Carlos Macias

What Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Before June 28


You’re sometimes told that you’re too much, that you love too hard or that you take up too much of the spotlight. While you’re usually good at ignoring the haters, you may have had a hard time letting go of the negativity lately. You’re a star. Don’t let anyone dim your shine. And if you need to weed out the toxic people, by all means go for it.


You find comfort in your relationships, often providing a welcome home to the people in your life. Love is ever-present for you right now, whether it’s with the person you’re dating or the romantic energy you’re giving off as a single person. Just remember that it’s very easy for you to become a bit too comfortable in your little bubble. When you challenge yourself, you make things exciting for those around you as well. Get out of the house. I promise it’ll be worth it.


You’ve been feeling distracted lately–maybe because so many aspects of your life have been changing. I know it can be hard to focus sometimes, but spending a little more time on the most important things will help you in the long run. And if it’s all becoming a bit too much, take a deep breath. Relax. It might feel counter-intuitive to take a break right now, but you’ve got this.


You’d sometimes rather cover yourself in blankets and feel all your feelings. While that’s great, something has been calling to you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Listen to that voice. Get out there, do something that scares you. And bring your special, sensitive flair to whatever it is you end up doing.


When you want something, you try everything in your power to achieve that goal. Sometimes the result is just out of your hands, which I know is tough to hear. If you’ve been going through some negative emotions or life events, you might take it all personally–but don’t. Just because something bad happens, that doesn’t make it your fault.


All of that meticulous planning might be paying off–and that’s great! But don’t forget to actually stop and enjoy the things in your life. When you get so focused on planning or making everything perfect, you might just miss the sweet moments. Letting go of the reins–even a little–will give you new experiences you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.


You might be going a little off-the-rails lately. While spontaneity is nice, you can be a bit much if you’re always doing the unexpected. Don’t forget about the people around you or your own well-being as you forge this mysterious path. Take a breath, take a step back, don’t do that big thing that might upend your whole life. Or at least wait a bit to make sure it’s what you really want.


You like to keep your business to yourself, so much so that even the people close to you sometimes feel like they don’t know you at all. I know it can be tough to open up, but all that stress you’re feeling lately won’t go away unless you let others into your life. Get together with your best friends and tell them how you’re feeling. You’ll all be so much closer for it.


You make a great wingman when it comes to helping your friends find love, achieve their goals, or just have an exciting and spontaneous weekend adventure. While it’s great that you do that for the people you care about, who’s doing that for you? Make sure that you’re not always putting yourself last on your list. You might have people in your life who’ve been talking about doing something for you. It’s time to take them up on it.


You pride yourself on being able to read people–and you truly are good at it. Unfortunately, you can sometimes focus so much on other people that you lose any focus on yourself. The person you’re the worst at reading is you. Take some time for yourself right now, get to know who you really are. That can be difficult if you always surround yourself with your friends and loved ones, but you’re worth the effort.


Things have been mellow for you lately, and you may be starting to feel complacent. Here’s the thing: there might be some drama boiling up to the surface that you just haven’t noticed yet. You tend to keep things to yourself and don’t open up to people, and that could be bugging the people closest to you. Remember that people won’t always stick around if you remain closed-off.


Have you noticed that you’ve been attracting a lot of people lately? While you’re feeling empowered by the attention, be careful. Because you’re so good at helping people, you sometimes choose people who have a lot of problems that you’re hoping to solve. While it’s admirable, you ultimately can’t change anyone. They have to want to change themselves.