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The Life Chapter That’s Coming To A Close For Every Zodiac This February

As Saturn in Aquarius closes in on its final degrees before moving into Pisces, we reflect on the messages that this 2.5-year transit has brought to us. Saturn has brought us some new perspectives and unexpected changes. Nevertheless, the lessons learned now will impact us for the next several years. February is all about closing some chapters and paving the way to tell new stories as this Saturn cycle officially ends in March. See how this impacts your Rising, Sun, and Moon sign.


It is a time for reconciliation and reflection. Saturn has taught you the value of forgiveness regarding your solid friendships. There is courage in knowing ourselves and trusting ourselves when we must let go of connections that do not serve us. As we transition to the Pisces Season, you are going to feel a wave of energy that will be healing and will further push you to expand and grow. 


Quit focusing on the failures and praise yourself for all of your accomplishments. You have been determined to get to where you desire during the last several years. Be prepared to create a new mindset filled with self-praise and recognition. You can be your best cheerleader as Saturn moves to Pisces, since you will see the fruits of your labor.


Saturn has taught you the value of protecting your beliefs and learning more about the things that you are interested in and passionate about. You could have started on a new project, embarked on a new learning journey, or met some wonderful inspirational people in the last several years that have helped your confidence. Your mastery will be witnessed now and you should take pride in your successes.


With this transit, you discovered your strength and resilience. Now that Saturn will be entering Pisces soon, you will learn about the essence of your independence. Saturn in Aquarius could have made you think about the past, but now you will know how to navigate the present and the future.


Saturn in Aquarius made an opposition to your sign, causing some tense energy for the last 2.5 years. However, you faced these challenges and came out victorious. Now that the transit is coming to a close, you can reflect on how much more independent you have become. Applying what you learned to your current or future relationships will be able to help you keep a power balance and always stay true to yourself.


As Saturn prepares to redefine your relationships, you are closing chapters that pertain to how you view yourself and others. With this healing energy, you are ready to forgive and close old cycles and habits. It is a new time to rebuild and find the courage within, because to have solid relationships with others, we need to build one with ourselves first.


With this Saturn in Aquarius transit, you are still learning how to rely on yourself without needing a codependent relationship to feel complete. There could have been a period of self-reflection that would catapult you into a new path where you become strengthened by your previous experiences. You are on the path to becoming more self-focused and empowered with Saturn in Pisces.


It could feel as if you are unstoppable because Saturn in Aquarius has taught you how to fight and go after what you want. You are patient, intuitive, and determined. There have been a lot of shifts either at school or work, yet you may have been recognized for your skills or others are taking notice now. You are determined to master your craft and be the best you can be as Saturn moves to Pisces.


There may have been a struggle with maintaining friendships or partnerships because Saturn in Aquarius might have made you feel a lot more sensitive with the way you communicate. However, the periods of silence have only instilled a new work ethic and an even stronger sense of identity. Finding your power through words will allow you to reconnect and create new bonds.


You are feeling a lot more experienced now that you went through and completed your own Saturn transit a few years ago. Those lessons have allowed you to focus on rebuilding the way you see things. Saturn in Aquarius shifted your philosophy and now you have a better understanding of the direction you plan to go as you continue to build up your self-esteem and learn about your bravery.


Much responsibility was thrown your way with Saturn in your sign. There were moments of self-criticism and a need to grow. Now that Saturn is ready to move to the next sign, you may feel more equipped to handle the pressures that come moving forward. You could feel more self-assured and prepared to take the next steps to achieve the success you dream of.


One of the defining lessons of this Saturn transit is to learn to focus on yourself. Instead of losing yourself in others, remember to make the time and build the essential practices needed for your own self-care goals. It is a transit that is related to the self, and now you have the tools needed to create a solid foundation to build a relationship with yourself.