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The Type Of Love Each Zodiac Will Receive This Valentine’s Day, According To A Tarot Reader


Your card: 3 of Swords

I wish I could say you’ll be feeling a long-lasting and fairytale love this Valentine’s Day, but this tarot card says otherwise. The 3 of Swords is all about heartbreak and loss–one of the saddest in the deck when it comes to romance. Will you be going on an amazing date? Not according to the cards. Let’s hope they’re wrong.


Your card: Knight of Swords

The love you’re receive this Valentine’s Day will be active and ambitious. You won’t have to worry about being the only one doing all the “feeling” this week. Romance will be actively flowing toward you. Which is all you really want anyway, right?


Your card: 7 of Cups

Your Valentine’s Day love will be a little confusing. You might not feel too committed to it, or maybe that’s how the other person feels. If it’s early in the dating process, you both are still feeling it out. Soon, you’ll have to make a choice whether you should stay or move on.


Your card: 6 of Swords

You’re in a transition period. You might not even have a date or any prospects for Valentine’s Day, but this card is showing that’s for the best. Instead, show yourself some self-love so you can recover from any recent heartbreaks. There’s always next year.


Your card: 8 of Cups

Love will be a little absent for you this Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, you probably won’t fall for someone new right now. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll feel a little alone, even if you’re spending the holiday together. Like one or both of you are going through the motions.


Your card: 2 of Swords

If you’re single, love will be avoiding you. That makes sense. But there’ll be some avoidance if you’re in a relationship, too. One or both of you might be feeling overwhelmed in the relationship right now, which is kind of bad timing for the holiday.


Your card: Strength

Wow, the bond you have is so strong. It could be romantic love or friendship love, but either way, it’ll be on full display this Valentine’s Day. It’s the kind of love that everyone wishes they had. Something not easily broken. Lucky you!


Your card: 4 of Pentacles

Some love is wild and free, while others are more controlled and hidden. You’ll be getting the latter this Valentine’s Day. You or your partner will be holding back on sharing your feelings. Knowing you, Scorpio, you’ll probably be the one holding back a bit. Just remember that you get what you give.


Your card: The Star

Your love will be the hopeful kind. Maybe you’re single right now, but rather than moping around on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be keeping the hope alive that you could end up with something special soon. Manifest those positive energies, because this is a very strong card.


Your card: 8 of Swords

The love you’ll get this Valentine’s Day will feel a little claustrophobic. It could be the cloying love of an overbearing partner or the negative self-love you’re feeling if you happen to be single. Remember that you’re worth the world and if this love doesn’t feel right for you, it probably isn’t.


Your card: 4 of swords

Your love is quiet this Valentine’s Day. And that’s often how you like it–more in companionable silence than in big grand gestures. You might feel pressure to have more for this holiday, but everyone experiences love differently and your quiet love is just as valid as anything else. Just make sure your partner is as fulfilled as you are.


Your card: Knight of Cups

The romantic love is at it’s peak for you this Valentine’s Day. You’ll have the heart-eyes and hopefulness that’s synonymous with the holiday. This is the perfect time to follow your heart.