for at least three hours. If you have a garden, leave it charging there with the energy of the earth, or in the soil of a potted plant for those without yards. It’s okay if you can’t do either, just let it soak up all the sun. 

3. Pour into your tea kettle (or pot) and boil.

4. As you wait for your water to boil, hold your cinnamon sticks in your hand (1 cinnamon stick for every eight ounces of water) and imagine pure feelings of love. Think of an experience or a time that felt like pure love. Visualize these feelings, energies, and memories until you feel yourself bubbling over with immense love. Imagine this love flowing all over your body, down your arms, and into the cinnamon stick(s). 

5. Let your cinnamon stick(s) steep in the water for about 10 minutes (or more if you want your tea to taste stronger). 

6. Enjoy your elixir in your favorite teacup or mug. As you sip, feel the tea’s warmth and visualize it seeping into your every cell, filling you with love from the inside out. You can save what’s left and reheat for later. 

Why cinnamon? Cinnamon is a powerful herb used in many spells. It aids with luck, protection, healing, love, prosperity, and spiritual connection.

Self-Portrait Ritual 

You don’t have to be a skilled artist for this one. There is no wrong medium—use a canvas and paint, draw on sketch paper, make a collage, use a camera (or your phone) to shoot an artsy or expressive self-portrait, choose any method that calls to you. Don’t waste a single second worrying about the end result. This is just a ritual to help you connect with yourself, to push you to appreciate yourself, to help you meditate how you want others to perceive you and how you want to perceive yourself. As you create or pose for your self-portrait, think about the image you project to the world. How does it honor your authentic self? How could it be more true to who you are? Ruminate about all the qualities about yourself that make you proud and that you like, and about those which could use more love and acceptance. See yourself for who you are when no one is there and no one is looking. How can you bring this person from out of the shadows and into the light? How can you work on expressing your truth more freely? Think about the liberating feelings that allowing yourself to be more unapologetically you would bring. When you’ve completed your self-portrait, frame it or display it in a prominent area of your home. Think a positive thought every time you happen to glance at it or pass by it. 

Spell for Banishing Self-Limiting Beliefs

1. Think about self-limiting beliefs that have restricted you from living your most abundant life, your most loving truth, or from accomplishing any of your wildest dreams. What or who has been holding you back? What negative thoughts do you hold about yourself? What past criticism have you received from others that you now tell yourself? What labels were given to you by others that you’ve let become part of your narrative? What are your self-perceived weaknesses? How do you tell yourself that you’re not good enough? What beliefs stand in your way of happiness? Spend time meditating on your self-limiting beliefs and write them down on a piece of paper. Some emotions may come up while doing this, allow yourself to feel them all, then let them flow out of your being. 

2. Read everything you wrote down back to yourself. Take some time with it. Analyze it. Meditate on why and when you adopted certain of these self-limiting beliefs. Think about what happens and how you react when you believe each thought. Who would you be without these self-doubting and restricting thoughts? 

3. Pick out a few of your biggest self-limiting beliefs and “flip them around.” For instance, if you wrote down “My ideas aren’t original enough,” you can flip it around to “My ideas are always unique because they come from me” or to “I’m always finding new ways of expressing myself.” Or if you wrote down “I don’t have enough energy and time to pursue my creative passions,” you can flip it around to “I have the capability to reorganize my time and shift my responsibilities to focus on what I love.” Take your time. If one of your self-limiting beliefs can’t be directly “flipped” into something positive, turn it into an empowering affirmation instead. 

4. Burn the piece of paper containing your self-limiting beliefs. Dispose of any ashes outside. 

5. Keep your new list somewhere you will be able to see it each day.

Self-Expression Simmer Pot Spell

1. Charge the water you’ll be using for this spell outside underneath the stars. Near a window will work just fine. Charge your herbs and fruit, as well (listed below), but don’t add them into the water just yet. 

2. Add the following ingredients along with your charged water into a pot: mint (for clarity, strength, purification, and removing self-doubt), jasmine (for confidence), black pepper (to remove blockages and fears), orange (to improve communication and confidence), cinnamon (for prosperity, luck, and protection), star anise (to increase psychic connection, aid in success, and for its association to the stars). 

3. Ask yourself the following questions while your pot simmers:  How can I create a deeper belonging within myself? What unique parts of me am I rejecting or suppressing? How can I let these parts of me shine brightly? What’s blocking me from truly expressing myself? Who will I be in my most authentic expression? What fears and shames must I release to more truly express myself?

4. Once you’ve done this, say the following words aloud: “Expressing all aspects of myself authentically opens portals of deeper connections with myself and others. Releasing my fears and shame helps me live as a truer version of myself and helps others do the same. In the benefit of a brighter collective, I release all my fears and shame. I promise to stand in my truth and freely express myself always.”

5. Let the aromas fill your space. 

A Tarot Spread for Aquarius Season

Card 1: Where in my life am I dimming my light?

Card 2: What unique part of me am I rejecting and hiding?

Card 3: How can I fully embrace this part of me?

Card 4: What’s waiting for me when I express the truth of who I am?

Card 5: How can I act more deeply in alignment with my values?

Another Tarot Spread for Aquarius Season

Card 1: Where am I being called to see the picture? 

Card 2: What area of my life can benefit from innovation?

Card 3: What is my unique gift to share with the world?

Card 4: How can I strengthen my connection to the collective?

Card 5: What curiosity am I being called to explore more deeply?

Card 6: Where am I ready to shed the status quo? 

Card 7: Where can I find renewal during this season?

Crystals and Stones for Aquarius Season

Amethyst: for increasing intuition, clear vision, enhancing psychic abilities, and spiritual awareness

Pyrite: for empowering confidence and strength 

Amber: for creativity and wisdom 

Angelite: for connection to spirit and unblocking your throat so you can speak your truth