Forrest Smith

Why 2023 Will Be The Year Of Extreme Personal Growth, According To Numerology

It is believed that every year has its own number and is represented by different energies. By adding up all the numbers in the year, you get one overall number. For example, 2022 was year 6 (2+0+2+2), which was all about love, self-worth, setting foundations, and letting go of relationships. 2023 will be year 7 — the year of growth, wisdom, individualism, and self-awareness.

What The Number 7 Represents

We all tend to look for or even just notice certain numbers in our everyday lives. Angel numbers are everywhere — 11:11 on a clock, 333 on an address, or 888 on someone’s license plate. In numerology, the number 7 (or 77 or 777) is quite significant. It represents fullness, completeness, achievement, and inner wisdom. If you see the number 7, just know that you’re on a path of growth, positive change, knowledge, and achievement.

What To Expect In 2023

2023 will be all about our inner selves. We are being called to listen to our inner selves and our intuition. We are growing, learning, and accomplishing.

However, depending on your life path number, this year will be different for everyone.

Life Path 1

In numerology, the number 1 represents change. Whether you’re starting in a new direction or you’re about to head that way, you’re just ready for something new and different. Expect a career change or just a huge shift in your role at work this year. Enter your selfish era. Dream big. Go after what you want and what you deserve. You are the main character this year.

Life Path 2

The number 2 represents trust and alignment. This year, you might learn a lot about your relationships — with yourself and with other people. You might feel more aligned with love this year, so tap into that energy as best as you can. Trust this path! Trust yourself and trust others and their intentions.

Life Path 3

The number 3 represents creativity, spirituality, and inner truth. Think about exploring some creative endeavors, if you haven’t already. This year is about stepping into a new space and getting a better understanding of your dreams. Go on an adventure or meet some new people. Get a new perspective and try to tap into your spiritual side.

Life Path 4

Number 4 represents truth and inner wisdom. It can be hard to own up to self-sabotage and claim responsibility, but this year it will be possible for you to do so. You will reach success this year but only if you’re smart and honest with yourself about what works and what doesn’t, You’ll feel called to settle down and get your priorities in order.

Life Path 5

In numerology, the number 5 is about transformation and inner strength. Adjustments are needed and you’re willing to make big changes. You’ll go on that adventure and you’ll step outside of your comfort zone. You’ll also do a lot of healing and growth, finally believing in yourself.

Life Path 6

The number 6 in numerology represents balance, self-trust, and inner peace. Maybe you went through a major life change in 2022 — a big move, a breakup, or a new job. In 2023, you are being guided to trust this process and ride the wave of whatever you went through. Everything will balance itself out and fall into place. Just be patient.

Life Path 7

As mentioned above, the number 7 often relates to achievement and completeness. 2023 will be about making shifts in your life and then processing those shifts. Despite all the questions, epiphanies, and doubts you might have, you should have faith that everything is coming together.

Life Path 8

The number 8 represents hard work, responsibility, and success. You might find that 2023 will be about success, more so in a materialistic way. So make sure your finances are in order! Now is the time to show your strengths so you can get the things you deserve. Your hard work will pay off.

Life Path 9

In numerology, the number 9 represents endings and new beginnings. In 2023, you are letting go of everything that no longer serves you. Listen to your intuition. If there’s a relationship or a job that is toxic and draining – let it go. Then, be open to new experiences, new people, and new beginnings.

If you want to make the most of 2023, listen to your intuition. Prioritize self-care. Try journaling or meditating to gain better clarity. Take it one day at a time.