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Top 3 Worst Boyfriends According To Their Zodiac Sign


Pisces are the most likely to find themselves in toxic relationships. While Pisces men don’t make the worst boyfriend on the list, they always gravitate towards the worst relationships. They are kind and caring and sensitive but they seem to attract people who walk all over them and don’t appreciate them. Pisces live in their own world most the time so while everyone on the outside might see their relationship as horrible they don’t. They always look for the good in everything and everyone. Because they constantly choose the wrong people they are painfully insecure when it comes to relationships thinking they are the problem but in reality, it’s the people they choose who are.


Virgos are jealous and painfully insecure. While most people would agree it’s important to work those things out before getting into a relationship, Virgos are very good at hiding their flaws. So while you might be getting into a relationship with someone you think is charming and charismatic, under the surface is someone who wants to control you and the relationship. You’ll watch quickly as he wins over everyone in your life but then at night, he loses his shit over something little. Virgos are short tempered and don’t hold back. And they might rip you to a point you’re in tears but they don’t stop. Their ability to manipulate you and make you feel at fault will easily morph into an emotionally abusive relationship you don’t see because you do love him.


Taurus men are the most self-absorbed of all signs. While it’s good to be single handily focused on your career and the life you build for yourself, they will always choose a career over family and relationship. If you start dating one, know they might not show up to things because their priorities aren’t like yours. Their perfect partner is someone who understands and respects that. But it often comes with late nights and being alone a lot of the time. While they say I love you and might spoil you with things, time is something they value and you’ll only get a little bit of theirs. They are tough to get a commitment out of because dating has never been their main focus. While they are tough in relationships if you can commit to them and be loyal you’ll have someone who has your back too and truly believes you can do anything.