What Angel Protects You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The universe is so vast, it is incomprehensible to us. But so is the world of ideas—it’s limitless. Although astrology seems at first glance to be incompatible with the major Western religions, somehow the universe is big enough to fit them both. There’s something we can learn from all of the world’s spiritual and metaphysical traditions.

Based on your zodiac sign, here is the angel from Western religious traditions who is best suited to be your protector and guide through life’s endless challenges.

Aries: Michael, Leader of God’s Army

Since Aries is first sign in the zodiac, you are born with the bold alpha personality of leaders. The angel best suited to protect you is Michael, the leader of the angels and archangels. Michael is part of the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the Old Testament Book of Daniel, it is prophesied that Michael will arise and protect the children of Israel. In the New Testament Book of Revelation, Michael battles with Satan. In Islam, he brings food and water to people and is known as an angel of mercy.

Taurus: Sariel, the Fallen Watcher

Since you are ruled by Venus, you are one of the more sensuous zodiac signs. You enjoy life’s finer things: extravagance, luxury, and beauty. You don’t mind indulging in fleshly delights, either. In the ancient Hebrew apocalyptic Book of Enoch, Sariel is an angelic leader who lusted after human women and as a result was demoted to the status of a fallen angel. It is only natural that Sariel, who isn’t so “angelic” that it deprived him of a healthy sex drive, would be the angel assigned to protecting you.

Gemini: Gabriel, Messenger of God

You are ruled by Mercury and are highly skilled at communication, whether it be writing, speaking, or public relations. Your perfect guardian angel is Gabriel, who is recognized by all of the Abrahamic religions. In the Old Testament, God sends Gabriel to Daniel to deliver a prophecy about the Seventy Weeks. In the New Testament, Gabriel is the angel who announces to the Virgin Mary that she will bear the Son of God. In Islam, Gabriel acted as a messenger between God and Muhammad. This is why Gabriel is your perfect companion—you both have great communication skills, whether they were bestowed to you by God or the stars.

Cancer: Raphael, the Healer of Souls

You are a water sign that is highly emotional and caring. You have a well-earned reputation as one of the most nurturing signs in the zodiac. In Hebrew, the name “Raphael” means “God Heals.” In Judaism’s  apocryphal Book of Tobit, Raphael tells two ailing men that God sent him to cure them. Later Christian tradition identifies Raphael as an angel of healing who stirred the curative waters in the Pool of Bethesda in the Gospel of John, where Jesus heals a paralyzed man. Basically, Raphael is you, but in the form of an angel.

Leo: Ramiel, Angel of Mercy

As a fire sign ruled by the sun, you have a reputation as an extreme extrovert with a take-no-prisoners attitude. But to pair you with some sort of macho warrior angel might just wind up with the two of you battling one another forever into the sunset. What’s not so well known about you is that despite all of your bluster, you are also one of  the more forgiving signs. Therefore, to avoid bloodshed and to encourage harmony, it’s better that you are paired with Ramiel, the archangel of hope who helps guide souls toward heaven. Ramiel is recognized in both Judaism and Christianity, and his name is derived from a Hebrew phrase that means “God shall have mercy.”

Virgo: Metatron, Scribe of God

Unlike Sariel, who was demoted from angel to human, Metatron had the opposite story: He was originally the prophet Enoch, but due to his righteousness and industriousness, God transformed him into an angel. Recognized in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, he is thought to be one of only two angels who was first a human being and then became an angel in heaven. In heaven, he observes all the other angels and reports his findings to God. You, Virgo, are very similar to Metatron: Humble, practical, and hard-working. This is why Metatron is the perfect fit for you.

Libra: Raguel, the Angel of Justice

In Judaic tradition, Raguel helped carry the patriarch Enoch into heaven. Raguel basically performs the role of a cop. He watches over both angels and demons and casts evil spirits into hell. If you are a habitual line-stepper, Raguel will deal with you like an ornery State Trooper wearing mirrored sunglasses. You, Libra, are the zodiac sign most associated with justice and balance, which is why you are symbolized by the scales. If the people who run Hollywood had any sense, they would pair you along with Raguel in a sort of supernatural “buddy cop” movie where you chase malefactors while making wisecracks.

Scorpio: Lucifer, the Morning Star

Please don’t be taken aback by the fact that I’ve paired you with the angel whose name is synonymous with Satan. Keep in mind that fallen angels can be sexy. Just like Scorpio is known as the darkest and most mysterious of the zodiac signs, you are also known as a sexual wizard. At one point long ago, Lucifer was God’s favorite angel, the beautiful “morning star” who was brought down by his own massive ego. Perhaps you and Lucifer can counsel one another about how to avoid letting yourselves get consumed by your dark side. Failing that, you can at least share your favorite fashion tips and sexual advice.

Sagittarius: Barachiel, Archangel of Blessings

Barachiel’s name comes from a Hebrew word meaning “God has blessed.” In the Third Book of Enoch, he is said to have nearly a half-million angels beneath him doing his bidding. In Eastern Orthodox tradition, he is shown holding a white rose to his chest, with rose petals scattered on his robe meant to symbolize the blessings that God showers down upon his people. Barachiel is widely associated with good fortune, which makes him the best complement to you, Sagittarius, who are rightfully celebrated one of the most optimistic and adventurous signs on the zodiac wheel. 

Capricorn: Jegudiel, Patron of Workers

Far beyond all the other signs, you are known as diligent, goal-oriented, responsible, and prone toward working overtime—or even around the clock—to finish a project and get your work done. In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, Jegudiel is both an angel and the patron saint of workers. He works in tandem with subordinate angels to advise and defend those who toil for a living. This is why Jegudiel is your ideal guardian angel—he will work hard to defend your safety and well-being, while you will work hard to make sure he doesn’t overwork himself.

Aquarius: Uriel, Angel of Wisdom

The apocryphal Old Testament Book of 2 Esdras first mentions “Uriel the angel,” whose legend persisted into Russian Orthodox tradition and Catholic folklore, where both groups view Uriel as one of the seven archangels and a master of knowledge and wisdom. You are intelligent, peaceful, and stoic, the latter of which is often mistaken for aloofness and having an “above it all” attitude. No, you are simply too discerning to get dragged down in drama and nonsense. You manage to stay above the fray without being condescending. This is why Uriel is your twin, only in angel form.

Pisces: Selaphiel, Patron of Prayer

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, Selaphiel is the Patron Saint of prayer and worship. According to Orthodox folklore, he protects children, interprets dreams, and is the musical director of heaven. Since you are the most spiritual-minded of all the signs, Selaphiel is your ideal guardian. Having an angel who is personally connected to God is almost like knowing the president’s limo driver. Whereas most other signs are busy fretting about superficial and temporal problems, you and Selaphiel are basically having a 24/7 Zoom meeting with the Most High.