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These 4 Zodiacs Will Make Every Date An Adventure

Some zodiacs prefer to keep it simple by sticking to dinner and a movie on date nights. Other zodiacs would rather do something unexpected, something that none of your exes have done with you before. Here are a few zodiacs who will take you on the most exciting, adventurous dates…


Aries are spontaneous and adventurous, so they are going to get bored if they’re forced to sit still for a long period of time. They would much rather stay moving and keep their adrenaline pumping. They are a fearless sign, so they are never going to back down from a challenge. Anything their partner suggests, they will be willing to try. They’re a reliable plus-one who also comes up with plenty of exciting date ideas on their own. Aries are active and outdoorsy, so they love going on hikes, biking, rock climbing, swimming, everything and anything that involves high energy. 


Sagittarius are spontaneous and love to have a good time. They want to live their life to its fullest, which means they don’t want to do the same exact thing week after week. They would much rather whisk their date away on new experiences and travel the world if they have the chance. When you’re in a relationship with a Sagittarius, they are going to turn everything you do together into an adventure, even if it sounds mundane at first. They are energetic, funny, and friendly, so they are always going to show you a good time. They are also optimistic, so when things go wrong they’ll find a way to keep the energy high. With them, you’re never going to feel bored.


Scorpios are one of the most fearless signs in the zodiac. Nothing scares them, which is why they’re willing to go on wild adventures with their partners. They won’t turn down the opportunity to have fun, so they are up for anything. They are never going to say no if their partner invites them out on an adventure. Skydiving. Scuba diving. White water rafting. Bungee jumping. They’ll try absolutely anything – and they’ll have fun doing it. Even though they can be a little controlling at times, they’ll be able to (respectfully) push their partner to leave their comfort zone. They’ll be able to whisk their person away on adventures that they never thought were possible.


Geminis cannot stand consistency and repetition. If their schedule becomes too predictable, then they are going to grow restless and bored. They need a partner who is willing to try new things with them because they don’t want to sit around, watching movies every weekend. They would rather go on exciting, adventurous dates and make memories that they can cherish forever. Geminis make great partners because every single day is going to be different. You’ll never know what to expect, which keeps things fresh and fun. Although Gemini’s impulsivity can be inconvenient at times, it can also lead you on adventures that you never saw coming. It can cause you to take on incredible, once in a lifetime experiences as a couple.