Danielly Palmeira

These Are The 5 Zodiac Signs Who Love The Chase


Sagittarius signs are genuinely excited by experiencing new things—new places, new experiences, and new people. They enjoy meeting a new person and trying to figure them out. Additionally, Sagittarius signs enjoy the mental aspect of the chase and are always down for a challenge. The thrill-seeking, hilarious charmers are enamored with the excitement of the chase and try to keep it going for as long as they can. However, if you try to pin them down too quickly, they will likely create some distance. What seems like hard to get will become moving on to the next adventure.


Gemini signs are all about mental stimulation. They enjoy engaging with people who can keep up with their flirty banter and spontaneity and are down to change things up day to day. They aren’t afraid to chase more than one person at a time because they love the different types of conversations presented to them. Possibilities are often addicting to a Gemini—they like things to be left open, and once things start dying down and becoming serious, those possibilities seemingly begin to shrink. However, Geminis don’t appreciate a person being blatant about ignoring them. If you blow them off or ignore them for days on end but post online about all the things you are doing, they will assume you aren’t playing hard to get but that you are simply not interested—and they won’t hesitate to move on. 


Aries are initiators who thrive on spontaneity—of course they love the chase in relationships. Aries feel determined to capture the attention and admiration of their crush and love to do whatever it takes to make that happen. However, if a person returns their interest too soon, then the excitement tends to die down a bit. Aries love a person who pushes back against them a bit, especially in a playful way. Ultimately, they aren’t opposed to taking things to the next level with a person, but only if it doesn’t happen too quickly.


Like their fellow air sign Gemini, Aquarians also enjoy the mental stimulation of flirting with and getting to know a new person. However, they also tend to keep themselves at a distance—they want to see if the other person will reach out to them before proceeding. They enjoy the bit of mystery involved with not knowing everything about each other and honestly enjoy playing the game as long as they know you’re both on the same page. If they do develop serious feelings, they will stick things out, but more often than not, they enjoy the back and forth that accompanies the chase.


Leos aren’t afraid of the chase—in fact, they thrive on it. However, they prefer to be more on the receiving end than the initiating. This isn’t because they aren’t take-charge people but because they need to know the other person is interested first. Regardless of how charming, exciting, or high status the other person may be, a Leo isn’t going to waste their time if they don’t have some indication that they have a shot. Once they know, though, Leos will take everything they have at their disposal to not only play the game, but to win it.