The Zodiac Signs Of Each Character In ‘Love is Blind’ (Season 6)

The recent airing of a new season of Love is Blind has shaken up the reality entertainment world. The cast features a variety of cast members, all with unique backgrounds and relationships. Are their personalities correlated with their zodiac sun signs?

AD is a Scorpio known for killer intuition and strong personality. She isn’t afraid to tell it how it is and get deep. When others shy away, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She was honest with Kenneth about her reservations in his coupling with Brittany. Many argued that AD’s emotional insights were enough to shift Kenneth’s perspective.


Clay is a Virgo. When we started to get to know Clay, we immediately recognized he excels in his career and practical matters. Clay said every detail of his life was down pat, minus love. He had avoided wearing his heart on his sleeve. This Virgo-like defense mechanism made others believe he was too critical to fall in love.


Jessica is a Capricorn. She has had to work hard to get where she is in life. Her younger years were full of much struggle, she confided. Capricorns often endure hardship in their formative years to become mature and wise in adulthood. Her commitment to her child shows her zodiac’s undying loyalty to those they feel responsible for.


Jimmy is a Scorpio. Known for their secretive nature, Jimmy maintained schemes up his sleeve. Known for their magnetic aura, Jimmy was sought after by many women in the pods based on his vibe alone. As an intuitive water sign, he can identify what people want to hear. Whether he means what he said is another debate.


Chelsea is a Libra. Hopeless romantics, these air signs often get carried away in love if not careful. Her indecisiveness led her into a love triangle in the pods. As much as she wanted to be wanted, many argued that her people-pleasing tendencies led her into tricky situations. 


Jeramey is a Scorpio. His willpower is strong. His attentiveness was charming to many in the pods. However, like some people of this zodiac, his bags of secrets lead him to be caught up in lies. He was very calculated. 


Laura is a Virgo. Early on in the pods, she found Jeramey’s cleanliness extremely attractive. She was also known for her critical comments and feedback on some episodes. She was very focused on small details, like Jeramey’s Hawaiian shirts. Therefore, she overlooked more pressing red flags. 


Amy is a Leo. As she said when meeting Johnny’s family, she is loud like her family, a very Leo-like trait. Although her confidence was strong, but her secret weak spot was the need for approval from others about her relationship. Her happiness wasn’t enough. She needed to know it looked okay to onlookers. 


Johnny is a Sagittarius. His goofy, silly nature and banter makes him a true fire sign. However, his ideas and ideals on life made him stubborn at times. His morals were his overall guide in choosing Amy.


Brittany is a Virgo. She found that her logistical and practical needs were met in the pods with Kenneth. They were on the same page with similar values at first. However, her desire to be of service and help others led her blindsided. 


Kenneth is a Virgo. He was very practical in his pursuit of Brittany, finding they were compatible on paper. Because they were both Virgos, they had an instant connection. However, his critiques of Brittany led to his emotional withdrawal. 

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann is a Scorpio. Known for playing the long game, she remained focused on Jeramey even after their breakup. Her obsession was strong. They share the same zodiac sign, leading them to have a strong feeling of familiarity.