Andrea Piacquadio

These 4 Zodiacs Will Experience A Personal Eclipse In April


Scorpio’s love for someone eclipses their own ego in April, when they exhibit the ultimate act of selflessness. The speed with which they make their decision, in comparison to the enormity of their sacrifice, demonstrates just how important this person is to them. When things get tough, Scorpio is the partner, the friend, the family member you can count on. They will never abandon those they love in a time of need. The experience put things into new perspective for Scorpio as well. Being faced with such an important decision shows them where their loyalties and priorities lie in a way that brings clarity to their lives. You never know what you’re going to do in a situation until you find yourself in it, and their conviction will be eye opening.  


A new romance eclipses Libra’s day to day in April, in a way that is both scary and liberating for them. While they’re the type to want to take things slow and ease into a commitment, the intense happiness they experience is not the result of love-bombing or obsession or infatuation, it’s a genuine response to receiving the thing that was missing in their life. Whatever small problems or drama were irritation them recently, the joy of having a partner makes them pale in comparison. Libra may feel like they should be more focused on other aspects of their life, but it’s okay to prioritize the things you want. For some people, career is first, for others it’s a happy partnership. This experience may show Libra they fall into a category they never previously considered for themselves.


Leo’s anger eclipses their deeper desires in April. They just can’t get over the details of how someone wronged them. No matter how much love is still there, no matter how hurt they really are, the anger takes over and no other emotions can be expressed or communicated. It will cause a problematic, but temporary blockage for them that must be worked through in order for any resolution to be found. They will need to push past these masked responses in order to really connect with what they truly want. It could be reconciliation and an apology, or maybe the experience is showing them they deserve and need a different kind of relationship than the one this person is currently able to provide. Leo needs to follow their feelings to find the answers.


Aries’ success will eclipse their ability to perceive other’s needs in April. They will be tooting their own horn and riding in their own parade to the degree that they don’t see or hear others’ requests or cries for help. It can be hard, when we are on a personal high, to realize that others may be experiencing a low, and if Aries can’t pick up on the signals fast enough, they run a real risk of being insensitive, or neglecting close relationships. They need to readjust their field of vision in order to take in the details of everything around them, far beyond the personal trophy they’ve recently been handed. Aries would do well to remember the people who supported them when things were harder than they are now, and extend a helping hand to reciprocate that support.