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Top 3 Emotional Zodiac Signs That Cry Easily

Some zodiacs keep their emotions to themselves. They are vaults, who never show an ounce of vulnerability. Other zodiacs wear their hearts on their sleeves. They aren’t able to hold back how they’re feeling because the emotion comes tumbling out of them. They can’t help themselves. They are honest and transparent about their deepest feelings. Here are some of the most emotional zodiac signs who can cry at the drop of a hat: 


Pisces are empaths. They cannot stand to see anyone hurting because they are impacted by the other emotions in the room. If they see someone in pain, it’s going to ruin their good mood. They won’t be able to smile and laugh when someone else is near tears. Pisces are going to feel upset when their loved ones are upset. That’s why they’re people pleasers. They try their hardest to spread happiness to everyone they meet because they cannot bear to see someone in pain. Pisces are incredibly sensitive to the feelings of those around them, so they will tear up whenever they watch a sad commercial or hear an emotional acceptance speech. Even if they don’t know the other person, they will tear up when others are tearing up. To Pisces, emotion is contagious. They care about others too much to remain dry eyed.


This sign is incredibly sensitive. They get their feelings hurt easily because they are deeply insecure. They are worried that others are judging them, so they jump to conclusions. They assume that people are mad with them or annoyed with them, when really, everything is fine. Cancers also tear up when they see someone they care about in pain. They are nurturers, so they never want to see anyone hurting. They would rather be the one in tears than see their loved ones in tears. They will do whatever they can to take away the pain because they are givers. They care deeply about the people in their lives and are wildly protective. If someone hurts their friend or family member, they will cry about it behind closed doors. The pain their loved ones feel are worse than the pain they feel themselves.


You cry more than most people – but it’s not usually because you’re upset. Most of your tears are happy tears. You get emotional when you see people helping other people and doing kind things for humanity. You can teary-eyed when your friends do something sweet for you or someone you admire pays you a compliment. You don’t take the beautiful moments in life for granted. They mean the world to you. That is why you get so emotional when others speak from the heart. It’s beautiful to witness. You feel lucky that certain people are a part of your life and would never trade them for the world. The thought that you were brought together, when you easily could have crossed paths without ever getting close, brings tears to your eyes. It makes you appreciate this unpredictable world.