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This Is How You Know They Have A Crush On You, Based On Their Birth Month


If they were born in January, they’ll just let you know straight up. Sure, they might try to be subtle at first–although their brand of subtle isn’t as quiet and surreptitious as they’d like to think. In the end, if it looks like you still don’t understand how much they like you they’ll just straight up let you know by either saying it or asking you out. They have no patience for waiting around until you get the hint.


Unlike January babes, someone born in February is never going to make it easy for you. They aren’t going to tell you and they aren’t going to make it obvious. But if they give you a meaningful look and say, “I’ll send you the Spotify playlist,” you can bet that’s their way of proclaiming their undying affection.


March babes expect everyone to come to them. If you like them, they’ll love it if you ask them out first. If they have a crush, they’ll probably ignore you or act annoyed, but that’s only because you haven’t asked them out yet. They might even tease you a little. But, because people born in March are so unflappably honest, if you really want to know if they like you, you can just ask.


An April babe will show you they like you as soon as the idea enters their brain. They aren’t going to wait around to develop the feelings any further. They’ll use their innate haste to make it known. And, because they don’t always have a ton of self-awareness, this is someone who will ask you out in a way that you might think it’s just a friendship hang. They forget you can’t read their mind and know that this is actually a date.


May babes love art. If they have musical abilities, they’ll show they like you by playing you a song. If they make art, you’ll wind up with a cool painting for no good reason at all. And if all fails, they’ll send you someone else’s art that reminds them of you. Heck, even a few memes sent your way through text or Snapchat is a good indicator that they’ve got a major crush on you.


If they hate anyone you date, they’re probably into you. Complaining about your exes is a pastime of theirs. If you’re really not sure how they feel, just mention about going back on Tinder or setting up a date with someone from an app. They’ll likely roast anyone you’re trying to swipe right on. Newsflash: A June babe does this because they want you to choose them instead.


Empathy and emotional depth rule a July babe. They’ll let you know they like you one of two ways: Either texting a confession to you during a height of emotion, or disagreeing with you if you ever say you’re unlovable or un-dateable. They’ll be furious that you would even think that you’re not the most amazing person ever. If you wonder why their reaction was a bit much when you said “no one ever has crushes on me,” this is why.


August babes are often super busy. They’re scheduling their lives within an inch of sanity because they have so many things to do and so little time. So if they seem to always schedule time for you–for movie nights or coffee shop hangs, etc.–that’s a huge clue that you mean way more to them than just a friend. It takes a lot to schedule your life around another person, and they’ll only do it for people who mean a lot.


Getting well-worded, typo-free text messages from a September babe? They may like you. People born in September often over-analyze absolutely everything, so they likely picked over every text they’ve sent you. And that’s why they probably wait a while to respond. It isn’t to look cool–it’s because they’re sending a rough draft to everyone else to get their opinions and approval before sending the final edit your way.


October babes have a tendency to fall for their friends, so if you guys have started out in that role, there’s a good chance you could become something more. If you sense a shift in your friendship, but you can’t pinpoint why, this could be it. They might start avoiding eye contact or texting you more. Either way, the change is a huge sign that those friendship feelings might be turning into a crush.


Sorry, they’re taking this secret to the grave. They’ll never flirt, they’ll never ask you out. A November babe will treat you like they treat everyone else. They may even treat you a little coldly, just to prove that they have no feelings for you. If you like someone born in this wintry month, you’ll need to be the one to make the move. Ask them out and see what happens.


All those classic ways people flirt? Yeah, a December babe will employ them like they’ve stepped out of a romance movie. They aren’t going to keep their crush a secret. Instead, they’ll lay it on thick. Touching your arm, laughing at your jokes, winking at you any time something suggestive is said by someone in the room. They might even joke about dating you. If you don’t see this crush coming, I don’t know what to tell you.