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Why People Born In 1994-1996 Are About To Go Through A Huge Life Change, According To Astrology

If you were born between January 28, 1994, and April 7, 1996 (or May 21, 1993, and June 30, 1993), then congratulations! You’re about to experience your first Saturn Return!

If you’re not familiar with the concept, Saturn Return is when Saturn, the planet of restrictions, boundaries, responsibility, karma, life lessons, and structure, returns to the place it was when you were born. Because Saturn takes its time to orbit, this planet remains in a sign for about three years. This means a Saturn Return occurs approximately every 29.5 years or so. 

These coincide with ages that often usher us into a new stage of life. For the first Saturn Return, most people are between the ages of 27-30, and this is often when people feel the need to settle down and get their life in order (if they feel they haven’t done so already).

As someone who just finished their first Saturn Return, here are some tips and background information on navigating your first Saturn Return!

When Do Saturn in Pisces People Experience Their Return?

Saturn Return in Pisces starts March 7th, 2023, and will remain until May 25th, 2025, as well as September 1st, 2025 to February 13th, 2026. During this period, those who have their natal Saturn in Pisces (which you can find in your birth chart) will experience plenty of growth and a bit of a reality check about where they are and where they are going in life.

Before you get too stressed, Saturn Returns are not something meant to be scary, terrifying, or anxiety-inducing, and contrary to popular belief, they aren’t a bad thing! The journey can be intense at times, but it’s all in service for you to be the best version of yourself and have the life you want and deserve. 

What Happens During a Saturn Return?

So, what exactly happens during this time? Saturn is big about ensuring we no longer put off important things. If you’ve left loose ends open, Saturn wants to tie them tight. If you’ve been avoiding certain topics or responsibilities, Saturn is ready with a mirror to hold you accountable. The main theme is shedding things that aren’t actually beneficial and putting in the hard work to make your dreams and goals a reality.

Saturn is a planet that gives what it gets, so your relationship with the planet is up to you. If you work hard and take responsibility for yourself, Saturn will often reward you with opportunities and the boost you need to get through the tough times. If you refuse to work on yourself, ignore all your responsibilities and try to take the easy way out constantly, Saturn may function more as a brutally honest authority figure pushing you to get yourself together. 

Saturn in Pisces Traits/Themes

Saturn in Pisces is an interesting dynamic due to the conflicting nature between a planet of structure and boundaries and a zodiac sign that is very free-flowing and enjoys keeping things loose. However, when Saturn is in Pisces, the themes involve learning how to set boundaries for ourselves, how to marry compassion with actual structure, and how to not allow fears and anxious thoughts to keep us from doing what we need to do. 

Pisces is often big about giving multiple chances and can even do so at the expense of themselves and their well-being. They can stay in relationships or friendships they long should have left because they think things will change, hold themselves back from pursuing their dreams because of not thinking they are good enough or allow people to walk all over them for fear of causing a conflict. Saturn is the dose of tough love Pisces needs to push through those setbacks and finally empower themselves without losing the qualities that make them who they are in the first place.

What Themes Will I Experience During My Saturn Return?

Whichever house Saturn in Pisces is in your chart will shed some serious light on areas of life that will be moved into focus over the next few years. Saturn isn’t here to be quick—it wants you to learn the lesson fully and be committed, so this will be a process. The general themes of each house are:

1st House: Identity, Self, and Image. This could mean coming to terms with who you are and who you want to be instead of trying to be someone you’re not.

2nd House: Material Possessions, Finances, Self Values. This could be a call to work on managing your money better, examine your relationship to material possessions, or confront the deeply set values you’ve held to see if they benefit you. 

3rd House: Communication, Local Community, Short-Term Travel, Siblings. This could involve you working on your communication, becoming a more integral part of/returning to your local community, repairing or adjusting your relationships with siblings, etc. 

4th House: Home and Roots. This could involve multiple variations of the word “home.” It could involve your physical home and whether to stay there or even make significant repairs. It could involve the relationships in your home—growing closer or ones in need of healing. 

5th House: Romance, Creativity, and Passion. This could be a period where you are more determined to date/take dating seriously and figure out what you want in a partner. This could also be a time when you focus on how you create and create better ways to foster those talents/skills. 

6th House: Habits, Health, and Routines. Arguably one of Saturn’s favorite places to be, this could involve getting serious about your health (physical or mental) and taking steps to take care of yourself. It can also be a wake-up call to the way you add structure to your life and how you can be better about it. 

7th House: Relationships and Individual Connections. This doesn’t just apply to romance; your relationships are the focus here. If you have been hesitating to commit, this period may be when you’re pushed to do so. If you’ve been keeping yourself tethered to relationships that aren’t going anywhere, they may not last. This is about how strong these relationships are; you’ll learn a lot by the end of this period. 

8th House: Intimacy, Shared Resources, Rebirth. Saturn in this house is big about the transformation aspect—you’re going to go through some major growth. This could involve confronting your lack of vulnerability or rewarding you for working on creating intimacy. If you’ve been fighting against change, you likely won’t be able to escape it during this time. 

9th House: Higher Education, Philosophy/Beliefs, Travel. This period is about confronting the way you’ve seen the world. You may feel prompted to return to/finish college to learn more, or your beliefs may be challenged as they come to odds with the things you’ve learned as you’ve aged. It’s about growing and accepting that who you were as a child doesn’t mean you have to always be the person with those same thoughts, beliefs, or opinions. 

10th House: Career and Public Image. This could involve either stepping away from a job that isn’t going anywhere or finally making the move to get a better position/opportunity. This could also focus on the image of yourself you’ve cultivated over the years and whether it’s accurate to who you are inside. 

11th House: Friendships and Networking. This could involve learning who your real friends are—the ones who aren’t actually supporting you will likely not last after this time is over. The people who are there for you and cheering you on will become much more apparent. 

12th House: The Subconscious, Healing, Imprisonment. This could be a time of past trauma being brought to light for healing, as well as confronting aspects of yourself that you aren’t exactly fond of. It’s a time when introspection is necessary because trying to avoid those topics won’t make them disappear.

How Do I Navigate My Saturn Return?

Here are some general dos and don’ts for Saturn Return:

DO: Genuinely determine what your next big step in life is. Do you want to get married? Have kids? Buy a home? Change your career? Focusing on the life YOU want (not the life you’re told to have) is important here.

DON’T: Quickly force yourself into a decision just because you’re almost 30. Saturn will pressure you, but only because it wants you to make the right decision, not the easiest one. The important thing is learning the lesson, not having everything quickly decided.

DO: Give yourself some grace. This is a trying process that won’t always be easy, so don’t be afraid to ask for support.

DON’T: Make excuses. Saturn is not interested in the reasons you aren’t moving forward, and it won’t buy it. The more excuses you make, the more difficult the process will be. 

DO: Take responsibility and be accountable for your mistakes. Saturn doesn’t want you to be perfect or pretend you’ve never done anything wrong. The planet simply wants you to acknowledge your issues and work on not repeating those same patterns—breaking the cycle is a huge theme.

DON’T: Fight the lessons Saturn is teaching you. It’s easy to be afraid of the unknown or to want to avoid uncomfortable feelings/experiences. Saturn won’t let you off the hook, though. If you are determined to resist/fight every lesson taught, you’ll realize you’re repeatedly experiencing the same problems/issues/struggles. If you don’t learn the lesson, Saturn will continue until you do.

DO: Be open to letting things go. The hardest part of Saturn Return is coming to terms with the idea that the people, dreams, and images we’ve believed we would always have may not actually be what’s right for us. Friends we swore would last a lifetime leave, and relationships fall apart. We grow, and change, which is a good thing, but letting go can feel painful. Fighting and prolonging the inevitable often holds us back in ways we can’t imagine—so if Saturn prompts you to let go of something, it’s best to trust t rather than try to hold on. 

Once your Saturn Return comes to a close, you’ll be able to look back and see where significant changes have taken place. You’ll feel more settled and proud of the person you are and the work you’ve put in to get where you are in life. It may not always be easy, but it will ultimately be worth it.