These Are The Zodiac Signs Who Thrive On Words Of Affirmation

If you’re familiar with The Five Love Languages (the personality theory that breaks down five different ways to some and receive love), then you’ve likely spent your time trying to figure out which ones best apply to and represent you: Physical Touch, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service, and Words of Affirmation.

Naturally, as human beings, we all enjoy different variations of these languages—no one survives off simply one type of love. However, some of these languages may be a higher preference for us or hold a little more weight than others in how we communicate and reciprocate love in our relationships. 

One of the most discussed love languages is Words of Affirmation—which is, quite simply, communicating your love using words. While these can be as encompassing as “I love you” to something more specific and detailed about the person, WOA is often used to verbally let people know how we feel about them and what they mean to us. WOA can also be a response to something a person has done for us, communicating directly or just showing genuine interest in a person and their thoughts and feelings. 

Naturally, not every zodiac sign reacts the same way or has the same love language, but certain patterns are worth taking a closer look into. Even if Words of Affirmation isn’t your top love language, it’s still no secret that you likely thrive off it in one way or another.

Check out which signs are most likely to thrive on Words of Affirmation. (Not seeing your sign on the list? Check your Moon and Venus placements!)


Mercury, the planet of technology, travel, and communication is your planetary ruler, so believe it or not, words matter. Even if Words of Affirmation isn’t your top love language, it still ranks up there because you enjoy it when a person engages with you about the things you are passionate about and interested in…and let’s be honest, your interests are usually many. You’re often used to people being a bit dismissive or unable to keep up with you, so when someone says, “That is so interesting, please tell me more.” You are beaming.


While you may value actions over words, they certainly don’t hurt, do they? You certainly have confidence and know when you’ve done something well, but that doesn’t mean you don’t ever need to hear it from the people you love. You love when people are invested in you and when they are willing to openly admit it without being shy or reserved. When someone is willing to be direct and compliment you, it’s no small thing.


Always a romantic at heart, you spend plenty of time doing things for others—which you don’t often mind doing because it feels natural. However, when a person can fully acknowledge the kind things you do and tell you how much it means to them? You can’t help but melt. And if they compliment you beyond the things you do, but on who you are as a person, it doesn’t get better to you than that.


It’s no secret that you’re bold in your approach to life, love, and relationships. You love nothing more than when your big gestures pay off and your feelings are met with the same ferocity and intensity you bring to the table. While physical touch and quality time may rank high on your list, you also can’t help but feel the tug on your heartstrings when someone verbally affirms you. You crave a love that isn’t afraid to shout it from the rooftops—so make no mistake, you aren’t stumbling over just any string of words thrown together. However, you’re swooning big time when a person is open and completely honest in how they feel.


While it might surprise some, words certainly have a place in your heart. You spend so much time in your mind, overthinking and overanalyzing yourself, your decisions, and the world at large. When it comes to relationships, you enjoy the deep conversations and the flirty banter—the mental stimulation is a big deal for you. So when a person can affirm you and tell you exactly how they feel, it does wonders for you.