Rachel Claire

This Scorpio Season, Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You

Let it in, let it hurt, and let it go. The season of death and rebirth has dawned upon us, and if there is one thing we should remember during this Scorpio season, it’s letting go of what no longer serves us.

Transformation and transcendence are necessary for the process of growth. Resisting change will only make this process more painful because change is the only constant in life, and when we go with the flow of cyclic change and embrace the rebirth it offers, the rewards go far beyond what we could have hoped.  

As a Sun Leo and Virgo Moon, I find change particularly hard, especially if it has to do with old habits.

I have learned to embrace change during this season and the power of transformation, because whatever has been holding me down or holding me back is only doing, so I am letting. 

Let that shit go and burn it down while you walk away.

Scorpions know all too well how this process is an essential part of rebirth, and once they have walked away from unfulfilling situations and dead-end paths, they never look back.

It’s time to channel that Scorpio energy with confidence and grace. Let the towers fall and let the foundations crumble. From the ashes, you will rebuild a better foundation that does not wither or crack at the hands of others. 

No holding back, no do-overs, no second chances, just embracing the release that that inner Scorpio energy cultivates and putting down what has been putting you down!

Nobody puts a Scorpio in the corner because they are sharpshooters and know their worth. Remember, what you let in and allow in your world will either help you grow or let you stagnate.

Shed the skin, embrace the new, and rise from the flames, because it’s time for a new perspective, philosophy, or haircut. 

Either way, this Scorpio season is bringing in the changes!