Matthew Moloney

‘The One That Got Away’ For Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: The one who challenged you

Let’s be honest, Aries—it’s not always easy to know what will keep you interested. While you do enjoy taking the lead and certainly don’t mind initiating things, people often mistake this for never questioning you. Sure, you may say you don’t want anyone to disagree with you, but the one who sticks out in your mind is the person who tried to challenge you, even if you didn’t always want to hear it. They were the one who wasn’t afraid to push back a little, and truthfully, you know you benefited from it. With that tension absent, you can feel it.

Taurus: The one who changed your views

You can be stubborn, Taurus, but it doesn’t mean you’re unreasonable—at least to an extent. You can struggle from tunnel vision regarding your preferences and comfort zones and believe you whole-heartedly know best in those situations. Sometimes this meant that your bull-like nature was prepared to fight to keep things the way you wanted. However, when you look back on your relationships, you remember the assured stances of the one who didn’t back down from a disagreement. They shared their views and perspectives, and sometimes even you had to admit they made sense. In the end, you both wanted different things that you couldn’t reconcile. You made the best choice for yourself, but sometimes you still wonder how life turned out for them.

Gemini: The one who wanted to stay

Toeing the line between exploring the world and being consistent is a balancing act you’ve been working on your entire life, Gemini—especially in relationships. There was one person who wanted to stick around and really build something with you and even stayed consistent when you were all over the map. Ultimately, they left because you felt too restrained by one person, but there are times you wonder what could’ve been if you’d given them a chance.

Cancer: The one who was independent

You believe that love equals enmeshment (at least, that’s how it can come across, Cancer). When you’re with someone, you want to spend so much time together, to be close, to feel you are two souls connected. You’ve had your experience with unattached, avoidant people and insisted you wouldn’t go through that again. However, one person was actually in the healthy middle ground—they wanted to be committed and with you fully, but also wanted their space and wanted to be themselves. You saw this as a mismatch of compatibility, and maybe it was at that time. However, you’ve grown to know that love can consist of two individuals living their lives together without needing to be attached every single moment. Sometimes you wonder, if you’d know that then, what might’ve blossomed from the experience. 

Leo: The one who saw you for you

People can accuse your ego of getting in the way of your relationships, but truthfully it depends on whether you feel someone is trying to support you or outshine you. The person you keep coming back to in your mind is someone who didn’t seem to care as much about your achievements but was fixated on who you were underneath it all. In some ways, you feel you made the right choice here. After all, your accomplishments and pride are significant—you don’t want to be undervalued or underappreciated. Yet on occasion, you wonder if maybe this person could’ve been good for you because sometimes it seems people only care about your accomplishments and how they can benefit from it. 

Virgo: The one who romanced you—hard

In your mind, Virgo, love is more than just sweet words and flowers—it’s the practical things that can really make or break. This is a good thing to keep in mind, but on occasion, you can be distrustful of people who do try to romance you. You are convinced it’s all too good to be true and isn’t “real,” which was the case with the one who got away. They did show up for you, but they also tried to sweep you off your feet, and you were determined to keep your feet on the ground. When you look back, you wonder if you were too hard on them. You think that if you had been a little more open, it could’ve been something worth holding onto. 

Libra: The one who was honest with you

Honesty is certainly a quality we all want in relationships, but there was a point in your life when you preferred to accept only the things you wanted to hear, even if it wasn’t true. You had an idea of what you deserved, but you settled for people who claimed to give it to you rather than people who were transparent about their wants. The one who got away was a person who wasn’t afraid to be honest with you, even if it wasn’t always the easiest to hear. At the time, you just didn’t want to face what they were saying, but looking back, you think maybe the relationship might’ve been worth it if you hadn’t been so quick to write them off. 

Scorpio: The one who was there at your lowest 

It’s not easy to let people in, is it, Scorpio? You want to fall head over heels without restraint, but it’s never that simple. You always have your guard up and try to look invincible in the eyes of people who want to be with you. Yet even you can’t always hold it all together, and when you felt the world was falling apart, there was a person who tried to be there for you. They didn’t want to play games or have the upper hand, but it was difficult to trust that then. You pushed them away too many times, but once in a blue moon, you’ll think of them and wonder if you should’ve given them a chance. 

Sagittarius: The one who was willing to wait for you

You will guard your freedom at all costs, Sagittarius. You would rather be alone than feel restricted, and you have always known you needed someone who understood that. The thing was, you did have that person—they didn’t want to hold you back from exploring the world and your options, but they were willing to wait until you realized that they were a good fit for you all along. You pushed that limit too far, though, and they ended up with someone else you discovered that value first. You kick yourself sometimes for not going for it when they were still available, but you also wish them the best.

Capricorn: The one who believed in you

You believe respect is essential to your relationships, Capricorn. You’ve had a history of wanting your partners to support you and understand that your lofty aspirations are important, not something to be dismissed. Some people didn’t get it, and some maybe cared about your work ethic a little too much (i.e: what they could get from it). There was a person who made it a point to not just believe in your goals, but that they believed in you. They wanted you to know that success or failure, you were worth rooting for. You didn’t know how to accept that then, but now you know how much that’s worth.

Aquarius: The one who was your friend

You struggle to trust that relationships are going to work in your favor, Aquarius. You self-sabotage in a way only you can, and it can make it hard for anyone to get close to you. Yet, you know that someone did. They started as a friend, and they knew the real you. When things started turning into more, you felt at ease with this person, but also afraid that it was too good to be true. You were certain it was going to fall apart, so you left before it could. Looking back, you know it was a mistake to leave like that. You know you can’t change the past, but it will haunt you for a long time.

Pisces: The one who was grounded and realistic 

The idea of a relationship being boring and predictable makes you roll your eyes, Pisces. You want the romantic exploration of a lifetime! You want the grand gestures, the big feelings, the big dreams of an exciting life together. This led you to dismiss people who felt too practical, because what was the point if you weren’t wildly obsessed? However, you are older and a little wiser now. You know that your big dreams and feelings aren’t always the best indicator of solid partnerships. You benefit from the balance of someone more grounded, and you wonder if you knew that before you could’ve started building the true love of a lifetime you were searching for.