Olya Prutskova

Top 4 Bad Girls of the Zodiac

We love bad boys – but we also love “bad girls.” These Zodiac women are distinct when it comes to their daring boldness, ambition, no-bullshit attitude, sexy charisma, and “try anything once” mentality. With them, life is sure to be thrilling and these zodiacs will take you on a playful ride on the wild side. 


A Scorpio woman is the ultimate “bad girl” of the zodiac. She will turn you on and strike fear into your heart, all at the same time. Part sultry seductress and femme fatale and part bounty hunter and vigilante, they’ll be the first ones to offer to hunt down your ex or get even with a predator who did you dirty. In no time, they’ll have their enemy and your enemy running for their lives. They don’t take disrespect lightly which means they’ll figuratively pounce if you talk down to them or try to harm their loved ones. They commonly don a “bad girl” aesthetic as well – usually draped in leather jackets, stilettos, torn t-shirts and a wealth of tattoos – although some Scorpios can also add some alluring femininity to their outfits that give them a deceptively innocent look. Whether they seem more like lamb or lioness, this is one bad girl you don’t want to mess with. 


Freedom-loving Sagittarius is the bad girl you long to settle down with because they’re so multifaceted and unique – but you end up just being happy you get to ride along with them on their adventures, as they tend to skirt commitment. They’re simultaneously the intellectual, put-together woman you want to take home to your parents and the woman with whom you share a sizzling sexual chemistry under the sheets. A fire sign who loves luxury, impromptu travel, and indulgence, the playfully flirtatious Sagittarius is willing to try anything once so long as it means they get to escape the humdrum of a boring and mundane life. 


One of the boldest and bravest fire signs there is, Aries is an ultimate “bad girl” and risk-taker. She has the right amount of danger to keep you captivated, and just enough unpredictability to keep you in line. The ferocious Aries is not one to let a bully get away with treating her unkindly, so they’re often just as intimidating as the Scorpio. But while the Scorpio woman will lay in wait while she plots a perfect plan to one-up her enemies, the Aries is more likely to charge full speed ahead. 


Capricorn is the “planner” and goal setter of the bad girl team, and the brain behind the operation. They may appear meticulous and perfectionistic on the outside, but the studious look is all for show. They’re a bad girl through and through, whether they’re climbing the corporate ladder using strategic moves or tempting a lover in seductive ways only they can. Capricorn knows how to own their dark side as much as their light, and by integrating both, they always get exactly what they want.