Stephanie Fonseca

What Every Zodiac Needs To Hear Before The End Of November


They lost. Not you. No, not with that loving heart of yours. Not with those kind eyes that see the greatness in others. With that resilient soul that refuses to quit, and that has the tenacity to love during the most trying times and the darkest days. Not with your pure character that holds firm to good values. That refuses to follow society’s path of anger and hate. Not with your energy that invigorates every individual you encounter. They lost. 

Jamal Cardoura, Holding Space for the Sun


You cannot force what is not working. You will not bloom where you cannot deepen your roots, where you feel unsettled within yourself, within the life you are trying to build. You cannot force anything to be right, you have to listen. Listen to how you’re responded to, to how you fit. Your environment will be one of the single most important elements of your life’s journey, and it’s your job to plant yourself somewhere you can actually expand, you can actually connect, you can most easily step into the person you really want to be.

Brianna Wiest, The Pivot Year


Sometimes you can go through the same situations over and over again until you finally decide you want to do things differently. Please don’t punish yourself for taking your time to figure it all out, and be sure to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made while you were growing. 

Charlotte Freeman, This Was Meant To Find You (When You Needed It Most)


Give yourself all of the time you need today to just be there for yourself. Don’t pay attention to the people who judge you for needing to do what’s best for you. You don’t need anyone’s approval when it comes to taking care of yourself. More than anything though, don’t judge yourself. You are allowed to feel what you’re feeling. You will figure out what you need, but you don’t need to know what that is at this very moment. Let your feelings flow.

Jacqueline Whitney, All That You Deserve


You are not perfect. You are human. And that is far more interesting, anyway.

Molly Burford, Moments To Hold Close


the energy you spend worrying about your future is the same energy you need to do something about the present. 

Ron Lim, no idea what i’m doing but f*ck it


Learn how to control your thougths. Control the words you tell yourself, the reactions you have inside of your mind towards external events, and what you place your attention on. Because it is your inner mental attitude that makes your outside world what it is. The way you think either makes life beautiful or unpleasant. What you tell yourself either makes you feel delighted or disappointed. The things you choose to focus on, good or bad, are what will manifest in your life. Adjust your way of thinking, and your life will transform.

Karin Hadadan, Beauty in the Stillness


Please stop wrecking your own peace holding on to someone who is at peace without you. Let go so you can heal and set both of you free.

Nakeia Homer, All The Right Pieces


You are not obligated to stay anywhere that you feel like a fraction of what you are. You don’t need to stay anywhere where you don’t feel loved. Treasured. Celebrated. You are allowed to walk away. You are allowed to walk away from people and situations that drain your energy, wear down your spirit, and leave you questioning your worth. You get to decide. You get to decide which people and places will be blessed with your presence. You get to decide who may feel your glow and who must live with your absence. You are not so firmly planted anywhere that you may not leave when you feel you don’t belong there any longer.

Parm K.C., you will feel whole again


And so it goes:
you love someone and then you don’t anymore.
This is it, you think, this is all there is.
But you have to believe in something greater.
You have to believe
there is more waiting for you and you will love again.
And until that happens, be still.
Tell yourself this until it sinks in:
there is more waiting for me and I will love again. 

Kelly Peacock, Somewhere In Between


If you are to lose yourself in anything, lose yourself in your dreams. Love yourself to your purpose. Lose yourself to your art. If you are to lose yourself in anyone, please never to another soul, lose yourself only to your own heart.

Charis Ed, All The Love You Carry


All the love you have given to the wrong people–it will find its way back to you.

Bianca Sparacino, The Strength In Our Scars