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What Every Zodiac Needs To Hear Before March 27


Don’t let other people’s disinterest in something sway you. You are such a passionate person, and it can be difficult for you to handle it when the people you care about don’t see the things you love in the same light. Let your love stand on its own, regardless of the opinions around you.


Ask yourself what small things you can start implementing today to make your life better in a week, or a month, or a year. Go to sleep an hour earlier. Ignore your work emails over the weekend. Make sure to floss every night. The tiny habits you cultivate now could change your life completely someday.


When you pass by a flower this week, make sure you stop and smell it. The world turns too fast some days, and you of all people tend to get caught up in all the motion; but you of all people also know how to appreciate a beautiful thing, so be sure to pause and soak in the moment while you can.


Let yourself be loved; by that, I mean let yourself be known. Come out of your shell enough to let the world see you, even if that means putting yourself in a vulnerable position. People will love your softness more than you realize, so long as you give them the chance.


In your search for success, never cut yourself off from your own lifesource. Because the practical decision might not nourish your soul, and you more than others rely on the vitality of your own spirit to get you by. Let yourself indulge in these small pleasures.


You are almost always pragmatic, but that doesn’t mean you’re always right. Life is less black and white than you’d like it to be, so surrender to all the shades of gray in between. In allowing yourself to admit that maybe there is not only one correct answer, your worldview may shift indefinitely—for the better.


Never let anyone turn your love into a weakness. Because it is the strongest thing about you, so long as you never allow anyone to weaponize it against you. So love with the whole of you, but learn to recognize when someone only intends to take what you have to give and then blame you for running on empty.


Dance in the kitchen. Perform a whole concert in the shower. Buy some flowers from Trader Joe’s and place them all around your home. Never forget that there is always room for whimsy in your life, that it’s simply your job to invite it in—and that you will thank yourself for it.


Be honest about the way you feel. Sometimes it’s easy to just cut and run, but in choosing to avoid difficult conversations or the reality of a situation, you’re cutting yourself off from one of the most important parts of life. Let yourself connect with others and with yourself, even when it hurts, even when it’s hard.


Don’t let the world pass you by just because you’re waiting for the right time. Life rarely works out the way we want and someday you’ll look back and wish you’d just taken the leap when you had the chance. You are allowed to be happy right here, right now.


Remind yourself of everything you had to go through to get to where you are today. Sometimes we get so caught up in the now that we forget how far we’ve come to get here, how much we’ve worked and endured. Be proud of yourself for all those small victories along the way.


Save some of your softness for yourself. You are so used to giving so much grace to the rest of the world that sometimes you forget that you deserve that same compassion. Even if you worry that no one will extend that same unconditional love to you, know that you can extend it to yourself.