The Most Beautiful Part Of Marrying Your Best Friend

The Most Beautiful Part About Marrying Your Best Friend

Marrying your best friend is the best thing you’ll ever do. Here are some of the most beautiful, underrated parts that most people don’t talk about:

“Being able to know someone so well and be known so well that when you suggest things to each other, you’re almost guaranteed to like them. My husband has introduced me to so many movies, TV shows, books, musicians, podcasts, etc that I never thought I’d enjoy but I LOVE! And vice versa. It’s a big part of our relationship and I don’t hear others talk about it at all.” — musicianmama

“Having someone that can check you on your shit, in a respectful and loving way. Do I smell weird? Is my hair fucked up? Did I say uh too many times when we role played for a job interview? My husband is always honest with me and I need that grounding in my life. It’s amazing.” — Amypron

“Having someone who believes in you when you’re not sure you believe in yourself. I can’t even tell you how how much more confident and successful I am simply because my wife says things like: ‘You are amazing. You can do anything.’ Even when I feel like I am not particularly good at ANYTHING.” — Set-up

“Laughing because your spouse is giggling to the point of crying. My husband and I find a lot of the same things funny, but when he finds something extremely funny and can’t stop laughing it just makes me laugh too. Sometimes when we watch comedies we have to pause for laugh breaks so we don’t miss anything.” — LyingKitty

“For me, I suffer from anxiety and depression. I don’t even need to say anything to my wife. She just knows if I’m not feeling ‘good’ and will sit and cuddle with me which 99.9% of the time changes my mood. It’s the little things, just knowing you have someone by your side to work with you through life’s challenges.” — Ronisonce

“Underrated? Two incomes. Makes a massive difference in lifestyle, but it is mentioned far less often than the emotional aspects.” — therealcherry

“Being able to clearly communicate without using intelligible words/sentences. Over the last few years, sometimes it’s just random nosies.” — dumptrucklegend

“Honestly? People don’t get how amazing a shared history can be. Picture a shitty phone call from your parent. You hang up, are in a complicated emotional funk. Being married often means your spouse not only knew this was coming, they know exactly the next seven stages of emotional turmoil/calming/hilarity that will ensue and they roll with it. A good wife or husband normalizes your neurosis and keeps you on an even keel just by having been there throughout.” — shoeswerenumbernine

“The little things. I LOSE things like crazy so when we are at the airport, I just hand over any paper to him AND HE TAKES IT. Get this, he then knows to do something with it so I don’t have to. When we’re shopping, he carries my bags without asking. (I’ve had medical issues and get dizzy at times.) If I go outside to take the trash and it just is too long, he comes right out looking for me (again because medical reasons but I’m usually chatting with the neighbor. When his check engine light comes on, I just take care of it because he doesn’t speak car. It’s amazing if you stop and list the things.” — Handbag_Lady

“Being comfortable enough to be so, so weird and goofy together. A ton of our interactions with each other at home would be enormously embarrassing to have anyone else witness, but we have a great time!” — StrikerEureka8

“I get very cold at night and my husband is a human furnace. So now I don’t need two blankets, socks, and long sleeves.” — I-fall-up-stairs

“When one of you doesn’t have your shit together (sick, really stressed, lost a loved one), the other picks up the slack and keeps you sane. It’s teamwork in general. It’s basically doing life on easy mode if you choose the right partner.” — Earthling03

“Having someone to split breakfast orders with at restaurants: No more choosing between sweet and savory, you can have it all!” — lonelysad