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What Every Zodiac Can Expect From 2023’s Venus In Scorpio

Venus enters the sign of Scorpio on December 4th, 2023, and will remain in this sign until December 29th, 2023. Fixed signs and Water signs will feel the impact of this transit the most. Venus will take the spotlight for the next several weeks as it shifts our focus towards relationships. We will be prepared to analyze our existing relationships as well as reflect on some from the past. With Saturn making a trine to Venus, this is also a fruitful time to take existing relationships to the next level. See how this transit will impact your sun, rising, and moon sign.


Your romantic life could take on a more optimistic approach with this Venus transit, making you more focused on how to continue to build on your relationship. If you are single, this could show how you are willing to make some changes to welcome people who are more aligned with your values. There is a lot of transformative energy for you and this Venus transit helps to push you forward. With the North Node in your sign, this transit will help you reflect on what brings you joy in romantic partnerships.


This has been a year linked to personal growth, and with Venus entering Scorpio, you will be more aware of it now. There is a lot of power and control as you begin to see your resilience and inspiration. It’s a period where you could be more engrossed in getting closer to your goals and might put romance on hold for a bit. You are learning more about yourself, and Venus here will continue to nurture and help you become more knowledgeable about your motivations.


Making changes in your relationships could be a major theme of this transit as you look ahead and discover what you are capable of. With Venus entering the sign of Scorpio, you could be a lot more concerned about the valuable lessons you learned in the past. During the next several weeks, communicating becomes essential if you are in a partnership. To those who are single, communicating will also be meaningful because it will allow you to assess what it is you seek in your potential partner.


Venus enters the sign of Scorpio and it will be a period of reflection and adventure. You are understanding yourself more and see that your confidence is radiating. During this time, self-love takes control of you as you begin to indulge in treating yourself with a lot more care. The topic during this transit for you will be honoring what you want and respecting yourself. Potential and existing relationships will be analyzed thoroughly and you will be able to see who is worthy of being in your life and who is not.


We will all be tuned into the past during this Venus transit, bringing to light some relationship issues that we may have tucked away. You could be more centered and decide to go do things at your own pace and from the privacy of your home. If you are in a relationship, this transit will help you to become more connected, developing new bonds that allow your relationship to evolve. Those who are single may have opportunities to meet new people, but they will be more patient and observant during this transit.


As Venus moves into the sign of Scorpio, you may focus on improving how you communicate with others, especially your romantic partner. Saturn has been giving you insight on how your relationship dynamics are and Venus will shine a light to bring better tools for enhancing the way you connect with your partner. This is a transit that will provide you with clarity and understanding because you may be learning how to be more patient and attentive to the needs of others.


Learning more about your value system will be important as you could decide to save and spend less. You may learn a lot about what it is that matters to you and how you are learning to see beyond the material. This could also be a transit where you see all of your hard work paying off. You are taking pride in your accomplishments and Saturn may push you to work smarter for your money. 


The relationship energy now is potent with Venus in your sign, allowing you to be more diligent with the people you let in your life. However, you have been through enough lessons when the South Node was in your sign, helping you to become more understanding of the relationships that were more meaningful and positive for you. With Venus now in your sign, it could be a period of forgiveness and understanding. Venus in Scorpio could prove to be a very inspiring transit that motivates you to plan, focus, and excel.


Being more mindful of what you are looking for in relationships will be a collective theme. However, with Venus in Scorpio, this is a period of reflection and being more methodical. You may prefer to go at a slower pace and relax. Although the Sun is still in your sign for a few more weeks, you may also want to take things slower when it comes to entering relationships. For those who are coupled, this could be a period where meaningful topics and conversations come up and you and your partner may be more receptive to have discussions about them.


Meeting new people could be a manifestation of this transit as Venus in the sign of Scorpio may prove to be a confidence booster for you. If you are in a relationship, you can expect to be more social with your partner, going to parties, visiting friends, and trying out new things. The transit can prove to be surprising as a different side of you could be seen by others because you will be in your element and comfortable being in the spotlight.


Finishing projects now comes easier with Venus in Scorpio fueling your ambitious side. It is a period where others will notice your style, how you carry yourself, and your work ethic. You could feel unstoppable. However, make sure to continue your routines and plan because Venus could make you a little too relaxed. But since Saturn is aspecting Venus, this could mean you are going to be a lot more grounded and focused to excel.


With Venus in a fellow water sign, this transit can feel spiritual and even illuminating. You could be more connected to a partner during this time and may be in tune with their emotions. There is a lot of joy and creativity surfacing now, and with Saturn making an aspect to Venus, single Pisces may be able to take their dating game to the next level. It is a time of patience, harmony, and stability.