Chris Nguyen

These 3 Zodiacs Are Breaking Hearts For The Right Reasons This April


Even when everything is going right, love can still become messy. It’s just the way the world works. The total solar eclipse happening on April 8th will be a testament to this. It will have a major impact on your love sector bringing about a new connection. However, you may find yourself either already committed to someone or emotionally committed to another person. What I mean by emotionally committed is that perhaps there is nothing on paper holding you to this person, yet you are still loyal to them. But with this newfound connection creeping in, you may sense a certain sexual tension between the two of you that is almost enticing. You may enjoy the fantasy of indulging in something new but how much would this cost? Are you letting the fantasy or the idea of something fresh get the best of you? You know what the right thing to do is, Sagittarius. Though you may feel for this outlier connection, engaging would mean hurting the person you’re already emotionally obligated to. Transparency is a necessity in this situation. And remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water it. 


Since the start of the Spring Equinox, there has been a theme of family dynamics that will continue developing throughout the eclipse season and through most of April. Mercury going retrograde will only exacerbate these themes. How does this play into your love life exactly? Well Cancer, this is the perfect astrological storm to address generational cycles of pain and understanding what part you play in breaking these cycles. You will find yourself contemplating not just the patterns of your own past, but analyzing how your immediate family perpetuates whatever toxic patterns that need to be broken. With that said, do you find yourself attracting the wrong partners? Or rather, do you find yourself self-sabotaging the right relationships? I think you might find yourself having to cut someone out to work on yourself and figure this out. You might be saying no to a potential love interest or removing yourself from a toxic situation that will only progressively get worse. This is the right move for you. To stick around and try and make something work will only make the problem worse. You must first address the issues within yourself otherwise you’ll be doomed to repeat the mistakes of your past as well as your ancestor’s past. With that said, don’t let people in just because you feel lonely or because you’re bored. And don’t allow yourself to bend over backward. Don’t let people go for hurting you only to welcome in the exact same type of person again. 


Venus will enter your sector of romance and pleasure. This is a trend that will play out through April 4th followed by a positive Mars aspect from April 5th until 29th. So what does this all mean for you Scorpio? You’re incredibly magnetic and hard to look away from. It’s not that you’re doing anything different with your appearance. Or that you’ve undergone any major external change. Rather, your radiance and attractiveness are something that is emanating from within you. You’re gonna be a little heartbreaker throughout April because right now, you’re only sticking around for a good time, not a long time. Your intention isn’t to hurt people, you’re just not obligated to anyone except yourself. You’ll repeatedly choose yourself despite those around you who want you to choose them. If admirers take your independence and you prioritizing your life the wrong way, then that’s on them. Funny enough though, you might unintentionally stir drama. You’re not necessarily leading anyone on, but sex and emotions are just inherently messy no matter the parameters set between two people. Just make sure your intentions are clear from the start. The strong commitment you feel to yourself will subsequently make whoever is caught in your orbit more and more obsessed with you. Again, if you’re clear with your intentions, then you have nothing to feel guilty about. You’re entering your single spontaneity era. I honestly think you should enjoy this month for what it is and when it’s right, then you’ll know.