The Reality Check Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Right Now


Okay, you’re a badass, we get it. And we’ll still think you’re a badass if you open up and be vulnerable for once. Be a human, not a robot. Rather than going full no-contact with everyone you know when you’re feeling down, crawl out of the cave of sadness you’ve built for yourself and talk to someone you love and trust.


There’s being a homebody, and then there’s being the little house goblin that you sometimes become. Stuck in your rut, you’d rather stay glued to the couch than do almost anything else. Touch grass, Taurus. Heck, even just moving to a different room in the house for once is a better change than nothing. FYI: Your friends miss you.


OMG, Gemini, give your brain a rest for once. Sure, there’s value in thinking things through, but you’re the royalty of incessant overthinking. While you may pride yourself on your keen observation skills, you’re dangerously close to the precipice of a full-blown overthinking-induced meltdown. Quit it. Take a nap. Drink some chamomile tea.


I know your emotions feel so big and important, but that doesn’t mean that they’re important to everyone around you, too. Every little thing makes you feel like it’s the end of the world, when maybe all you needed to do was sleep on it. Save your drama for when it really matters. (Which is almost never.)


You’ve probably noticed the people around you getting mad at you sometimes, and you shrug it off saying, “they’re just sensitive.” I know you don’t like thinking that you’re the problem, but sometimes…you’re the problem, Leo. If people’s feelings get hurt when you’re around, recognize the common denominator and get some tact.


Why don’t you believe people when they tell you you’re great? They’re being sincere! I promise you won’t spontaneously combust if you actually accept a compliment. At the very least, pretend that you’re thankful. “Thank you,” is all you need to say. And maybe after a while, you’ll start believing them. Consider it a “fake it ’til you make it” scenario.


You hate conflict. Most people do. But most people don’t run away from any tiny sign of unease as swiftly and permanently as you do. You’re great at ghosting, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Conflict doesn’t have to be this big, scary monster. Use your words, Libra, and tell people when you’re upset or when you don’t want to see them anymore. (AKA, quit being a coward.)


You pride yourself on being mysterious. Few can break through your walls of secrecy. Here’s the thing: Most people don’t want to jump through hoops just to get to know the littlest thing about someone. You’re missing out on some great friendships if you’re not opening up. You’re mysteriousness is coming back to bite you, Scorpio.


Have you noticed people’s eyes glazing over as you tell all your best personal anecdotes? Yeah, they’ve heard them before. Many times. On behalf of everyone in your life: Get some new material. Or maybe join the audience this time and listen to their stories instead. You’re not the only person in the room.


You can’t control everything, Capricorn. I repeat: YOU CAN’T CONTROL EVERYTHING. I know you just want “what’s best for everyone,” but that “best” is for them to decide. Take a backseat for a while and watch your friends and family get along just fine without all your meddling.


Everyone around you thinks you’re an emotionless robot, and they kind of have a point. You shy away from emotions, whether your own or someone else’s. I promise you won’t self-destruct if you experience a bit of empathy. Baby steps, Aquarius. Even just acknowledging your own feelings for an afternoon is better than nothing at all.


Try as you might, you haven’t surrounded yourself with literal mind-readers. Stop assuming everyone knows exactly what you’re thinking. They don’t, nor should they want to delve into that swirling pit of sometimes despair. Do everyone a favor and be clear when you’re upset, because the amount of misunderstandings that seem to follow you everywhere like a melancholy marching band are getting out of hand.